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Jul 20, 2016 Planning
DEUTSCH ENGLISH What does make this Plugin? This Plugin contains functions and orders which can help always once. The name is a mixture of Essentials and my Minecraft name (ctexxx). All functions / orders are single in and auschaltbar. I the focus more on the functions laid than at the orders. By the way: I have held the configuration strictly in German what looks a little bit strange maybe sometimes, in my opinion, however, already a little bit has :P Commands vanish: Power you invisibly!...

Extra Events

Jul 19, 2016 Release
Anyone who has been active on the main forums in the last few days must surely have already heard the news. I'm not going to comment on why and how, but the short version is that Bukkit is almost certainly not getting passed this. Consequently, the future of BukkitDev is very uncertain. Even if the legal matters were resolved tomorrow there isn't really anybody left to deal with file submissions anyway. There's no indication about how long the site will stay up and what will happen to the...

Enchantment Limiter

Jul 18, 2016 Release
Need to make enchantments harder to get? Too many people with really high level and/or multiply-enchanted, overpowered items? Enchantment Limiter can do that for you. It does so by limiting the combination of books in anvil, and limits enchantment tables to yield only one power. When enchanting on a table, it returns a proportional number of XP levels when it removes an enchantment. Since 0.8, if it can reduce the enchantment level to one that is allowed, does that rather than removing it...
EpicChat in action.


Jul 15, 2016 Release
-------------NEW OPTIONS -------- INFORMATION BELOW----------- The plugin will be developed yet! Hello, I present to you my plugin so you can easily take care of the order in the chat! Plugin is easy to configure and has a lot of options. I encourage you to download and test it! If you find a mistake to tell me and I'll try to fix it. Please do not pay attention to the language because you write messages to show! Options my plugin: - Cleared chat - sloowdown - censure {website and culture} -...
Easy Announcements Icon

Easy Announcements

Jul 15, 2016 Release
Easy Announcements A simple announcements plugin where you can automatic broadcast messages around the whole server to let your player something know! A simple announcements plugin where you can set announcements, remove these, set intervals between announcements, an 'onlywhenplayersonline' option,... Features Help command Add announcements Remove announcements Find your announcements Show a list of your announcements Set a prefix for your announcements Set if the prefix needs to show up are...


Jul 12, 2016 Planning
==== What is Eggrenade? ==== If you throw an egg, it make an explosion at his location. (See example part for an example) ==== Features! ==== Config file! (X) Custom Message (X) Craft grenade (X) Chicken can't spawn (✔) Compatible 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 (✔) ==== Versions ==== Eggrenade work on 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 server. ==== Commands ==== No commands ==== Permissions ==== permissionsutilitydefault grenade.usePlayer can use grenade.op ==== Example ==== Little example:...


Jul 12, 2016 Planning
English - >http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/epicchere/pages/main/ Polish ->http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/epicchere/pages/poish The plugin will be developed yet! Hello, I present you my plugin. I worked with him a long time but that's because I'm a beginner. Configuration is config.yml Options my plugin: - Preview player - Check player - Report error on server - Report player on server Permissions: - EpicCherePL.report.answer - receiving report on player - EpicChere.change.answer -...


Jul 11, 2016 Planning
eRandomPlayerTeleporter (RPT) Use The RPT plugin is meant for server administrators to be able to over see what people are doing with a single command. You can use this for checking for hacks and such. How it works The plugin works by selecting a random player and then teleporting the sender to the previously defined player. Commands and Permissions There is only one command, and only one permission /rpt | Teleports the sender to a random online player erpt.rpt | Gives the player access to...


Jul 10, 2016 Planning
With this plugin, elytra gliding never has to stop! This plugin essentially allows you to fly, but using an elytra. GitHub page Commands /toggleglide - Toggles whether or not your elytra gliding will stop Permissions elytramomentum.toggleglide - Allows a player to use /toggleglide Config.yml speed - Changes the flight speed (when /toggleglide is enabled). This is a multiplier, so a speed of 2 will be twice as fast as the default (1). update-delay - The lower this is, the less jerky the...


Jul 10, 2016 Release
EssentialsRecovered English: EssentialsRecovered (ERec) is a Essentials Version for 1.8 and higher. In this Version are all commands, which are also found in the original Essentials, in . This project was open because the offical developer didnt publish an official essentials version, because there is no official "craftbukkit 1.8" anymore. Special Functions You can write in color You can use colored nicknames You can deactivate the names in the chat Commands at the moment: /help - Commandlist...
Easy Warp Logo

Easy Warp

Jul 10, 2016 Release
Easy Warp is an easy and fast to setup way to warp throughout your server. Version 3.8 has fixed all issues with saves! It also supports Minecraft version 1.7 through 1.10! Click HERE to download! Easy Warp is a way to warp (teleport) yourself and other to different places easily, for both admins and users. Warp yourself and others. Create and delete warps. Change different config settings (settings are explained in the config.yml for easy use) Allow for delays before warping to prevent...


Jul 10, 2016 Release
Mein Plugin für euch ja richtig ich bin ein Deutscher und würde gerne meine Plugins mit euch teilen Ich finde es wichtig auch mal Deutsche Plugins zu sehen und leider gibt es nicht so viele deshalb mein Plugin EasyESpawnHub Spenden: http://bit.ly/1Xfxbih Funktionen: /sethub Setzt den Spawnpunkt /hub Teleportiert dich zum Spawnpunkt - Automatischer Hub teleport beim betreten des Servers Installation: 1. Plugin herunterladen 2. Plugin in den "plugins" Ordner deines Servers ziehen / laden 3....
EnchantmentUpgrade Banner

Enchantment Upgrade

Jul 09, 2016 Release
VERSIONS FOR 1.9 / 1.10 HAVE BEEN REMOVED I'm not sure whether it's something with Spigot's timings on 1.10 (the version I've been testing on) or something changed in the new updates, but the enchantment upgrading process has become quite unpredictable. I never know when things are going to work (when they should, as they did in the version for 1.8). I'll post some updates once I find out what's going on! Thanks for 4700+ downloads! The ultimate plugin for anyone who likes strength on the...
EnderMail logo


Jul 08, 2016 Release
EnderMail Is a friendly mail system very similar to existing clients, supporting mouse, attachments, text tables and many more... With the new updates, i went to the end, sneak to the ender city, and stole some rare artifacts from a distracted enderman. Back in my lab i examine these artifacts and made an amazing discovery: the mysterious ender energies... So finding an application, i crafted a mail system where messages and items travel through these energies to enderchests! Features Easy...

Elytra Flight

Jul 07, 2016 Planning
Elytra Flight • Propulse Yourself • Minecraft Plugin What you can do with Elytra Flight ? Propulse yourself in the air by right-clicking with the special emerald ! Add nice particles effect when you glide ! Give to your players some emerald with limited uses ! Commands : /elytra : Give to yourself a nice emerald with 80 uses (default in config.yml) /elytra [number] : Give to yourself a nice emerald with n uses /elytra particles : Disable/Enable the particles effects ! /elytra change list :...


Jul 07, 2016 Release
eTroller Intended Use eTroller is intended simply for the fun of messing with players. I do not and will not take any responsibility, so please do not post on here how a player left your server because they got trolled. Commands /et Usage: /et Help page Aliases: [etroller, etroll] /fakejoin Usage: /fakejoin <player> Displays a customized message (typically a join message without a player joining) Aliases: [fjoin, fakej, fj] /fakequit Usage: /fakequit <player> Displays a customized message...


Jul 05, 2016 Release
This is a fork of Essentials called EssentialsX. View major differences here https://github.com/drtshock/Essentials/wiki Chat, spawn, and other modules (not group manager) can be found on the Jenkins page. They are merely made to work with our versioning system and don't need to be maintained. If you are using this, do NOT ask Essentials for support. The official upstream repository is at https://github.com/Essentials/Essentials Please report issues at...


Jul 05, 2016 Release
Elytra This is a very simple plugin that allows you to fly-up using Elytras. Features Auto-glide: Elytras activates automatically, like it was in snapshots! Speed-up: When your speed is getting low, you can look up and you'll get a speed bost! Hit player and break Elytra when getting speed boost Play particles and sound effects when speed-up activating All features could be configured or disabled in config. How to use? Install plugin Equip with elytras and fly When your speed is getting low -...
Throw 2


Jul 04, 2016 Release
EggCatcher This plugin allows the players to get the new Spawn Eggs from Minecraft 1.1 by throwing regular eggs at mobs. It is intended to be simple to set up and use. The plugin is open source and can be forked on github. If you make any changes, pull requests are appreciated. Current features Configurable mob health limit. Respects animal protection plugins such as GriefPrevention Compatible with all trading plugins. Very simple, throw an egg at a mob and it will be turned into a spawn egg....


Jul 03, 2016 Alpha
The easiest-to-use economy plugin 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 compatible This plugin adds abstract coins to your Minecraft server. You can manage it with some commands. Players can also earn some achivements by earning or spending coins. There is also an API for developers. Commands /coins Opens GUI with list of commands /coins add <player> <count> Adds coins on the player's acconut Permission: eas'ycoins.add /coins take <player> <count> Takes coins from the player's account Permission:easyc'oins.take...