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Oct 01, 2016 Release
SimpleVoteRewards Intoduction SimpleVoteRewards is a simple plugin for server owners who finds it hard to configurate what the player should recieve upon a vote. Using this you will be able to set everything up using 1 command and 1 permission. It's an extremely lightweight plugin and will not take up much of your server RAM. Features Easy to define the vote reward using /svr Use "/svr get" to recieve the current vote reward and be able to edit it. (COMING SOON) The plugin will take what you...


Sep 30, 2016 Release
TitleAnnouner is a plugin which is used for making announcements for the online players through Titles. It's extremely lightweight and is very simple to use. Full color support! Permissions TitleAnnouncer.Use - Allows to announce TitleAnnouncer.reload - Allows player to reload the config.yml Commands /announce <Title> , <Subtitle> /TAreload - Reloads the config.yml You have to use a "," (Comma) to seperate main title for the under title in the announcement. Default Config # # # # Made by...


Sep 30, 2016 Release
With this plugin you will be able to jump right in the lava and do not take fire damage! This plugin basically deletes any fire/lava damage that bother us every day. Here's an example: In this picture I am not taking any fire/lava damage Download here: NoFireDamage 1.4


Sep 30, 2016 Planning
GommePrefixes Inhalt: Commands Permissions Permissions: Owner: prefixes.owner Admin: prefixes.admin Developer: prefixes.dev Moderator: prefixes.mod Supporter: prefixes.sup YouTuber: prefixes.yt Premium+: prefixes.premium+ Premium: prefixes.premium Spieler: prefixes.spieler Coded by DoggiSpielt
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Sep 29, 2016 Release
B S S E N T I A L S, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 [̲̅A][̲̅d][̲̅d][̲̅s][̲̅:] Over 50 usefull commands!! Chat Manager!! Essentials's Permmisson Notes will work, and lots more!!! Quote: Bssentials is looking for develpers Info BSSENTIALS, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 Bssentials will use only less then 1% of your RAM because the commands just do what there spost to do! Also, if your switching from Essentials, EssentialsX, Accentials, or Dssentials then your old permissions should...


Sep 29, 2016 Planning
MCMAD is a remote Minecraft server administration tool that provides simply Android administration panel. Effecient server online management Server perfomance management Edit config files Plugin management Console Much more! How to install Download MCMAD plugin Download MCMAD Android app Change password in MCMADPlugin/config.yml Use it! If you have questions please contact me! [email protected]


Sep 29, 2016 Planning
https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chatchannels.29887/ This page is currently 3 versions behind Spigot This page is updated whenever a big update is pushed, Spigot is updated as soon as the plugin is ready Commands /Channel | Base command /Channel help | Command to display other commands /Channel reload | Reload the config /Channel list | List all channels /Channel create channelname | Create a new channel /Channel delete channelname | Delete a channel /Channel join channelname | Join a...


Sep 29, 2016 Release
1.10 COMPATIBLE! Features: Set a Hub (One for all worlds) Set a Spawn (One for each world) Teleport in a World! Multi Language Support! Set a Teleport Delay! Customizable Prefix! Lightweight! Todo: Add a Chat per World! Add the possibility to provide Custom Items! Commands: /sethub: Sets the Hub. /setspawn: Sets the Spawn of the current world. /hub: Teleport to the Hub. /spawn: Teleport to the Spawn of the current world. /hubthat: Read information about the Plugin. /hubthat help: Show help...
HorseTpWithMe Icon


Sep 29, 2016 Mature
Version 1.4.11 1.10 support. WorldGuard Support. CreativeGates Support. +More. 29th September 2016 Description: Normally if you're sitting on a horse and you try to teleport anywhere, you get teleported and your horse gets left behind, so its bye bye horsey. If you find losing your horse because you teleported without it annoying, then you have come to the right place. So what is it this plugin actually does? A lot of servers let players use commands like /home or /tp for example. These...


Sep 29, 2016 Release
MythicLib What is MythicLibs? MythicLib is a cross-platform library plugin that provides numerous useful methods for my plugins. It is a required dependency for them! MythicLib comes with some powerful tools for creating special effects, a lightweight command parser, inventory menus, a mathematical parser, and some other random stuff... and it will all eventually be cross-compatible with Sponge! If you are a developer, you are welcome to use it if you'd like. Installation Place MythicLib.jar...
Honour logo


Sep 29, 2016 Release
What is Honour? Honour calculates what your honour is by what you do, this goes from mining / building - to killing mobs / players and even helping other players out! Though as easy as it can be to gain honour, you can also loose honour as well! Slaying villagers, horses, swearing or basically anything that would be considered as 'dishonorable' will cause you to loose honour! Loosing Honour adds a twist to the points system and it also encourages better behavior from players. This isn't the...
Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Sep 28, 2016 Release
Advanced Lucky Block This plugin adds lucky blocks to your sever. To get lucky block use /lb luckyblock command or craft it by surrounding dropper with gold ingots (crafting recipe is customizable). Tested versions: Bukkit 1.10 This version is compatible with bukkit 1.9 • Setup - download latest version of MCLib - download latest version of Lucky Block plugin. - download worldedit (recommended). - Put the downloaded files in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands Use Tab key for autocomplete....

Anti Logged In From Another Location

Sep 28, 2016 Planning
Description : Tired of the "Logged in from another location" kick message when playing? This happens because of the plugin "Xauth" which is a login authentication plugin. This plugin AntiLoggedInFromAnotherLocation will remove the logged in from another location. To install, just drop it in your plugins folder and reload. You can then add the permissions if you will Permissions : please copy paste the permissions AntiLoggedInFromAnotherLocation.notify - for the online member to be notified if...


Sep 28, 2016 Release
Anti-ForceOP THANKS FOR 9000 DOWNLOADS! Intoduction Anti-ForceOPis a very simple plugin made for banning all the hackers/"Plugin creators" That forces the server to OP them. I've made a list in the config file where you can add names to the ones you want to be allowed to be OP. It's an extremely lightweight plugin and will not take up much of your server RAM. __________________ Features Bans ForceOppers Choose what players you want to have as OP. Choose what reason the banned forceOpper will...


Sep 28, 2016 Release
THE VERSION 1.3 IS OUT!** Check the download page for the change logs PrivateMessages name changed to CustomMessages ----------- THE VERSION 1.2 IS OUT!** Updated to 1.9! And more coming soon... ----------- THE VERSION 1.1 IS OUT! Added broadcasts! ----------- Hi, first this is my first java plugin! This plugin is on experimental and allows you to send private message to each other but soon i'm gonna add more options, like the /r or a customisable color chat, broadcast and more! So let's get...


Sep 27, 2016 Release
A random game. Just a random idea. You could use it for an integrated puzzle point system or something. It calculates 5 numbers out of 100 and checks if they are even. It was actually a Java tutorial, I just changed the system.out.println's to sender.sendMessage ;) Also added color... The only command is /randomgame No permissions, sorry...


Sep 27, 2016 Planning
LittleBits-Bukkit Bukkit server-side plugin for integrating with littleBits. Installation Just drop the LittleBits-Bukkit.jar in the plugins folder of your Bukkit compatible minecraft server, and restart the server. Configuration Before configuring the LittleBits-Bukkit plugin, you need to find the TOKEN of your littleBits CloudBit account. The littleBits have a page describing this process here: http://developers.littlebitscloud.cc/access Once you have that token, you can either use the...


Sep 27, 2016 Release
NickNamePlus is a nickname plugin with Comes with a own GUI and is all configurable via the configfile and with permissions Support for Display names over the head from a Player will be coming in an later Version. Features: GUI: - save delete and load old nicknames - random generated nicknames - random nickname from saved nicknames - autonick by joining - autorandom nick by joining - own Keyboard with Special signs - own Color and formattng menu - own Change and save nickname menu - own...

Stats 3

Sep 27, 2016 Release
Stats - made by Lolmewn Looking for the Stats 2 documentation? You can still find it here. Plugin description Stats is an advanced statistics gathering plugin, currently focussed on player statistics. Information such as PVP kills, blocks broken, playtime and much more. You can store this data as simple files, or store them in a MySQL database. The benefit of using the database is that you can also use any web-end out there to display your players' statistics on your website. Installation...


Sep 27, 2016 Mature
Now being actively maintained! | Looking for support? Discord Chat Please note that while updates will still be posted here, the description will be solely located on Spigot moving forward: https:www.spigotmc.org/resources/xensync.29535/