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Custom Fly

Aug 19, 2016 Planning
PretPark Plugin: Fly. A simple plugin that allow players to Fly in the world. This plugin is written for Pretpark server but can also be used on other servers. It works on Bukkit and Spigot. Version. 1.8 Setup. Download FlyModeMC.jar Drop it in the /server/plugin/ folder. Restart the server. Restart the server for the second time thit is so that the plugin de other plugin can setup. if you want to have a custom text send me a massage and i make him whit you text. Commands. /fly ; To enable or...


Aug 19, 2016 Release
Description This plugin introduces several new items, all of which are dropped by/have a chance of being dropped by certain mobs. All odds are configurable, and individual items can be disabled. This plugin is compatible with 1.10.x, 1.9.x, and 1.8.x, although the Shulker Bullet Launcher will not work in 1.8.x (for obvious reasons.) Special bows are dropped by Powered Skeletons, which wield the special bows. The default spawn chance for a Powered Skeleton is 1/50. Also, players, creepers,...


Aug 19, 2016 Planning
ArrowTNT Objective Having fun by blowing things up. Description This is a fun-to-use plugin. Especially for players who enjoy blowing things up and destroying everything! With the correct permission nodes, you can toggle the ArrowTNT and start destroying! Commands /ArrowTNT : Toggle ON / OFF /ArrowTNT help : Lists all available commands /ArrowTNT reload : Reloads config /ArrowTNT setenable : Disables / enables the plugin Permissions ArrowTNT.Admin : Allows player to use and to configure the...

No Saturation

Aug 19, 2016 Planning
PVP a little one sided due to a player having saturation? then kill it off or reduce the time it has an effect to even the score What is it? Does what it says, this plugin will stop any players saturation effects after a certain amount of time, set the time in the config and every player on the server will have their saturation effects removed after each interval, allowing either no saturation or a limited effect time. drop it in your plugins folder and that's it! Commands nosat debug - debug...


Aug 19, 2016 Beta
== Commands and Permissions == There are no permissions for this plugin Only admin commands /warp [warp name] [player] Teleport another player to a warp point /createwarp [warp name] Create a warp at your position /deletewarp [warp name] Delete a warp point /tpall Teleport everybody on the server to your position /tpallusers Teleport all users on the server to you (non op ) /tpalladmins Teleport all admins on the server to you (op) /warpmessage [warp name] [message] Set a custom warp message...
Special Characters


Aug 19, 2016 Release
Note This plugin is compatible with HealthBar, ColoredTags, Ghost Player and all other scoreboard plugins. Just enable compatibilityMode in the configuration and install ProtocolLib. For normal use ProtocolLib is NOT required. Features: You don't need a database for all these features Much better performance (since 0.7) All versions of ScoreboardStats supports all Minecraft versions above 1.5 Optimized for all kinds of servers. Fast support on every question Support UTF-8 characters like the...


Aug 19, 2016 Release
LagMonitor Description Gives you the possibility to monitor your server performance. This plugin is based on the powerful tools VisualVM and Java Mission Control, both provided by Oracle. This plugin gives you the possibility to use the features provided by these tools also in Minecraft itself. This might be useful for server owners/administrators who cannot use the tools. Furthermore it especially made for Minecraft itself. So you can also check your TPS (Ticks per seconds), player ping,...
Sign syntax when created


Aug 19, 2016 Release
LvL Bank Short description The LvL Bank is a banking system to store and keep track of your hard earned levels. The Levels will be kept safe in an SQL database or a YML file untill you need them. You can both use commands on the go and use signs to save and retrieve your levels, as well as see your balance. Depending on the server you have you can let your players use the bank whenever they want, by giving them the LvL.commands permission or build a bank that they have to go to, to use the...


Aug 19, 2016 Planning
AntiSwear Objective Prevent / control players from swearing in-game. Notify staff members of players who often try to use foul language. Flexibly edit the swear word list within the game without having to restart or reload your server. Description AntiSwear gives you the ability and the flexibility to define the swear words in the config or within the game with simple commands! Players without the Exempt permissions node will have their messages cancelled if and when they use a swear word...

Custom Whitelist

Aug 18, 2016 Planning
PretPark Plugin: Custom Whitelist. A simple plugin to change Whitelist Message and to turn him on or off. This plugin is written for Pretpark server but can also be used on other servers. It works on Bukkit and Spigot. Version. 1.8 Setup. Download WhiteListMC.jar Drop it in the /server/plugin/ folder. Restart the server. Restart the server for the second time thit is so that the plugin de other plugin can setup. if you want to have a custom text whit coler send me a massage and i make him...

[CTSNC] ★ Animated Scoreboard and Tablist, NameTag, Chat, ... ★ [Protocol Hack] [1.8 - 1.9]

Aug 18, 2016 Release
What is CTSNC? CTSNC is a complete unique and customizable plugin that allows you to get everything what a server need for a good start and with a new method it is possible that a scoreboard work without problems combined with a colored tag and name in the tablist! ★ AnimatedScoreboard ★ This plugin also has a advanced version with more features! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-custom-tablist-scoreboard-nametag-bossbar-1-8-1-8-8-stats-placeholderapi.11212/ ★ Setup ★ Stop your Server!...
Project-X Logo


Aug 18, 2016 Beta
Project-X This plugin will eventually be massive and almost essential for every server. Right now it can rename the item you are holding, add a lore to the item you are holding, get a player's uuid, and add a prefix to a player that does not remove prefixes set by other plugins! I will try to get daily updates out! Thank you, cbroshin101 for helping me with this plugin! Much thanks! Statistics Concept: LoganTheEpicJH Devs: cbroshin101 | LoganTheEpicJH Experienced dev: cbroshin101 Update...

Join On Spawn

Aug 18, 2016 Planning
PretPark Plugin: Custom join on Spawn. A simple plugin that teleport a player when he joined. This plugin is written for Pretpark server but can also be used on other servers. It works on Bukkit and Spigot. Version. 1.8 Setup. Download JoinOnSpawnMC.jar Drop it in the /server/plugin/ folder. Restart the server. Restart the server for the second time thit is so that the plugin de other plugin can setup. Commands. /join gast ; Set the Gast Spawn. /join medewerker ; Set the Medewerkers Spawn....


Aug 18, 2016 Planning
This plugin is a party plugin for servers. The way this works is you create or join another party, and you will get a message saying the name and number of the party. To invite someone tell/message them the party number and name and they can join by using one of the commands listed below. You can have 5000 parties named MyParty, you can't do a party with spaces. You don't signifiy the number, it is assigned to your party. Overview of commands: /party = help page /party create <Party name...


Aug 18, 2016 Release
Description This plugin allows a player to morph into some mobs and different players by putting on the corresponding head. For instance, if a player put on a creeper head, they would appear to other players as a creeper (The only head that does not morph the player is the Ender Dragon head). If they put on a player head that has the skin of a player, they morph into that player (Skin, Gamer Tag) even if that player is not online at the time. If a player is disguised when they kill another...


Aug 18, 2016 Release
PLUGIN MOVED : http://www.rubenrgs.nl/MinetopiaPlus.html


Aug 18, 2016 Release
== INFO == Get kits, killing entities 1 point == 1 kill entity == Set language == If you want to change the language of the plugin opens with right click 'Rewards.jar' and go to 'com / gmail / bruno / ExtraFiles' and find languages, for example if I want to set the Spanish language I draw 'config_es_ES.yml', it was renamed to 'config.yml' and copy at the root of the plugin by replacing there. Available languages are English, Spanish and German. The default language is English. == Set...

WurmStreetlights - Realistic nighttime lighting

Aug 18, 2016 Release
WurmStreetlights - Realistic nighttime lighting Finally updated for 1.10 and 1.10.2! WurmStreetlights is the next generation of lighting up structures like streets, parks, houses or even whole cities at nighttime without any redstone. All registered lamps will automatically turn on at sunset go off when sun rises again in the morning. The lamps work fully-automatic once set-up, plus if you want, you can always switch the lights on or off manually. For a more realistic look, the lamps will go...

WurmBarbecue - BBQ cooking like a boss

Aug 18, 2016 Release
WurmBarbecue for MC 1.10+ is now out Don't feel like a barbecue king while waiting in front of your furnance? Want to give a barbecue party but think standing around an oven will be boring? Try... WurmBarbecue - The smart BBQ plugin What is WurmBarbecue? WurmBarbecue is a smart plugin that enables you to cook raw food like meat or melt ores on BBQplaces. The plugin only demands very little server resources and brings you lots of fun. Say bye bye to furnaces! WurmBarbecue is developed by...


Aug 18, 2016 Release
KingdomWands The Kingdom Wands plugin is based on the magical wands from the famous Dutch kingdom server. The plugin works really simple, choose a wand and bind spells to it. That's it! Next update: Estimated release date of next update (6.5): ? Donate: If you want to donate to support me and motivate me in developing this plugin, please click the link below. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZDYKXWF8NAJBJ Contact: If you have any questions, problems or...