The Brushes Plugin


What is it?

The Brushes Plugin is an easy-to-use, in-game, world editing tool. As the name suggests, this plugin will add multiple brushes to the game, as well as some other handy world editing commands.

The Brushes Plugin is still currently in development, so if you have any ideas or want to see anything else added, please comment below. :)


Download “TheBrushesPlugin.jar” and place it in your /plugins directory. Restart the server, and the plugin should be good to go.



  • Drop brush - “Drops” a block (or air, if deleting blocks) a specified distance, like so: – Command: /brush drop Drop brush
  • Big brush - Stamps a ball-like (star?) pattern wherever you click, like so: – Command: /brush big Big brush
  • Reset - Disables brushes and reverts to placing/breaking blocks by hand – Command: /brush reset


  • Selection - Sets a point (either 1 or 2) at the player’s current position. – Command: /brush select-player [1/2] (replace with either number to set the respective positions)
  • Deselection - Cancels selection mode if active and resets selection points – Command: /brush deselect
  • Fill - Replaces all air blocks inside the selection with the selected block ID. – Command: /brush fill [BlockID#]
  • Fill-all - Replaces all blocks inside the selection with the selected block ID. – Command: /brush fill-all [BlockID#]
  • Replace - Replaces all specified blocks of one type in the selection with another specified block. – Command: /replace [BlockID#1] [BlockID#2]
  • Delete - Replaces all blocks within the selection with air. – Command:/brush delete


  • brushes.basic - Defaults to OP. Allows all commands.

To-Do List

  • Add more functionality to player selections
  • Add a cut/copy/paste command
  • Make the big brush bigger (hence the name of the brush)

Known Bugs/Errors

  • None so far; please comment below if you find something that’s not working the way it should be.

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