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Oct 08, 2016 Planning
My first plugin EVER. AdminHelper gives you the opportunity to manage your user's problems, questions and reports!, it supports 1.8. In the future I'll add more owner-friendly features, with wich admins could be managed with some "Secret" options. Mi primer plugin. AdminHelper te da la oportunidad de administrar los problemas, preguntas y reportes de tus users!, soporta 1.8 y tiene una version en Español. En el futuro añadiré más caracteristicas para dueños, los cuales serán algo "Secretas"...


Oct 08, 2016 Release
Thanks for 80 downloads! This is my first ever plugin! Drink Commands add the ability to make a water bottle, that when consumed, will force you to run a command. These potions are called CommandPotions. Features With this plugin you can: Assign a command to be ran when a certain named potion is consumed. The command will be run as if you were OP. Only OP's or those with permission can create or manage the CommandPotion list. Use built in commands to create even cooler potions: see...


Oct 07, 2016 Release
MistfireVoteManager Summary Uses Votifier to give out rewards based on your configuration of the plugin YAML files. *REQUIRES VOTIFIER Where '[PlayerName]' - Replace with the player name. Where [WorldName] - Replace with the name of the world on your server you wish the command to be executed. Where [Command] - Replace with a command such as 'give MistfireWolf diamond 1', or any other item you wish to give a player for voting for you. The First Command '/rewardset [PlayerName] [WorldName]...
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Oct 07, 2016 Alpha
Introduction To EventManager Have you ever needed to control certain things on your server with loads of customization that other plugins don't offer? Well search no more, you'v found one! Although EventManager is only in Alpha it will be gaining updates very fast, Usually around every 3 days or less, we should have an update out, up until release. MC Version Notes It should work on all versions of servers at or above 1.8 If not here are some versions meant for 1.8, 1.9 & 1.10 v0.07 - 1.10...

Kill All

Oct 07, 2016 Planning
With this plugin you will be able to kill all players online in the server by typing /killall. The plugin also says the number of killed players or if it's just you on the server it will let you know that it hasn't found any players. Here's an example of what the plugin does when it doesn't find any players on the server: You must be an op to execute this command. Download Here: KillAll 1.1
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Oct 07, 2016 Release
Cases with random drops RandomCase is universal plugin that allows you to create cases and keys (like in CS:GO). How to use Commands And Permissions Case Types Key Types Drop Types Open Managers


Oct 07, 2016 Release
This plugin allows people to have multiple prefixes in chat and as a display name. As of the 2.0 update, a lot of things have changed in the plugin, please backup your old config and make sure you resetup with the new one Here is the link to the default config file for version 2.0. https://github.com/Firestar311/MultiPrefix/blob/master/config.yml A lot of information about how this plugin works is in the config. One command: /multiprefix reload This reloads the config file Here is an image...


Oct 07, 2016 Planning
The ultimate lightweight plugin to control server messages! _______________________________________________________________________ Features ChatColor supported in config VIP message supports (Donator ranks, etc.) %PLAYER% and %PLAYER_DISPLAY% support Cancels annoying bukkit messages More to come! Configuration Configuration is very easy and self intuitive. To see what %PLAYER% and %PLAYER_DISPLAY% are, and what the differences between the two please look here Commands /wm reload


Oct 07, 2016 Release
DiscordSRV The most powerful, configurable, widely loved, open-source Discord bridge plugin out there. Build server - get the absolute latest builds (or old ones) here Competition - See why you should be using DiscordSRV over the competitors DiscordSRV's Discord channel - come here for quick support and to tell us feature requests Source at GitHub Intended usage Using this plugin, you are able to give players the ability to chat in-game to chat with players on your Discord server as well as...


Oct 06, 2016 Release
== BetterGamemodes == PermissionsWhat does it do? /creativeBGM.creativePuts you in creative! /cBGM.creativeShortcut to the /creative command /survivalBGM.survivalPuts you in Survival! /sBGM.survivalShortcut to the /survival command /adventurelBGM.adventurePuts you in adventure mode! /aBGM.adventureShortcut to the /adventure command! /spectatorBGM.spectatorPuts you in spectator mode! /spBGM.spectatorShortcut to the /spectator command Known Buggs: None so far!


Oct 06, 2016 Release
Obsidian Breaker What is this? This is a plugin that allows players to destroy obsidian, ender chests, enchanting tables or custom blocks with TNT and creepers among other things after a set amount of explosions. Really useful for faction servers. It will also display cracks on the block depending on the remaining health of the block (optional). How to use it? You're ready to roll, just drop this in your plugin folder. You may however consider changing the default configuration. How to...


Oct 06, 2016 Planning
Player can write with colurs if he has the permissions, and they can get a deafult chatcoulor. _________________________ Permissions: cmd.configreload = - chatcolor.cmd.reloadconfig Prefix = - chatcolor.name. Owner Admin AdminSenior AdminJunior Moderator ModeratorSenior ModeratorJunior Supoorter SupporterSenior SupporterJunior Developer Builder YouTube donare1-10 Player bannedPlayer DeafultChatColor = - chatcolor.write.Frabe siehe look link at the bottom all small wtihout the _ after dark Can...


Oct 06, 2016 Mature
BackPacks This is a backpack plugin for Spigot/Bukkit 1.10 and 1.9. I think it is the best, fastest and most advanced backpack plugin available. If you like it I would be really happy if you write a review. Features​ This plugin contains 4 types of backpacks: normal: is like a chest ender: opens the enderchest of the player crafting: just crafting table furnace: is a portable furnace that smelts things automatically The types are explained more accurate on this page. You can create as many of...
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Oct 06, 2016 Release
Note This plugin is compatible with HealthBar, ColoredTags, Ghost Player and all other scoreboard plugins. Just enable compatibilityMode in the configuration and install ProtocolLib. For normal use ProtocolLib is NOT required. Features: You don't need a database for all these features Much better performance (since 0.7) All versions of ScoreboardStats supports all Minecraft versions above 1.5 Optimized for all kinds of servers. Fast support on every question Support UTF-8 characters like the...


Oct 06, 2016 Release
NovaGuilds is my own guilds plugin, still in development, but I want to hear your opinions and ideas. Please leave feedback! Vault is required! BarAPI is required unless you turn it off in config! HolographicDisplays is required unless you turn it off in config! Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPoKWfYIvKU Downloads The plugin works on all 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 versions! http://novaguilds.pl/ Source Setup Download latest version Put it in your plugins/ directory Also put there Vault Add...
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Oct 06, 2016 Release
Latest is compatible with 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and 1.9.x servers Easily create your own skills and classes Robust editor to make skills without any code Easy to use API for programmers to tap into Create classes and subclasses Create other types of classes, including races Highly configurable for every aspect of the plugin Many options for casting, such as skill bars, click combos, and more Includes many RPG elements such as attributes, class requirements, and item stats Extensive permission control...


Oct 05, 2016 Planning
A collection of weird commands that won't really amount to anything. It is just for fun, if you like it, please comment! Note: This is not intended to be a library, it is intended for players to find the commands and have fun with them! Play around with it. I might include a config file, but why bother, because it's "useless"? ;) summonwitherandtellmewhatpiis - Summons the wither and tells you what PI is! (v1.0) summonenderdragonandtellmewhatpiis - Summons the ender dragon and tells you what...

Real Villager Towns

Oct 05, 2016 Release
Real Villager Towns Features Info: Hate those weird squidward villagers? Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin changes villagers to fake players with player skins, they act the same as regular villagers. However you can interact with them by right-clicking on them. When you do this a menu will pop up with various options and info on them. Click the options to do your desired action, then the villager will respond in the chat. This plugin was inspired by the forge mod MCA. Hearts: As...


Oct 05, 2016 Beta
------------------------------------------- Main | Configuration ------------------------------------------- Features Create your own teleport zones (Something like portals). Manage your teleport zones within the game. Clean unused zones with a command Commands /rtp - Shows you info about the plugin. /rtp info - A bit of us. /rtp zone [list | toggleactive | go | create | show | hide | restoreall] - Manage your teleport zones. /rtp purge - Clean unused zones. /rtp reload - Reloads the main...


Oct 05, 2016 Planning
BattleNations What Is BattleNations? BattleNations is a plugin about War, Nations, Economic & Diplomatic Relations with Others. Forge Alliances to fight together, or declare war on everyone and conquer the world. There are NO Limits!!! What is in this plugin: Faction. Like the standard, but better. Menu's. Our plugin is full of menu's to make it look nicer and easier to use. Diplomacy & Economic Relations . Forge Alliances, Declare War, Trade, Become The Emperor and rule The World. Faith....