/bpHelp command followed by the help page you wish to
/kickKicks the player, this requires a reason to kick a player. The usage of a reason is configurable.battlepunishments.kick
/banBans the player for a specified time that they will be auto-unbanned afterwards. This requires a reason and an amount of strikes to give. The usage of strikes is configurable.battlepunishments.ban
/unbanUnbans the player, do /unban for help.battlepunishments.ban
/muteMutes the player for a specified time that they will be auto-unmuted afterwards. This requires a reason and an amount of strikes to give. The usage of strikes is configurable.battlepunishments.mute
/unmuteUnmutes the player.battlepunishments.mute
/muteallMutes all the players.battlepunishments.mute.muteall
/fmMutes a player for 60 minutes, no strikes, with a predefined reason. AKA "fast mute"battlepunishments.mute
/playerinfoTells you information about the specified player.battlepunishments.playerinfo
/editstkEdits the amount of strikes a player has. The usage of strikes is configurable.battlepunishments.strikes
/ipShows you the information for a player/ip.battlepunishments.ipcheck
/clearipsClears a player's IP addresses.battlepunishments.ipcheck
/watchlistShows you the watchlist.battlepunishments.watchlist
/tprTeleports to a random online player.battlepunishments.tpr
/needhelpAny online player can use this command.battlepunishments.needhelp
/respondTells the player you are helping them (if they just used /needhelp). If Herochat is installed, this will also start a conversation with the player.battlepunishments.respond
/blockBlocks a player from using a command.battlepunishments.blockcommands
/unblockUnblocks a player from using a command.battlepunishments.blockcommands
/blocklistShows you what commands are blocked for a specific player.battlepunishments.blockcommands
/announceShows you all the automated announcements that the server has. You can edit the announcements in the automessage.yml file. You do not need to reload the plugin when you modify the announcements.battlepunishments.announce
/bcBroadcasts a message to the server.battlepunishments.broadcast
/nickGives a nickname to a playerbattlepunishments.nick
Block Logging message nodebattlepunishments.blocklogger
/dsaverRuns the datasaver script.battlepunishments.dsaver
/idTells you the ID of the item in your hand.battlepunishments.itemid
/bpreloadReloads the configbattlepunishments.breload
/tplastTeleports you to the last location a player has logged out at.battlepunishments.tplast
/forceForces a player to do a commandbattlepunishments.force
/sneakAllows to player to always be sneakingbattlepunishments.sneak
Allows for signs to have colorsbattlepunishments.signcolors
/stalkSee what messages a player is receiving in PMsbattlepunishments.chatstalker

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  • Avatar of RyanZLion RyanZLion Apr 21, 2014 at 05:54 UTC - 0 likes

    This is a good plugin. Will the commands mess with essentials? Is it ok to have it at same time as essentials is downloaded on the same server? if not please tell me :) over all great Job on the plugin!

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