BukkitGames Abilities

Ever wanted to have that one special ability for the bukkitgames, but you just didnt know how to code it in java?? Well this plugin is for you. This adds special abilities to the bukkitgames, allowing for more kits and a better time using the bukkit games.

THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES BUKKITGAMES!! DOWNLOAD HERE! http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkitgames
You can not gain monetary value from selling kits that use these abilities.

Download plugin
Put in plugins folder, make sure the BukkitGames plugin is also installed(http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkitgames)
Restart server
Go to BGAbilities config.yml file.
Take the ability numbers, and put them in kits wanted in the BukkitGames kit.yml file under abilities part.


Setup example:
# Config and description file for the Extra-Abilities.
# For this plugin to work, you must have
# the latest BukkitGames found at:
# http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkitgames/
# Created By: Undeadkillz
# Original Coding: Galodystic
    Desc: Player can capture hostile mobs. With an Egg.
    Desc: Player can stay underwater, and receive strength meanwhile underwater.
    Level: '1'
    Desc: Player has the chance to drop X amount of iron, when it's mined.
    Chance: '30'
    Amount: '2'
    Desc: Milk gives Regeneration, Fire Resistance and Speed
    Desc: Strength and confusion after kills.
    Desc: Sugar makes players feel queasy and speedy.
    Desc: Speed on ice and snow.
    Desc: Regeneration on kills.
    Desc: Right click a feather to fly. Players can only fly for 3 seconds, 20 second cooldown.

Adding an ability to a kit!

    - '353,5'
   - 105
  COINS: 0

If you have an ability idea, then post in the comments!! I will add asap.

Abilities currently are:
Milk gives players regeneration, fire resistance and speed for a few seconds
Killing players gives strength and confusion
Throw eggs at mobs to capture them
You have a chance to mine 2 ores instead of one
You cant drown in water and get strength
Right click sugar for speed boost

Adding more daily!!

If you would like to see these abilities in action, connect to the server:

Thanks to undeadkillz for the template to make this plugin, and for the help with coding some parts. More abilities will be added daily, so comment what you want to see!!

Donate: paypal is bball21299@gmail.com

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