Clear Inventory

Clear Inventory

Remove Items From Self (Main/Bar/All) w/ Permissions

Version: v0.3
CraftBukkit: 1597 (1337, 1240, 1185, 1060, 1000, 953, 935, 860, 818, 733, 677, 617, 556)

ClearInventory is an easy way to remove items from your own inventory without dropping them. It can clear either the main inventory window, the quick bar slots, or both.

I have no plans to add any more features to this plugin. There are other inventory cleaners that target certain blocks and other players.


  • Quick inventory clear
  • Prevent dropping dangerous materials on the ground
  • Clear each inventory area separately or together
  • Only acts on the user entering command


ClearInventory adds the command: /clearinventory (/cinv). There is no functionality from the console.

  • /cinv <main|bar|all>

The area can be main for the main inventory area, bar for the quick bar slots, or all for both areas.




Without permissions, it defaults to OPs.

Download ClearInventory Plugin
Source Code


Version 0.3

  • properly use command aliases in plugin.yml
  • remove unnecessary if from onCommand

Version 0.2

  • Added permissions support
  • Fixed syntax error message

Version 0.1

  • Initial release