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HomeGUI - HomeManager

Jun 29, 2015 Release
HomeGUI This is a simple Plugin to manage your homes with a Chest-GUI. It's my first bukkit plugin. Just type /home to open the menu. Information: For testing my plugins, I use a Virtual-Server, sponsored by: https://www.prepaid-hoster.de/aff.php?aff=516 Screenshots: Tutorial (German) Tutorial (English) If you want to make a tutorial about this plugin you can contact me. I would really appreciate it. :) Website: http://myzide.weebly.com/bukkit-plugins.html Features: Type /home for the...


Jun 24, 2015 Release
HorseToolkit Download HorseToolkit: 1.0 Source Code: GitHub Make sure you have Vault installed! Description And Features HorseToolkit (previously HorseTP) brings a new new commands to the Minecraft experience: /htp /haccept /hback, and others. With these commands, you can teleport to other players while riding your horses! If you're an OP, the plugin will take to the the other player without sending a request. Also, you can now view the stats of your horses by doing /hstats. And finally, your...


Jun 20, 2015 Beta
What's HideFix? In some Minecraft/Spigot (Minecraft 1.8-1.8.3) versions there is a bug, which lets sometimes players be invisible after a death. In this case, you can not see the invisible players still beating. HideFix updated every player after a death and makes them visible. Features: - HideFix reloads every player after a death - After a reload of the players, HideFix makes a piano sound. - After a reload of the players, HideFix makes a ender signal effect. Commands: - /hidefix | This...


Jun 20, 2015 Mature
Features Hybrid Clear Chat is a plugin that allows you to clear your dirty chat when it is required. Commands /clearchat - clears the public chat /cc - Shorter version of clearchat /clearchatself - Clears your own chat /ccs - Shorter version of clearchatself /hybridclearchathelp - Shows the help menu /hcch - Shorter version of hybridclearchathelp /hybridclearchat - About the plugin /hcc - Shorter version of hybridclearchat Permissions HybridChat.ClearGlobal: description: Permission to Clear...
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Hurt Health

Jun 17, 2015 Release
Hurt Health This is for 1.7 and low! On 1.8 is not support! Hurt Health is a useful plugin to your server. Hurt health show player damange on mobs, animals, npcs and more... How to install First, please install HolographicDisplay in here http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/holographic-displays/. Just put to /plugins folder on your server. Next. Download and put HurtHealth.jar to /plugins folder. Preview with yellow love Configuration Config file in...


Jun 17, 2015 Release
Plugin information Description This plugin was asked to be made by chunkaymonkay. http://bukkit.org/threads/action-bar.366789/#post-3142102 The purpose is to add an ActionBar which shows you the amount of health you have. You can see the amount over /20 and a percentage of it beside it. Depending on your health, the message will turn Red (low), Orange (medium) and Green for a good amount of health. Here is an example of it. Permissions None. Commands None. Suggestions If you want anything in...


Jun 16, 2015 Alpha
HastePotions Features This plugin adds recipes for Haste Potions Origin This plugin was originally a request by Pairs. Recipes Note: These are Shapeless recipes! Potion of Haste (3:00) Potion of Haste (8:00) Potion of Haste II (1:30) Splash Potion of Haste (2:15) Splash Potion of Haste (6:00) Splash Potion of Haste II (1:07) How to Install Just put it in your plugins folder and you're done! Planned Features: Add step by step recipes (has been giving me a lot of trouble) Add Mining Fatigue...


Jun 10, 2015 Planning
HoleChat A really basic chat manipulator. HoleChat is a- well- basic chat manipulator for the HoleCraft server. ==== FEATURES: ==== - Chat send confirmation sound - Plugin automatically tags usernames in chat and plays a sound to alert the user - /broadcast and /msg play sounds to alert their targets - /ab automatically broadcasts a message in an interval defined by the config.yml ==== CONFIG ==== Config is reeeeeally simple. sounds: Sets the sound to play when the event described is...


Jun 04, 2015 Release
HorseHelper is a very lightweight plugin which fixes issues present in the current version of Minecraft for horses and adds very specific things which many Equestrian Servers rely on. Fixes horses disappearing when players log out while riding them Stops players who don't have the permission node horsehelper.killhorses from killing horses Will notify you if a new version of the plugin is available (disable with updatecheck:false; in the horsehelper_config file) More coming soon, request...


May 30, 2015 Release
HomingArrow https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/homingarrow.5237/ Info If you have ideas or found bugs, please use the ticket system and tell me it, thanks! If you'd like to see this plugin in action check out Barbercraft.mcserver.ws Version: 1.8.6+ You want features? Send me a PM or create a ticket. Video English Usage To capture a target, aim at a players. You will get a message, example: "Player Notch is captured". The target is stored until you hold no more this bow - To shoot at a another...
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May 28, 2015 Release
Home+ + 1.1 This is my third plugin so far! :) What is this plugin? This plugin allows players to set a position in the world as their home and teleport their whenever they want, they can teleport back to the last location they were before going to their home and it has full multiword support :) Tutorial !Coming soon! Commands /home - Shows a help menu /home teleport - Teleport to your home /home create - Create a new home /home back - Teleport to your last location before going to your home...


May 15, 2015 Release
Description English: Helpeur is a simple plugin which allows you to customize the messages which are send when a player does /help and /pl. Français: Helpeur est un petit plugin qui permet de modifier le message reçu par un joueur losqu'il fait /help et /pl. Installation Put the plugin in your plugins folder. Restart your Minecraft server. Go in the folder Helpeur and edit the config.yml Use /hr reload to reload the config. Commands and Permissions CommandsPermissionsDescription /hr OR...


May 13, 2015 Release
Healer Commands /healer (Help command) /heal [name] <- Heals any player. /feed [name] <- Feeds any player. /hungry [name] <- Starves any player to only one stick of food. /feed-all <- Feeds all online players. /heal-all <- Heals all online players. /health-set <player> <amount> <- Allows you to set any health level for any player. /food-set <player> <amount> <- Allows you to set any food level for any player. /health-max <amount> <- Allows you to customize the max health in a server....


May 08, 2015 Release
HeadSell Required Plugins: Vault What is this? HeadSell is a head plugin where you can right click on a sell head sign and the player's head that you are holding give you 10% of his/her's balance to create sign just type [HeadSell] on first row of a sign :D To add villager just type /addvill, and right click on villager! To remove villager just type /removill, and right click on villager! The sell command is /sellhead You got multiple of the sum if you have permisson node: headsell.multi...


May 04, 2015 Release
+==========+ HubEssentials! +==========+ HubEssentials is basically a plugin for a hub server. This plugin adds a lot of features to your Hub Server! +================+ Hub Server Essentials! +================+ Please Note: To use the title on join and tab features you need TitleAPI: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/titleapi.1325/ +==========+ Permissions! +==========+ Break Blocks: HubEssentials.BreakBlocks Place Blocks: HubEssentials.PlaceBlocks hub: description: Go to the location set by...


May 03, 2015 Release
About HeadMap This plugin allows players to create maps with pictures of their heads. Just place a player head and map in a craft box. This works great with the TrophyHeads plugin. Craft face maps like this: Craft body maps like this: Features Players can craft a head map with just a head and a map. (Shapeless) Players can craft a body map with just a head and 4 pieces of paper. (Shaped) Players can create a head map with the /hmcreate command. (Requires permissions). Players can create an...


May 02, 2015 Release
HarderMobs This fun plugin allows you, the server owner, to modify how the mobs spawn on your server. You can give them Armour, and potion effects to make them easier and/or harder to kill. Features: Developer Mode (Only available in versions lower than 3) The "DeveloperMode" in the plugin allows me to only see the following information: The chance of the mob taking the item in hand What entity was attacked Who was attacking the entity The difficulty of the server And if the plugin is enabled...
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Apr 29, 2015 Release
HOME COMMANDS PERMISSIONS This Minecraft Plugin allows you to custom your "amount" of health! You can change your maximum health to any number you want! We recommend not to use numbers that are way too high, because the heart-icons stack on each other and will, otherwise, cover up a big part of your screen. Also there is a new Feature, now you can create an unlimited amount of Groups with "HCGroup" (with the permission "healthcustomizer.groupname") and set the Group-Health, so if you want to...


Apr 28, 2015 Release
Havoc This plugin allows server admins to troll players by wreaking havoc. Features/Commands The base command is /havoc. The format for a havoc command is /havoc <target> <type>. The types of havoc are ghasts, creepers, fire, kill, lightning, hide, show (just to be nice), and ultimate. Each of these types of havoc are guaranteed to annoy your helpless players. Permissions To allow a player to use this plugin, give them permission havoc.use. Dependencies Essentials is required for this plugin,...

Head Items

Apr 28, 2015 Release
HeadItems lets you create new custom items in Minecraft thanks to the 1.8 update and player heads! Since heads can store custom textures in them, you can create an unlimited amount of new items that you can either craft, apply food or potion boosts upon use. Features Add new items with any custom texture Items can be used with right click, placable on the ground or both. Items can restore food or apply any various number of potion effects Items can be crafted (with optional permissions) Items...