31 - Explosion "push" of entities not working

[Reported by bruuff] So for the tnt-minecarts It still happens in 4.11 (im testing against 1.5.2), that i cant make a push happen in any configuration. It just explodes, and if its set to destroy blocks, it will. The only problem is that it does not (like without this plugin) accelerate entities: not me, no other tnt or falling sand or whatever.

Just place an activator rail with tnt-minecart on top, tnt-block besides it and power first the rail and then the tnt block (although im sure you already know what i mean, just to be sure).

It does not work with default config or with a seperate minecart config which has effects true, no blockfilter or what could possibly be harmful on this one. But im rather busy right now, so you'd be much more efficient if you just try it yourself ;)

i hope you can fight it without too much effort :)

[Filbert66 notes] Was only able to reproduce when effects is off. Will try again with default config, since that should not be happening.

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filbert66 Aug 15, 2013 at 22:21 UTC Changed status from Accepted to Fixed
filbert66 Jul 16, 2013 at 18:04 UTC Create

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Aug 15, 2013
Jul 16, 2013
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