DayZ Gamemode FAQ

DayZ Gamemode Module FAQ

How does the detection system work?

  • The detection bar shows the probability that the zombie will target you. When it is empty, a zombie will NOT target you. As the bar goes up, the chance of a zombie targeting you increases.

How do blood transfusions work?

  • To give a blood transfusion to another player, hold the blood transfusion item (Redstone dust by default) and keep your cursor over the player while the transfusion is in progress. Upon completion, that player will regain full blood, and stop bleeding(if they were)

How do bandages work?

  • Bandages are self administered and allow you to stop yourself from bleeding. To use a bandage(paper by default) simply right click, keep the bandage in your hand until you are notified that the process is complete.

How do randomly generated chests work?

  • The chest are randomly generated when a chunk is first loaded, and will not regenerate if the chunk is reloaded. The chests will contain and random amount of the items defined in the configuration. The random amount can be configured.

What is blood?

  • Blood is the health system utilized in DayZ. When you spawn, you have a configurable amount of blood. The plugin does conversions between the amount of blood you have and the amount of hearts minecraft displays. All damage done to you will be done to your blood. Various options in the configuration allow you to configure the amount of damage players take to their blood.

What is bleeding?

  • A player has a random chance to start bleeding based on the amount of damage they take when they take damage. While a player is bleeding they will constantly take damage every second. The amount of damage can be adjusted in the configuration.

How do I regain blood on my own?

  • To regain blood on your own just eat food! For each food item you consume, you will regain a certain, preconfigured, amount of blood.


  • The plugin disables the ability of any player to use the experience they have as it uses the experience numbers and bars as GUI elements. If you would like to disable this feature, you can do so in the configuration.


  • File a support ticket!

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