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ChatBoxes is a totally unique chat plugin that changes the way players message each other. ChatBoxes uses a special "Chat Box" system which allows the player to communicate to players in the same box.

Why use ChatBoxes?

The chat box system does not override other chat managers and regular chat. ChatBoxes allows players to message an entire party of players without interrupting the normal flow of chat. Additionally, the chat box system works much faster than regular private messaging plugins. Players can send messages to their chat box by simply pressing tab instead of enter when sending a message.


  1. Use /cbox <channel> to join a chat box
  2. Type a message in the chat and press tab instead of pressing enter to upload to the chat box
  3. Use /cbox to display a list of messages in the chat box


  # The max number of rows in a chat box
  rows: 2

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Nov 24, 2013
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Nov 26, 2013
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