AutoKick 1.7.2 Now Available

AutoKick is a plugin that allows you to effectively shut down your server to all users except OPs and those with "autokick.nokick" permission. If you have to bring your server down for any reason (e.g. editing the map or testing plugins), you can enable AutoKick and it will kick ALL players except OPs and those with "autokick.nokick". It also blocks the kicked users from logging back into the server but allows everyone else to join and leave freely

How to use:

  • Type /autokick list [page] - to see all messages with ID's
  • Type /autokick enable <ID> - <ID> is the message id seen on the autokick list.
  • If timer is greater than 0 AutoKick will run after that time
  • All users will be notified.
  • Only OP's and those with 'autokick.nokick' will be allowed to log into the server.
  • To disable, type /autokick disable
  • To change the current message type /autokick change <ID>
  • AutoKick is persistent across reloads, meaning that if AutoKick is enabled before a reload it will be enabled after the reload
  • Add new messages within the game using /ak add "message" without quotes
  • Delete messages in game by using /ak remove msgid
  • Set a new time for the countdown using /ak time (time in seconds) without the brackets
  • Force enable AutoKick during a countdown using /ak force


  • bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit Support (Others may work but have not been tested)
  • Kicks players whilst server is running. No need for restart for it to take effect (like whitelists)
  • Customisable kick messages
  • Timer
  • In game and server commands
  • Persistent across reloads



You can change this but the plugin uses this for persistence

  • enabled=false Message in use when the plugin/server was last reloaded
  • lastUsed=0
  • timer=30 - Timer is in seconds
  • messages:
  • - Server undergoing maintenance
  • - Map cleanup in progress
  • branding: true Choose whether or not to display "AutoKick" before kick messages

You can have as many messages as you like.

  • autokick.nokick - Gives player immunity from AutoKick
  • autokick.list - Allows user to view available AutoKick Messages
  • autokick.enable - Allows user to enable AutoKick
  • autokick.disable - Allows user to disable AutoKick
  • autokick.change - Allows user to change the current AutoKick message
  • autokick.status - Displays the current status of AutoKick
  • autokick.set.add - Add a message
  • autokick.set.remove - Remove a message
  • autokick.time - Set a new time
  • autokick.force - Force enable AutoKick
  • autokick.* - Gives player access to all of the above

Download (1.7.2)

Get it here

How to use external scripts

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