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May 14, 2016 Mature
ArmorHUD Description ArmorHUD is a plugin that provides on screen information of your armor durability. This plugin has a soft dependency for Vault. If you do not wish to use permissions set the permission-system option in the Config file to none. This allows everyone on your server to use ArmorHUD. Setup Download the .jar Copy it to your plugins folder Start the server Optional: Set up permissions Permissions PermissionDescription armorhud.useGives the player permission to use ArmorHUD...

PremiumBoots [Like GommeHD]

May 13, 2016 Release
PremiumBoots This plugin is very easy and popular a large German Server. With a command to open a window in this window you can select thee Boots. These Boots are not normal Boots but they make SPECIAL each Effects Boots have its own Effects. Premium Version - You need EffectLib Features Simple GUI Permission Colored Boots Update Checker Boots with Effects When GUI open Sound Fourteen Awesome Boots Effects only when press SHIFT Select Language in Settings.yml Configurable Sounds in Sounds.yml...


May 13, 2016 Release
Description SimpleBackpacks aims to be the simplest yet most expansive backpack plugin for Bukkit. Just pop in the jar, give your users a permission node (or two for bigger backpacks) and be done with it. Enjoy! ^_^ Features Simple command to open your backpack Ability to open other player's backpack (with proper perm node) Admin can set if death clears player backpacks or not Admin can set if death drops your backpack contents to the ground or not Admin can grant a perm node to exempt from...


May 13, 2016 Release
A simple plugin to protect villagers This plugins allows you to protect the villagers. Allows you to choose the groups/players who can kill or trade (etc..) with the villagers. Features Prevent kill villagers Prevent shoot villagers Prevent trade with villagers Prevent use eggs on villagers Change age of the villagers Change villager profession Set a name to the villagers Metrics system Multi-world system Check-for-updates system Permissions Basic permissions: securityvillagers.hit allows...
Chorus Flower

Better Crops

May 12, 2016 Release
Better Crops Features Use bonemeal on dirt to change it to grass. Use bonemeal on cobble to change it to mossy cobble. When mining any ore there is a very small chance that a "ore tree" seed will drop. You can grow all these in hoed dirt except quartz, quartz tree seeds need soul sand to grow. If you bonemeal the top block of a cactus or sugar cane, it will grow taller. If you bonemeal sand, you will get a dead bush. And you can make it a dead tree. If you bonemeal a fully grown melon or...
AIO Jetpacks

AIO Jetpacks

May 12, 2016 Release
AIO Jetpacks Available for Spigot | Source Code An advanced jetpack plugin, that is still simple to use. Did you ever wanted to have custom jetpacks in Minecraft, that are refuelable? Now you can have them. This plugin uses it's own flight control code and is not a simple fly enabler. Simply drop this plugin into your plugins folder. It will create a default config in which you can add as many different jetpacks (jetpack profiles) as you want. Functions You can add as many different jetpacks...

Elder Guardian Boss

May 12, 2016 Release
Features This plugin makes the Elder Guardian an actual boss like the Wither and Ender Dragon.You sill have to find the Elder Guardians in the underwater temples. But now they have more health, a boss bar showing their health and name, they drop a randomly enchanted prismarine sword (along with their normal loot), you can change the loot dropped to anything you want. They can also spawn regular guardians. If they hit you with their beams you get potion effects, by default poison and nausea....


May 12, 2016 Release
Home | The Team | Credits | Commands and Permissions | Donations ShowCaseStandalone is like ShowCase but without the dependancies, and a more efficient way to create shops. With SCS, you can buy, sell, and display items, which float above blocks. You can use most of the major economy and permissions plugins with this, along with some special options for Towny. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved...


May 12, 2016 Beta
What is it? Blasters is a really simple plugin with very little configuration. it changes the bow into a simulation of a blaster gun with effects. designed for Scifi servers. please note if you want to theme the arrow / bow better don't forget to grab a good texture pack or it will still be just an arrow :) How does it work Literally just fire a bow, the plugin will do everything else. Features Speed up arrows Make arrows glow as they are shot when they strike the ground arrows disappear in a...

Super Build Battle

May 12, 2016 Release
Based on the famous HyPixel minigame. The plugin is in BETAand it might have multiple errors. Little by little I will fix them. I hope you enjoy :D Inventory saving Automatic arena reset Voting system Rewards system: Vault, PlayerPoints and Commands Multiple languages: eu, en, es, pl, ca, cz, fr, cz, se, nl, zhr 1.8 Titles InGame gui: reset arena, floor set, heads.. Configuration using a inGame GUI Multi-Arena Much more features! See the wiki All the info in the wiki Report bugs here We are...


May 11, 2016 Beta
Features Classes Spells Pets Weapons & Armor Villagers Quests Groups Things to know Supported MC versions: 1.9 German Video Tutorial with English subtitles since #4 Read the FAQ! Video about spells. Default damage, defense and hitpoint values. Update Checker This plugin is using an update checker. It will not download or install any files in any case. It only tells you if there is a new version of myRPG available. If you like to disable this function, go into the config.yml and set...


May 11, 2016 Release
RECODING: 20% finished! TrollPlus was once, not a free plugin. Due to some.... problems I have experienced, I am no longer making it cost money, despite the fact it had 2 - 3 downloads per day. Since it was so popular (for a new non-free plugin) I decided, why not let everyone have it? So here it is! Features: - 20+ Commands - Permissions - Easy-To-Use Interface - Tons Of Fun! Commands: /blind [player] - Blinds [player] or yourself! /clear [player] - Clears [player]'s inventory or yours with...


May 10, 2016 Planning
This Plugin automaticly bans Player when they die. A lightning spawns on the players position Every Player hears a thunder Sound (Sound.AMBIENCE_THUNDER; higher distance = later sound (17.15Blocks per Tick = acoustic velocity) (max delay: 20sec) Death Player gets kicked with a message which you can change in the config file Death Player gets banned No commands No permissions No ads


May 10, 2016 Release
TeleportBow This is a simple plugin which is a if you go with the bow shoots teleport. You can disable this plugin in worlds and disable the feature with the command /fb Permissions PermissionsFunction fb.useAllow to use TP bow fb.reloadAllow to reload the config Commands CommandFunction /fbDisable or Enable the feature /fb reloadReload the config Config enablemsg: '&aTeleportBow is now enabled!' disablemsg: '&cTeleportBow is now disabled!' reloadmsg: '&eTeleportBow reloaded!' nopermmsg:...


May 10, 2016 Beta
SleepDemocracy is a plugin that allows you to sleep in the night when a sufficient number of the player wants to sleep. SleepDemocracy follow player's bed, join, quit and world changing -events. When it's trigger some event, it checking that can we sleep. If more or equals player has sleeping what limit is, it change time to morning. Sleepers are world specific. So it checks only the players who are in the same world. Each of the world are own checking. Commands By default, op can be use...


May 09, 2016 Release
DeathPoint on Spigot! You can Download Last version Immediately! DeathPoint is a plugin that can change the game in your server, it's compatible to PVE and PVP servers! - The basic idea is to inform you, after your death, where to find your loot. - In the way you go back to your Death Point, all Hostile Mobs(Zombies,Skeletons,Spiders,Creepers) Can be converted to Customized Enemies with Armors, Weapons, Special Powers, Custom Health ... to prevent you to get your inventory from the ground. -...

Sticky Tracker

May 09, 2016 Beta
Sticky Tracker This plugin allows a configurable tracker item to be used to track other players. Once a player holding the tracker hits another player with it, it will leave their inventory and a particle trail is displayed pointing to the player hit with the tracker. The particle trail can be hidden by right clicking with the tracker item in hand. A player being tracked can remove the tracker by taking fire damage or dying. A small explosion can be heard if a tracker attached to you has been...


May 09, 2016 Release
BROADSIDE is a demo plugin to be used on the upcoming server at BYTE. We are in need of testers so please download the plugin see what you think and comment on our forums if you find an issue https://youtu.be/ra1YfmolEHY Version Note only really works on 1.9 (bodged to work partially on 1.8 but not recommended) What is it ? Broadside allows you to enhance either movecraft ship weapons or just town or faction defences. Setup turrets put ammo in the turret and then configure a control card ( or...


May 08, 2016 Inactive
NoFall Description Besides falling from person you love there is a fall event in minecraft that you cannot escape from well this is the tool you can use theres no need to escape from falling such as using /home , etc commands, With this plugin you can disable fall damage with permissions and per world support This plugin is very lightweight Permissions nofall.damage >> permission needed to use this tool Config there is no such a config to do Suggestions please submit the ticket for...


May 07, 2016 Release
Ninja Sneak 1.9.2 Overview This plugin is a simple plugin that allows players with a specific permission to go invisible when sneaking, and was created on request. Commands There are none of these, :P. Permissions ninjasneak.disappear: This permission will allow anyone who owns it to go invisible when sneaking. ninjasneak.attack: This permission will allow someone that is invisible due to the plugin to attack while sneaking. Both permissions will default to OP. Side Note This plugin may not...