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Oct 25, 2016 Release
TextToSpeach What is TextToSpeach TTS (TextToSpeach) is an easy-to-use plugin that reads the chat to you using a resourcepack. Using this plugin, players will be able to hear what other players in their group type in chat. Players can select three types of speech: Local (only hear the chat for players in a group that are close to you), World (hear all the players in a group for that world, Default), and Global (listen to all players in a group on that server.) Features Reads the chat for...


Oct 14, 2016 Release
X#X If you like my plugins why not buy me a beer and keep me coding X#X X#X donate at the top of the page X#X Want an extra dimension to food and drink, this plugin allows you to record thirst on your server, making use of the water bottles in Minecraft for a more RPG feel. For those cold artic areas snowballs can be melted into water bottles, plus mechanics of water bottles has been changed to allow stacking of water for those long journeys across the deserts. This is my first plugin so any...


Sep 19, 2016 Release
NOW UPDATED TO 1.10.2! %player% support in config.yml! Customizable join message in config.yml! When a player joins, it will play a sound! Title On A Player Join This is a plugin where when a player joins it will give them a title and a subtitle (Changeable messages in the config.yml!) Reload the config - TitleOnJoin.reload If you want to use a title, use: TitleOnJoin.sendTitle(Player, "Title", "SubTitle", fadeIn, Stay, fadeOut); If you are using this, make sure the fadein stay and fadeout...
TARDIS plugin


Sep 17, 2016 Release
The TARDIS You need to place a TARDIS seed. This is how you can craft one. You can watch a tutorial video here Something to make it even cooler you can download this texture pack: TARDIS Resource pack if you use this resource pack the sounds will work. if you want the textures to work you need to install MCPatcher Installation just drag the jar file into the plugins folder you don't need any other plugins. more features will be coming later. Permissions - tardis.create - terdis.enter (Allows...


Sep 12, 2016 Planning
Requested from https://bukkit.org/threads/tnt-spawner-plugin.431472/ My second plugin ever (my first one I still need to test before putting onto the site). Just a simple little plugin to drop Mob Spawners when they are blown up with TNT. You can configure the percent chance for them to drop in the config. Thanks for checking out the plugin!


Aug 17, 2016 Release
TrainDestroy Version: 1.0 Supports Bukkit 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10.x Description: TrainDestroy (Alco_TrainDestroy) is a lightweight configurable plugin that automatically deletes minecarts every hour. It can be configured to delete minecarts in up to 12 worlds, which can be set in the config.yml. Configuration The plugin is easy to configure: To configure the plugin, just replace the [] brackets with a world name located in the server's main directory and restart the server once you added the...


Aug 15, 2016 Release
About Tweaks is a very simple, lightweight, powerful plugin that adds various tweaks, utilities, and tools to help improve your server. Some features: Customize join, leave, and death messages Perform actions (run commands, send messages, broadcast announcements, give items) when players join, leave, die, fall into the void, etc. Customize language messages Installation Download the latest plugin version (or the version you need). Place the .jar file in your server's "plugins" folder. Restart...


Aug 10, 2016 Release
ThreeSquareMeals Eating in Minecraft can get pretty boring, especially with a stack of food from an automatic chicken cooker or cow breeder. This plugin attempts to solve that problem by encouraging players to eat a variety of different foods. This first big change this plugin makes is the addition of nutrition meters for each food group: fruits, vegetables, grain, protein, and dairy. When these meters are all at least 3/4 full, your health is normal. When the you neglect any of the food...


Jul 30, 2016 Inactive
Tactical Insertions Despite what this says, this project is not inactive and will work on the newest MC versions. I just don't currently have a reason to update it. Ask for features! Welcome to TacticalInsertions! Tactical Insertions allows your players to place warp points and respawn points in your world, similar to the tactical insertions of Call of Duty. These warps and respawn points are blocks with smoke particle effects coming from them. When a player breaks the insertion block, the...

True Custom Drops

Jul 26, 2016 Release
Help contribute to the project here! Bringing powerful custom drops plugins back from the dead, and into the latest versions of Minecraft! The goal of TrueCustomDrops is to be the most powerful and versatile drops plugin. With the help of you guys I can do that! If you have any suggestions, leave one in the discussion thread, and I'll try to get back to you! Features: Permission-based drops using "truecustomdrops.class.<Class name here>" Toggle default block or mob drops Toggle if you want...


Jul 10, 2016 Inactive
TPS Stopper Overview TPS Stopper is an incredibly simple plugin that will run a command if the TPS on your server drops below a certain value. By default, the command that will be run is 'stop'. This way, you can configure your batch file or shell script to automatically restart your server when it's stopped. Features Configurable auto start / ability to manually disable the TPS monitor Kick players explaining to them why the server is restarting, as well as broadcast a message to the server...


Jul 07, 2016 Alpha
Whenever a block is broken by a player or this mod and the block above it is a wood block, that wood block is destroyed. You can toggle activation of the mod by using the command /toggletreefall.
TownyWands Icon


Jun 29, 2016 Release
Current version: 2.0.9 Brought to you by the UnityGaming Network | www.unitygaming.de Note: TownyWands was originally made for Towny, but since v1.0.5 you don't need to install Towny to use this plugin anymore! You can use it with any plugins you want, including Towny of course. Currently supported Minecraft Versions: 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6 Support for MC 1.5 & 1.4 will follow soon! (If possible... im not sure, yet) Requirements: Java 7 or higher. A Bukkit server. (Spigot is recommended!)...


Jun 12, 2016 Inactive
About Hello, I am jerry come from Hong Kong All website must has advertising. Minecraft is always. User can click in to learn more about this advertising. Website always but minecraft why not? That all we know, we have a plugin call Announcement. But it can not interact with players. Such at server is hosting a event and need to be publicize. Player can easy to know and join the event. Announcement may be... not work very well... What is the difference of TouchNotice? TouchNotice can make...


Jun 11, 2016 Planning
Bukkit.org Bukkit Plugins Authors Wiki Knowledge Base Store Paste Back to Bukkit Hi pataklamante 0 PMs Sign out Search... Overview Announcements Categories Polls Create project You must either be the original author or have express permission from the original author to upload a bukkit plugin. If you are not the author and you don't have express permission we WILL REMOVE YOUR BUKKIT PLUGIN. It is that simple. If you have any questions or concerns please create a ticket. Create bukkit plugin...


Jun 11, 2016 Release
TitleActionBarApi This is an API for developers to help them creating titles,subtilels and actionbar messages, there are no test commands. Functions Displaying a title Displaying a subtitle Displaying an actionbar title Easy to use !! Imortant you MUST use the version 1.8.3 or higher to use the api otherwise it wont work !! TitleActionBarAPI using plugins JoinTitles http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/jointitles/ Parkour 4.0 http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/parkour/ How to install Just...


May 24, 2016 Release
Features TimesFreezer allows you to freeze the time on any world, so that the world will permanently stay at the time of your choice. This is perfect for creative servers! TimesFreezer supports multiple worlds, so you can have freezed the time in every world at other ticks! But not every world have to be freezed.. Only the time in the world, in which you're standing, will be freezed! (Tested with Multiverse-Core) Modes Always Day (1000 Ticks) Always Night (13000 Ticks) Freeze current time...


May 21, 2016 Release
Description This plugin adds a teleportation system to your server. This systems works without the use of commands. How it works The server manager(s) define a type of block in the config, default is ENDER_STONE They also define two words, one to cast, default poof, and one to cancel, default cancel. If the player says the cast word within a ten block radius on any axis (so 10 blocks up, 10 blocks down, 10 blocks left, etc.) of the specified block, the "teleportation spell" is successfully...

Transfer Enchantments

May 17, 2016 Inactive
This plugin allows you to transfer enchantments to books (like the name suggests). You can transfer them by typing one of the two commands: /getEnchantments /gE You could type it without the uppercase, but that is just for readability. gE does the exact same, but it is shorter. To execute one of these commands, you need to have an item with at least one enchantment on it in your hand. Also you need to have at least 5 levels of xp. If both those things are set, it will say "You did it!". Then...


May 10, 2016 Release
TeleportBow This is a simple plugin which is a if you go with the bow shoots teleport. You can disable this plugin in worlds and disable the feature with the command /fb Permissions PermissionsFunction fb.useAllow to use TP bow fb.reloadAllow to reload the config Commands CommandFunction /fbDisable or Enable the feature /fb reloadReload the config Config enablemsg: '&aTeleportBow is now enabled!' disablemsg: '&cTeleportBow is now disabled!' reloadmsg: '&eTeleportBow reloaded!' nopermmsg:...