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Holographic Displays

Sep 08, 2016 Release
Ever wanted to create floating items and name tags, but without entities below? This plugin allows you to create custom holographic displays. You can edit them line by line, providing an easy management system. You can load a hologram from a text file, or even from an image. There is plenty of commands to edit them, to add, remove or change lines. The holograms are loaded dynamically and efficiently (Read the description for more) ................................. Quote from...

MitoPVP Reborn

Sep 08, 2016 Planning
ENGLISH: == Description: == This plugin is more functionality to the server, well known as Myth PvP. You arrow the best player in PvP your server if he dies to another player the same will receive the title immediately. =====** == Command: == Command: /mito Description: View the current Myth PvP! Permission: mitopvpreborn.mito Command: /setmito Description: Choose a new Myth PvP! Permission: mitopvpreborn.setmito =====** Compatible: LegendChat PORTUGUÊS: == Descrição: == Este Plugin é mais...


Sep 07, 2016 Planning
> > > Click here to download the latest version < < < Every staff knows the issue: A player breaks the rules over and over again but doesn't pay attention to the warnings in the chat. A kick would be to rough but it seems like it's the only way to get his attention. But no! Far, far away, a person being a staff and a developer, few call him Najm, created your solution. You shall no longer suffer this cruel pain! Simply display your message all over his display! I promise, if he is alive and...
Massband 3 Logo (512px)


Sep 07, 2016 Release
Release: 2.8.1 (r66) Development: 3.0.3 Alpha Bukkit-forum Thread This plugin allows you to measure your buildings in Minecraft. Core features Ignorable axes Measure long routes with corners Measures the distance between corners directly Surfaces measuring Dimensions measuring Volume measuring Detailed volume measuring of individual blocks Permissions Configurable command short-forms Language supoort German language Massband 2.8.1 At BukkitDev files needs an approval first so it could take...


Sep 07, 2016 Planning
Limitations Main Limitations is a fairly simple plugin which allows server owners to specify max enchantment levels and/or what potions can or cannot be used. Potions that can be used are based on 4 different possible settings Splashable, Extendable, Upgradable, and whether or not the potion type is enabled as a whole. Commands The only command for the plugin is /limits (or /limitations). This command will bring up a GUI in which you can edit max enchantments, or modify which potions can or...


Sep 07, 2016 Release
FastTravelSigns: Simple Exploration/RPG-Friendly Warping MC-Stats: Stats Version 1.0.4 released. Requires Java 8 and Bukkit/Spigot 1.10+ Please report any Bugs or missing features as soon as possible. Source-Code: GitHub Tired of warp plugins that give your users access to a full range of public warp points as soon as they're given a certain permission? Want to encourage your users to explore rather than teleporting everywhere? Want to make them work a bit for their instant transportation?...
Wreck Icon


Sep 07, 2016 Release
Wreck What is this? A plugin that has a wreck function you can use it for moderation or just for fun you can break all blocks with it in one click exept bedrock. Installing Since this plugin doesn't require anything else other than the Bukkit server, installation is extremely easy Put the plugin jar file in your plugins folder Reload the server Done! bedrock. Commands /wreck get a wreck Command Permissions wreck.give - be able to use the command /wreck wreck.use - be able to use the wreck...


Sep 07, 2016 Beta
MaxBans 24-03-2015 UUID support. Read changelog for more MaxBans is a project I've been writing for my server, MaxGamer. I struggled to find a banning plugin that wasn't a joke, and the good plugins were all designed for Premium servers anyway. Nothing gave us the tools that SHOULD have been out there - Like temp mutes, temp IP bans, duplicate IP lookups, and good autocompletion! It is thoroughly tested on an Offline-Mode server, so you can bet it's rock solid and feather light! Databases...

AI minigame

Sep 06, 2016 Planning
What is it!? AI (short for Artificial Intelligence) is a minigame, wich is a mix between Hunger Games (survival games), Puzzles, Finding your way trough a maze and Thinking logical! (Comes with an own Texture-Pack) How it works Players get a role (Random) -WoodChopper (Good with custom tools(Can use custom recipes)) -Farmer (Gets food and custom farm tools) -Fighter (Gets weapons and custom armor with custom abilities) -MasterMind (Gets Usefull things to use IG) Day cycle = 5 minutes, Night...


Sep 06, 2016 Beta
This is an Plugin for FFA/Freeforall servers with kit right now but its going to be more like commands and thing in the new update but now its this have fun with the ffa! Made by UnicornSweYT/Ft SniconYT Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkZO1Hft6dnvx5NkpXDJmjg and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVxTmfTuFyXC0SPy1PSuVg Commands :) /kit /Star Version 1.0
LampControl 3.0 logo


Sep 06, 2016 Release
LampControl Easily turn on/off lamps! LampControl allows players to use a specified item to turn on Redstone Lamps and keep them on. This plugin is lightweight and does not use a database to keep the lamps on. Also, from version 3.0, this plugin is much faster and works as well with WorldEdit! LampControl changes the state of the block to ON or OFF in your world and keeps it that way until the block is updated. This means you could even use this plugin to turn on lamps, remove the plugin, and...


Sep 06, 2016 Planning
Description: This is a Bukkit/Spigot Plugin that shows informations about you and the server you can edit all in the config.yml. Other people can show how is the IP adress from the Teamspeak or how is the link to your website or they can show your Skype name all this can be used in this Bukkit/Spigot Plugin Commands: /teamspeak: Shows the teamspeak adress /ts: Shows the teamspeak adress /skype: Shows the Skype name /website: Shows the Website of the Server
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Sep 06, 2016 Release
✔Smileychat is a simple standalone plugin that gives more life to Chat✔ Use Smileys/Emoticons in chat! ± 80 smileys! ☺,☹,❤,★,☢,✿,♞,☂,✪,... Up to 15 customizable smileys! 1 line ascii-art (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Use Smileys on signs! Use Smileys in Books! Use Smileys in commands! (example "/say *sun" outputs "[server] ☼") Chatcolor support! (when using a chat plugin that uses colors) (example "&4:)" outputs ☺) /smileychat can also be /sc /smileychat Get information. /smileychat reload Reloads Config....
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JPanel - Minecraft Webpanel

Sep 06, 2016 Beta
JPanel - A plugin based web panel for Bukkit What is this? JPanel is a plugin based control panel for your minecraft server. It is viewable within a web browser, and does not require running any external web servers, or knowledge of PHP or databases. This plugin is in beta, and has a number of key features, including: A live view of the server console Live view of the server ram usage, cpu usage and ticks per second User permissions Modify player groups (requires vault) Easily kick or ban...


Sep 06, 2016 Planning
YOU NEED PROTOCOLLIB!!! With this plugin you can change your tablists header and footer ingame and with the config! Installation: 1. Download the TLE.jar file. 2. Drag the jar file in the plugins folder of your server. 3. Done! Commands: /tle setheader <text> - Change the header of the tablist ingame! (Currently it does only support one word. For more you have to change it in the config.) /tle setfooter <text> - Change the footer of the tablist ingame! (Currently it does only support one...
Faction Mobs Icon

Faction Mobs

Sep 06, 2016 Release
Command a mob army to fight for your team Want some guards to defend your territory? Faction Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your team! They'll attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs around. Make them follow you or patrol an area. Supports: Factions Towny SimpleClans Kingdoms Mob Types: There are 4 mob types: Swordsman Skeleton with sword Archer Skeleton with bow Mage Potion throwing Witch Titan Iron Golem The swordsman and archer will equip full leather...
BSwear Logo

BSwearPlus - #1 Antiswearing

Sep 06, 2016 Release
The most powerful swearing detection, block 405 words, Prevent Advertising, Configurable punishments (Ban, Kick, Mute, Kill, Deduct money), Economy support, Permissions support, Console support, Very easy config, Customisable messages, Unlimited swear word list, The #1 Antiswearing plugin! Blocked Word Error Permissions bswear.bypass = lets you swear :( bswear.command.use = /bswear bswear.all = gives you both bswear.bypass and bswear.command.use /bwear = info about plugin /mute add player =...
Donation Progress


Sep 05, 2016 Release
Donation Goal Rewards This plugin is simple, yet useful in ways you may need it. If you have a monthly donation goal for your server, say 100 dollars/pounds/any other currency, and want to reward your players, here is how you set it up. Also, in the config file you should change the server name to your server's name. Commands / Permissions - Player dgr.progress /progress info - Display the info in numbers /progress bar - Toggle the progress bar /progress claim - Claim the reward once the goal...


Sep 05, 2016 Release
COD-WARFARE Thank you for 18,300 downloads! DevLog 1! NOW ON SPIGOT! You can now purchase COD-Warfare Premium here for just $20! COD-Warfare premium gives extra features and customizability to the plugin, allowing you to change levelcaps, kill rewards, gives access to prestige mode, allows to change the prefix, and other cool features! OFFICIAL SERVER play.minersleague.com SPONSORED SERVER cod.insanityfactions.com About the Plugin COD-Warfare is a plugin based on the popular game "Call of...


Sep 05, 2016 Planning
Description This plugin would be great on PvP servers or Hunger Game servers. There is a delay in which a player can use the wolf and you can also set the default name for them in the config.yml. The hunter will find the closest player in the world, teleport to them and get their coordinates. Features - Summonable wolf to find the nearest player. - Add certain groups / players to the camouflage list so they will not be found. - Players cannot kill their hunter or others. They will lose health...