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Oct 21, 2016 Release
Features Configure items to be usable when you reach a certain level in a certain skill Reminder for needing a certain level when using a restricted item Listing all new items usable at levelup Commands are easily auto-completed with Tab Configurable through in game commands Click here for the full version! Commands & Permissions Sub-CmdPermissionDescription addItemmcMMOLevelUp.items.addItemAdd restrictions for items to be usable when you reach a certaion level in a certain skill...


Oct 21, 2016 Release
I really enjoy making my plugins for free but it would be great if you donate a little amount of Money and help to keep this resource for free: _________________________________________________________________________ Powerfull friend-system with ton's of options and GUI to manage everything! I think I do not need any description of what it does, put it on your server and enjoy managing friends and other various stuff :) Extended explanation of functions can be found above. Do me a favour and...
Deafault Image


Oct 21, 2016 Release
PixelPrinter http://i.imgur.com/undefined.png What is PixelPrinter PixelPrinter is a demonstration of what you can do using THIS resource. This plugin will download images or gifs, resize them, and allow you to display those images and gifs in game. Now you can easily create Sky-Boxes, Movies, and display pixel art all over your server. Features Allows OPs and those with the correct permissions to download, resize, and create images in game Supports JPegs, PNGs, and Gifs! Works on All...


Oct 21, 2016 Release
日本語説明版はこちら Info Its Simple KillerPlayer on Get Golden Apple Setting Golden Apple Amount in config.yml Enjoy! Permission kill.gapple.reload Command /killgapple Help /killgapple reload Plugin Config reload ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10/19/2016 drop on plugin file in onlycomplete config.yml createnow 10/20/2016 create Finished Enjoy My Plugin 10/21/2016 added new commands...


Oct 21, 2016 Release
What is it Description Allow your space worlds to feel dangerous, space calculates if a player is inside a ship and if not (and if not wearing a pumpkin as a space helmet will suffocate them) plus a selection of little add ons Features Space exposure calculations Space helmet, pumpkin, breathing sounds Configurable check distances and exposure damage Custom death message Set to simple checks (light) or advanced gap checking (heavy) falling slowed ( WIP) Jump potion effect in space Can turn...


Oct 21, 2016 Release
This plugin allows players to disable PvP for themselves, simple as that. Other players that attack them will not deal damage, nor will they be able to take damage from the player with PvP disabled, vice versa. This plugin is intended for those servers that want to allow PvP only for those who wish to PvP. If you notice any bugs please make a comment or create a ticket. CommandsPermissionDescription /pvppvptoggle.useToggle PVP for yourself only. /pvpreloadpvptoggle.reloadReload the...


Oct 21, 2016 Planning
Bonjour, je vous crée un plugin Aujourd'hui afin de pouvoir freeze et unfreeze les joueurs sur votre serveur. Ce plugin est très pratique si vous voulez qu'une personne se fassent verif et ne se déconnectent pas sous peine de bannissement. Permissions: Celle-ci vous permet de donné l'accès à un groupe de pouvoir freeze ! Freeze Commande : "freeze.mod" Celle-ci vous permet de donné l'accès à un groupe de pouvoir unfreeze ! Unfreeze Commande : "unfreeze.mod" Utilisation: /freeze <pseudo du...

Joiner Message

Oct 20, 2016 Alpha
You get an join message:"Join", "The player, %player% it's now online!" you can edit this message in the config file! BUG(S)! The /setmessage command isn't work! Click here to download!


Oct 20, 2016 Release
Yearmarked This mod will track each passing day and divide the time into days of the week and months of the year. We will later come up with special features for the months and years, but the main pitch that LadyDeath360 (http://www.minecraftforum.net/) worked out is the days of the week which would have the following names and follow a given rule: Monsoonday: It rains all day Earthday: Bonus crops granted upon harvest Wortag: Bonus netherwart granted upon harvest Donnerstag: Lightning will...


Oct 20, 2016 Release
A simple and friendly chat bot :) Commands: /chatbot [question] - Sends a question for the chat bot to reply to /chatbot setid [id] - Change the chat bots id (a list will appear when you hit tab) Permissions: chatterbot.use - Allows access to /chatbot All the messages for this plugin are configurable :) If you'd like me to continue creating things like this please feel free to donate :), It is really appreciated.
Dead Bush


Oct 19, 2016 Release
Did you ever wish, that you could deconstruct your useless machines and put those components in something useful? If you do, then this plugin is for you! Simple craft a Salvager and Right-Click it on any placed machine, it will magically disappear and drop the ingredients used to make it. CS-CoreLib and Slimefun must be installed for this plugin to work! Example Config options: auto-update: true //Enable this if you want the plugin to be auto-updated. items: ENHANCED_FURNACE: true //Disable...

Mo' Commands

Oct 19, 2016 Beta
Description Thanks for 100 downloads! :D People have asked me, "Kody, as a developer, can you make me a smaller version of essentials?" They say they have very little space for Essentials in their server, but they need it. I'm here to help you guys out, I have made a smaller version of Essentials. NOTE: Mo'Commands is not affiliated with Essentials, all rights to Essentials go to their rightful owner(s). https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/ Commands and permissions /heal |...


Oct 19, 2016 Beta
ShadowPods ShadowPods are pods based on the pods idea of the Shadows Of Evil map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. It's just another rewarding system but different ;). Players need to wait until a pod, represented as a dragon egg in the game, takes the green color. After a certain amount of time, the pods will turn into another color, which will provide other rewards. If a pod is already opened, the pod will say "This pod has already been discovered". After 10 minutes, the pods will reset...


Oct 19, 2016 Planning
I really enjoy making my plugins for free but it would be great if you donate a little amount of Money and help to keep this resource for free: _________________________________________________________________________ Create a party, invite players and have fun! This plugin adds new posibilities to interact and play with other players Do me a favour and read this Post carefully and ask me for help before posting a bad rating Please post bugs, issues or suggestions in the "discuss-section"!...


Oct 19, 2016 Release
LinkDisplay Works On Minecraft 1.10.X Latest Plugin Version: v1.3 CommandsPermissionsDescription /weblinkdis.perm.webDisplays Message Set In Config /credPermission NodeDisplays The Credit To The Plugin Maker (LukeZurg22) /vurlinkdis.perm.vurDisplays Plugin Version BugsFixed/Unfixed The Op Use And Perm MessagesFixed Recent ChangelogAdded/Planned Permissions NodesAdded Enable/Disable FeaturePlanned Well this is my first plugin. Its not much but it works! More will be added also PM me any major...

Furnace Stuff

Oct 17, 2016 Planning
Français​ Ce plugin est mon premier plugin que je mets en download sur Bukkit ;) C'est pour les serveurs qui ont besoin d'un plugin pour faire cuire les armures Fer (Iron) et le Diamant (Diamond). ! • Etape 1: Télécharger le plugin. • Etape 2: Mettez le plugin dans le dossier "plugins" de votre serveur. • Etape 3: Redémarrez votre serveur ou faites une relaod. Pas de permissions et de commande pour le moment. English​ This plugin is my plugin first one that I put it download on Bukkit ;) it...

More Player Models

Oct 17, 2016 Release
This plugin requires Players to install the MorePlayerModels mod Without moreplayermodels you wont see eachother sit, sleep, dance, hug or love or any of the model changes Description This plugin allows you to sit and lie down whenever and wherever you want. The only thing you need todo is press X or type /sit to sit down or press Z or type /sleep to lie down. This however will only be visible to players who have the MorePlayerModels mod installed. Commands /angry to show you are angry /bow...
MineCordBot logo


Oct 17, 2016 Release
MineCordBot Bridge Minecraft and Discord using MineCordBot. Tested on CraftBukkit1.9.4, CraftBukkit1.10, and Spigot1.10 current version : MineCordBot_R0.2.6 Github page Feature Binds a channel to Minecraft. (This includes, death, join, disconnect, etc. events) Custom commands that applies to both Minecraft and Discord server. Do Discord bot commands from minecraft. Set your desired Discord command executor (Prefix to determine if a text is a command. i.e "~!", ~!sampleCommand). It solves...

Spinach Fieldnotes

Oct 17, 2016 Release
A Curious New Device From the personal journal of Mathias Cowley, esquire... In a recent adventure in the skeleton-infested forest of Arbormort, I came across a well-hidden cave. Taking out my field journal, I marked the location as near as I could determine it, and jotted down some notes to aid in finding it again the next time. Then I pressed forward into the cave. Before long I came to a small cavern, near the center of which I discovered an odd thing. It was half-buried in the dust of the...

Prison Guard

Oct 16, 2016 Planning
The Prison Guard plugin is a plugin that makes it simple for prison servers to easily allow guards to get their weapon as well as keep up with who's guard and who's not. Commands: 1.) /GuardOn - This will give the player an enchanted stick as well as put them on duty. Their prefix will also change to Guard. 2.) /GuardOff - This will turn off the players guard status and take off the Guard prefix. It will also remove the enchanted stick from the players inventory. To-Do - Add armor to the...