Change Log

Past Changes to BattlePunishments

  • Fixes bugs
Version 2.9.5
  • Fixes bugs
  • Updated to new MC version
  • Updated to new WebAPI version
Version 2.9.4
  • Updated WebAPI
  • Created an external bug tracker for caught exceptions - working on uncaught
  • SQL fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • WebAPI updates
  • WebAPI hook fixes
  • Fixed WebAPI being a requirement
  • Bug fixes
  • Method optimization
  • Bug fixes
  • Works with latest Bukkit version
  • Fixed SQL errors
  • Optimized code
  • Added WebAPI for URL connections. Please download WebAPI to further use the website compatibility here:
  • Added login/logout message toggling
  • Fixed watchlist
  • Fixed muteall
  • Fixed stalk
  • Fixed other bugs
  • Added /bp check to check connections
Version 2.9.2
  • Optimization updates
  • Fixed alt account checking bug
  • Fixed connection code bugs
  • Added port checking
  • Fixed connection code bugs
Version 2.9.0
  • Added syncing strikes to the website
  • Added ratios to /playerinfo command
  • Created website api
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bugs
Version 2.8.9
Version 2.8.8
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added ban converting.
  • Modified class names to make them better represent the methods they contain
  • Added bans and mutes to metrics
  • Fixed flat file bug with players being muted
  • Updated to latest Bukkit version
  • Added metrics
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Worked on website sync
Version 2.8.7
  • BattleLogs
  • Updated Javadocs
  • Option to change the tab name when you assign a nickname
Version 2.8.6
  • Updated the API and released official Javadocs
  • Added the option to choose if you want the player to know who banned them
  • Fixed welcome on first join
  • Added "muteall" command
Version 2.8.4
  • Cleaned up code
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Made some commands "smarter"
  • Updated to latest Bukkit build
Version 2.8.3
  • 1.4.6 Compatibility
Version 2.8.2
  • Added /stalk command
  • Fixed the "first log in" message appearing even when it isn't the first login
  • Fixed the /bpreload command.
  • Fixed SQL errors on login
  • Bug fixes
  • Started with plugin to site integration
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed /sneak command unsneaking players when it shouldn't
  • Added a custom chat format option if herochat is not enabled
  • Added welcome messages
  • Fixed MORE bugs with IP logging
Version 2.8.1
  • Better player finding, allowing for shorthanding people's names for MySQL and Sqlite
  • Changes to data saving
  • /watchlist clear command
  • Improved antispam
  • Fixed bugs with IP checking
  • Fixed SQL bugs
  • Fixed a few small bugs
  • Fixed issue with deleting a player from the watchlist.
  • Fixed a bug with dupe IPs on a player's IP list
  • Fixed MySQL bugs
  • Added a conversion from Flatfile > SQL
Version 2.8.0
  • MySQL and sqlite compatibility
  • New commands
  • Better player finding, allowing for shorthanding people's names (only for flat files atm)
  • Better player creating, stopping the plugin from creating unnecessary players (only for flat files atm)
  • Redoing the Data Saver to delete extra data that is unnecessary
  • Anti-Spam System
Version 2.7.5
  • Added /force command
  • Modified custom debugging
  • Changed class names
  • Added /sneak command
  • Added the ability to reset the config easily
  • Added a way to disable commands in the plugin
  • Added colored signs
  • Fixed lag issue with /ip command
Version 2.7.4
  • Created a new error logging system
Version 2.7.3
  • Fixed critical bugs
Version 2.7.1
  • Changed the API
  • Changed the way commands are handled
  • Changed the way permissions are handled
  • Added "current IP" to /ip command
  • Removed /strikes, /isbanned, /ismuted. Replaced with /playerinfo
  • Added the command /id
  • Fixed bugs
Version 2.6.7
  • Better banning
  • Better muting
  • Improved Player Information
  • More configurable options
  • The ability for an external plugin to create new fields in the player.yml files.
Version 2.6.5
  • "Found Diamonds" block logging system
  • Nicknames with TagAPI support
  • More improvements to event handling.
Version 2.6.1
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved event handling
  • IP Banning
  • Command logging (configurable)
  • Change the amount of "max strikes" there are - default 3
  • Improved preformance.
  • A good API for developers who want to hook into the plugin to access player data.
Version 2.5.5
  • Fixed bugs with the last release
  • Improved event handling
Version 2.5.3
  • Redid how data is saved. You will lose everything besides the config and automessages when you update to this version.
  • A permission node for the usage of the /needhelp command. battlepunishments.needhelp
Version 2.4.6
  • Fixed config saving bug.
  • Changed how the plugin handles kicking players.
  • Fixed /kick * command.
Version 2.4.4
  • Made the usage of strikes configurable.
  • Made the requirement of a reason to kick someone configurable.
Version 2.4.3
  • Plugin is released on Bukkit Dev.


Date created
Aug 30, 2012
Last updated
Jul 13, 2013