Default Config

# Whether or not you want to use the website to sync bans
website: true

# Options for using MySQL or Sqlite. If disabled, the plugin will save data to flat files. Switching between 
# storage types will lose the already saved data.
  enabled: false
  type: mysql 
  # Sqlite or MySQL
  db: minecraft
  url: localhost
  port: 3306
  username: username
  password: password
# Auto-updates the plugin when a new version is released on a unix/linux/mac server ONLY
autoupdate: false

# Whether or not to use the BattleLogs feature
battlelog: true

# Commands that will be registered by the plugin. Some commands may not be here due to them always being active.
- force
- ban
- mute
- needhelp
- block
- nick
- ip
- kick
- bc
- tpr
- watchlist
- playerinfo
- id
- tplast
- sneak
- stalk

# Format that dates will be shown
dateformat: "EE MMM dd, yy kk:mm:ss zz"
timezone: "America/New_York"

# Commands that are in the following list will be "listened to" when someone with the BattlePunishments.chatstalker uses /stalk
    - tell
    - msg
  format: "&d{sender}: {message}"
  # Only {sender} and {message} can be used in the format. This is what the "stalker" will see when the player receives a message.

debugging: false 
# If set to true, debugging messages will be sent to console. This is mainly for development.

defaultworld: world 
# The default world for your server

# DataSaver tries to cache data in order to save time when completing tasks
  cache: true 
  # Caching enabled or disabled
# Log commands to console  
logcommands: true 

# AntiSpam is still being worked on, results may vary
  enabled: true 
  # Turn on and off the Antispam system
  time: 5 
  # The amount of time inbetween messages (in seconds) that is considered too fast.
  amount: 10 
  # The amount of times the system will wait before muting someone for spam.
  containsblocklist: true 
  # The /playerinfo <player> command will also show you the /blocklist <player> information
  removewhenbanned: true 
  # Removes the player from the watchlist when banned
  loginmessage: false 
  # When a player logs in and is on the watchlist, everyone
  # who can see the watchlist will get a message that the player has logged in

  use: true 
  # This will activate the strikes system on bans and mutes
  autoban: true 
  # If a player reachs the strikes cap they will be automatically banned
  cap: 3
  # The strikes cap, this is the amount that a player gets banned at
  max: 3 
  # Maximum amount of strikes a player can obtain. This can be higher than the cap.
      time: 1d,1h
      # After time (1d and 1h by default) a strike will be removed from a player, -1 for never
      amount: 1
      # Amount of strikes to remove after time has passed
  requirereason: true 
  # This will require a reason to kick someone
  cooldown: 60 
  # Cooldown (in seconds) between usages of the /needhelp command
  requirereason: true 
  # If true, this will require a person to enter a reason for requesting help.
# All ban settings
    smartban: true 
    # Will ban every IP connected to that specific IP
  showbanner: true
  # Show the player who banned them.
  # Will notify the entire server when a player has been banned
    enabled: false
    format: "&c{banner} has banned {player} until {unbantime} for {reason}!"
    # The message that will be sent to the server.
    samelevel: false
    # Whether or not someone can force a person with the force node.
# Disable or enable login and logout messages
loginmessage: false
logoutmessage: false

  usetagapi: false 
  # Allow nicknames to change the tag above a player's head
  changetabname: true
  # Changes the name when a player uses the "tab" playerlist key
# Allows you to pick how your chat will look. Does not work with Herochat!
  enabled: false
  format: "&f<{name}>: &7{message}"
  # Currently, you can only use {name} (their name) and {message} (the mesage) as parameters. 
  # However, if you have Vault installed, you can use {prefix} and {suffix}.
# When a player joins for the first time, this message will be sent to the entire server.
  enabled: true
  format: "&ePlease welcome &4{name} &eto the server!"
  # Currently you can only use the {name} (their name) parameter.
# Broadcast message format, can only use {message} param
  format: "&6[SERVER MESSAGE] {message}"


Date created
Jan 12, 2013
Last updated
Apr 02, 2013