SkylakeWalker: "You are not permitted to build"

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    hi ive downloaded it all and every thing and made it but it wont let me build it says "you are not permitted to build"

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    @DaddyChurchill: Go

    I have not seen that one before. I don't know of a situation where CityWorld would prevent building (the error string isn't in the code). Are any other plugins running? Have you changed any of the settings in CityWorld's config.yml?

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    If you're using bPermisisons, update (or use pex ;), as that error has been a bug in bperms for months.

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    um i worked out the whole permissions system we were using was unstable and this has now been fixed thx for the help any way

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    Glad you got things working. I am not sure what is going to come out of all of this Bukkit/Mojang merger but if they can simplify the whole MineCraft/Bukkit/Multiverse/Perms craziness I will be one happy puppy.

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    Hi same thing happening to me i need help

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    Can You Help Me I Want To Let People Non Ops Build I GOt Permission bukkit Help

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    @minejoker1224: Go

    You guys aren't trying to build within 16 blocks of world spawn are you?

    And are you using Essentials? Essentials may not recognize the world if you use /cityworld to create it, you might need to use multiverse to create the new City World.

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