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Caster is a multi-broadcasting plugin made by me, MinecraftReagan.


'/cbroadcast [<message>]' - Broadcasts a message to the server.
'/cannounce [<message>]' - Announces a message to the server.
'/ctip [<message>]' - Broadcasts a tip message to the server.
'/cwarn [<message>]' - Broadcasts a warning message to the server.
'/cimportant [<message>]' - Broadcasts an important message to the server.
'/cinfo [<message>]' - Broadcasts a info message to the server.
'/cconsole [<message>]' - Broadcasts a message looking like console.
'/ccustom [<message>]' - Broadcasts a custom prefix'd(Configurable) message.


caster.list - Access to /caster to see list of commands
caster.broadcast - Access to /cbroadcast
caster.announce - Access to /cannounce
caster.tip - Access to /ctip
caster.warn - Access to /cwarn
caster.important - Access to /cimportant - Access to /cinfo
caster.console - Access to /cconsole
caster.custom - Access to /ccustom


Put the Caster.jar in your plugins folder of your server, then reload
your server using the /reload command. After that there should be
a folder called "Caster" and inside of it is a config.yml, you can
change the "Custom Prefix: '&f[&aCustom&f]'" to anything you'd
like, that'll be used for /ccustom. All the commands should work
after you reload the server.

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  • Avatar of RobinF RobinF Dec 26, 2012 at 18:23 UTC - 0 likes

    Can you add a screenshot or something so i can see what the /ctip command and the /cimportant command looks like? i know that it broadcast a message, but will this have a special prefix? At /ccustom command i know there is a special prefix.

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