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QuickShop NotLikeMe

Aug 23, 2016 Release
QuickShop QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands. It allows players to purchase any number of items easily. In fact, this plugin doesn't even have any commands that a player would ever need! Vault is a requirement. Features Easy to use Togglable Display Item on top of chest NBT Data, Enchants, Tool Damage, Potion and Mob Egg support Unlimited chest support Blacklist support & bypass permissions Shops that buy items and sell items at the...


Jun 21, 2016 Release
[Deutsch Video] What is it? Quicksand is a unique plugin based off of the popular minigame TNTRUN. The goal of the game is to run across a layer of sand and gravel without falling through the holes that appear. When players move, the blocks under them disappear - creating hazards in the arena floor. If a player falls through a hole, they move on to the next layer. The game continues until they fall through the last layer and into a pool of water. When players hit water, their game is over and...
QwickTree Logo


May 01, 2016 Release
QwickTree v 2.2.2 What Is QwickTree? QwickTree is a permission supporting plugin that will harvest the whole tree when the bottom block it destroyed with specific tools (see the default config) Features Harvests the whole tree when the bottom block of the tree is destroyed with config definable items (stone axes or better, by default); Checks within a certain area of the tree for common "house" blocks - so your log cabin can stay standing! Can be changed in the config. NOTE: This will not...


Apr 10, 2016 Release
Description QuickMarket is a Plugin which makes your job as a Server Owner and the job of your Players super-easy when it comes to Shopping and safe Trades. QuickMarket features a Player and Admin Shop System packed with a lots of Features and an Ingame Shop Editor to allow you and yourself to adjust their Shop as smooth as possible while still providing a lot of safety for the End-User of the Shop. Also, this Plugin was partially based on my other Plugin QuickSell if you are looking for an...

Quantum Teleport Gates

Apr 07, 2016 Release
Quantum Teleport Gates is a plugin which is lightweight and can be used a alternative to MVP. Quantum Teleport Gates works with Vault! You can easily create portals between two locations or worlds! Quantum Teleport Gates allows you to set two positions, and if your player walks between them it will teleport the player to the set destination! This allows you to have smoother teleporting between areas, so your players do not need to use either signs or commands to get around the place of your...
Logo - 2


Apr 03, 2016 Release
Description QuickSell is a popular Shop Plugin, which is commonly used on Prison Servers. It allows various Possibilities for your Players to sell Items to your Server as well as a very lightweight Booster System which not only allows you to create Sell Multipliers but also XP Boosters, mcMMO Boosters and much more! QuickSell v2.0 by mrCookieSlime [English] QuickSell v1.10.10 by Koz4Christ [English] More Videos... Features Easy Shop Creation Easy Shop Management with the Ingame Editor Booster...

Quest World 2

Mar 04, 2016 Release
Description Quest World 2 is an extremely lightweight and easy-to-use Quest System offering everything you could possibly need for your RPG Server, or maybe even Factions or Prison One since it not only offers RPG related Quest Layouts but also simple Quests trading one Item for another. On its own, Quest World 2 has no Quests at all, the Server Owner has to create its own Quests, however there will be several Quest Packs available for download later on. Also, this Plugin is heavily inspired...

Quick Binder

Aug 31, 2015 Release
New update v2.0 for Minecraft 1.7-1.8 ------------------------- Русскоязычная версия:тут ------------------------- What is Quick Binder? Quick binder allow you to make big sentence and commands smaller. It gonna be comfortable to you and will save much time! Commands: /qb - Show you all plugin commands /qb item <command / message> - Make your item in hand able to click and write command or message. Argument/commandConditionAdditions /qb itemYou must download ColoredItems plugin to use it-...


Aug 12, 2015 Release
Ever wanted to quickly switch between gamemodes? Huh, no problem here i have the solution for you. QuickGamemodes is a simple light-weight plugin that allows users that have a permission or are OP to quickly switch between gamemodes. If you want to switch between gamemodes you can do that with only one letter. Yeah it's so simple. Commands and Permissions ./s Changes your gamemode to survival. ./c Changes your gamemode to creative. ./a Changes your gamemode to adventure. ./sp Changes your...


Aug 09, 2015 Release
QuestionMarker German: Das Plugin QuestionMaker repräsentiert ein einfaches aber auch übersichtliches Vote System. Dabei handelt es sich jedoch nicht um ein Vote System, wie Votifier, sondern um ein System, welches Umfragen auswerten kann. So ist es dem Admin, mit den entsprechenden Rechten möglich, eine neue Umfrage zu starten. Durch das intelligente Zeit System, kann einer Umfrage nicht nur eine Laufzeit Dauer zugewiesen werden, sondern auch ein Interval indem eine Status Meldung ausgegeben...

QD Waterproof Redstone

Jul 31, 2015 Release
Quirky Dragon's Waterproof Redstone What is it? This is a simple and lightweight plugin that prevents redstone components or rails from being broken by water or lava! This makes it easier to use redstone in more difficult places and to prevent water or lava grief. How does it work? If a player attempts to place water near redstone or rails, it will not break. If a player directly places water or lava on redstone or rails, the event will cancel and nothing will be placed. It's as simple as...
Pixel Toolbox

QuirkyDragon's Pixel Toolbox

Jul 15, 2015 Release
QuirkyDragon's Pixel Toolbox Pixel Toolbox is a new plugin that helps anyone who creates pixel art in Minecraft. It gives players with the correct permission (shown below) easier access to blocks they might need for creating pixel art. [Designed for creative mode]. How Do I Use It? Simply 'sneak' (shift is default) and right click a block. This will put that block in your hand to use! Such an easy way to change between blocks that you use! Current Supported Blocks: [Stained] Clay [Stained]...

Quantum Connectors

Jun 28, 2015 Release
Replace that dusty old redstone wiring with quantum circuits! Source | Usage | Commands & Permissions Features: Wireless redstone Optional delayed activation Activate multiple devices Use Chests, Beds, Furnaces and even Bookshelves to activate redstone devices! When enabled this plugin will check to see if there is an update available and let you know if one is. Don't be frightened! You can actually disable it in the same plugins/<thisplugin>/config.yml file that every single other plugin...


Jun 07, 2015 Release
What is QuickTransit? QuickTransit is a really simpel plugin, which allows you to easily create a teleport gui for each world! You and your users can easily click on items to teleport or execute commands and even both at the same time. Cool, isn't it? And the best thing: Its super easy and intuitive to customize even from in-game! And its completly openSource (GNU3)! Installation How to install QuickTransit: Download the QuickTransit.jar file Copy it into your server's plugins folder Reload /...
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Quick Google

Jun 02, 2015 Release
Quick Google Tired of entering Google to type in your search? Then this is the plugin you need! It allows you to make a search on Google using only a command. As regular, operators have all permissions as default. Updates: Version 2.0 has been released! Now the plugin also allows you to do image and video search. A "plugin information" command has also been added. Version 2.1 has been released! Minor bug fixes has been done. The plugin now allows you to modify/change the prefix as well....


Apr 08, 2015 Release
Quickhouse Don't forget to submit any bugs in 2.1! Make sure you delete the config and let it regenerate for the new options if you haven't since 2.6 What is it? Quickhouse is a plugin for generating houses. You can use the basic houses provided, or create your own which can be saved and regenerated anywhere. How do I use it? This plugin uses commands to work. Commands CommandArgumentsUse /qhousebasicGenerates a small simple house which can be destroyed in one hit tentGenerates a woolen house...


Feb 16, 2015 Release
Description Wanna make a fun quiz game with your players? Then I have the solution! Questions is a plugin that you can ask a question and who answer right get the money! Permissions Set the question: questions.set.question Set the answer: questions.set.answer Set the money questions.set.money Broadcast the question (and enable it) questions.ask Answer the question questions.answer Commands /setquestion To set the question! /setanswer To set the answer! /setmoney To set the money! Versions...


Dec 16, 2014 Release
More Mining; Less Collecting! Do you own a Prison server, and it's tedious to mine blocks and pick up the blocks? QuickCollect instantly adds every block you mine (provided you're not in Creative mode) to your inventory. It's as simple as that! NEW in 1.1: - Works with most protection plugins now! - Multiworld config. Commands /quickcollect (also /qc) - Reloads the config. Permissions quickcollect.use - Allows player to instantly collect mined items. quickcollect.reload - Allows player to use...


Nov 26, 2014 Release
CommandQueues is a simply plugin that allows you to create lists of commands or messages for players that will execute as soon as possible. Simple as that! Commands /qc addp <name> <command> [arguments] - Creates commands that the player will run as soon as possible. /qc addc <name> <command> [arguments] - Creates commands that the console will run as soon as possible. /qc message <name> [message] - Creates a message that the player will get sent as soon as possible. /qc clear <name> - Clears...


Nov 05, 2014 Release
Description: This is a bukkit plugin(s) that help our main server (Server-IP: quantumsurvival218.g-s.nu) with many usfull commands. It comes with general commands. This plugin is worked on very often but is not updated on the website much so when there is a update on the website there is TONS of new features. Commands: /qheal /qfeed /qxp /qgive /qclearchat /qclear /qsetspawn /qsetmotd /qspawn /qbroadcast /qgod /qmute /qban /qkick /qhat /qenchant /qdeop /qop /qnick /qpinfo /qfakejoin...