Special Permissions

Special Permissions

admincmd.*Grants you access to ALL commands
admincmd.item.noblacklistYou can give blacklisted items or place blacklisted blocks
admincmd.invisible.notatargetWhen you are invisible monsters can't target you.
admincmd.invisible.canseeYou can see all invisible people, and in the player list you'll see them with a [INV] before their display name.
admincmd.player.bypassWhen you have this node, you can connect to a FULL server without being kicked.
admincmd.player.noresetAvoid the reset of the Powers (fly etc ...) when tp to another world if is set in the configuration file.
admincmd.spec.notprequestPeople with that node, will overrule the tp request system.
admincmd.player.noafkkickAvoids the kick when the auto-kick feature is activated.
admincmd.server.lockdownAvoid the kick when you lock the server, and permit the user to connect to the locked server
admincmd.admin.homeAllow the user to access other player home (list/set/tp)
admincmd.immunityLvl.samelvlIf a user have this node, he can only issue command to user having the same lvl
admincmd.item.infinityAllows the user to give/drop an infinit amount of items if a limit is set
admincmd.item.nodelayAvoid the delay when using kit that have a delay before reuse

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Aug 29, 2011
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Feb 26, 2012