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Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Sep 26, 2016 Release
Advanced Lucky Block This plugin adds lucky blocks to your sever. To get lucky block use /lb luckyblock command or craft it by surrounding dropper with gold ingots (crafting recipe is customizable). Tested versions: Bukkit 1.10 This version is compatible with bukkit 1.9 • Setup - download latest version of MCLib - download latest version of Lucky Block plugin. - download worldedit (recommended). - Put the downloaded files in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands Use Tab key for autocomplete....


Sep 24, 2016 Beta
Get updated versions of this plugin from SpigotMC AchievementExp Overview Ever felt achievements were useless??? AchievementExp is for you! This is an extremely lightweight plugin that simply gives players one enchantment level for each achievement they accomplish. In four words, "It makes achievements useful." Features Gives players configurable amounts of enchantment levels for achievements. Commands As of now this plugin has no commands Config Disable this plugin for individual game modes...

Jobs Reborn

Sep 23, 2016 Release
Original author and manager of this was phrstbrn until v2.12.0 version. Supports 1.7 / 1.8 and 1.9 servers Looking for some one to make plugin's video review/tutorial! A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job. UUID support Mysql/SqLite data base systems Locale files Sign command support Sign top list support API Create your own custom jobs and choose...


Sep 22, 2016 Release
permetre au joueur de proteger ses construction, avec ou sans rétribution monnaitaire AchaChunk, simple d'utilisation, permetra au joueur de cubo sa zone si elle est libre, de la revendre (si elle lui a couter quelque chose) ainsi que d'ajouter/ voir/ enlever des membre à sa zone (appeler aussi "ami") permet aussi a un membre OP de créer des cubo a personne pour proteger un spawn, par exemple, et de liberer n'importe quel terrain. Dépendance: WorldGuard 6.1 ou au dela World Édite (logique :P)...
RandomCase avatar


Sep 22, 2016 Release
Cases with random drops RandomCase is universal plugin that allows you to create cases and keys (like in CS:GO). How to use Commands And Permissions Case Types Key Types Drop Types Open Managers DONATE If you like my plugin, you can donate here: WebMoney: Z311486133954 IMPORTANT I badly speak in English, so I'm looking for people who will help me to do the normal description of the plugin on English. Please wait.


Sep 22, 2016 Release
SafeTrade - Inventory based trading Hello, today I want to show you my plugin SafeTrade. SafeTrade is a plugin which makes trading a lot more safe. You trade using an inventory gui. The trade consists of two steps: In the first step you put your items (and money) in the inventory. Your partner has to do the same. When you put all items you want to trade in the inventory, you have to change your status to ready. When both traders are ready it's time for step 2. In the second step you can...
XP Deposit

XP Deposit

Sep 21, 2016 Release
Easy way to store your XP ChangeLog Features Easy way to deposit, withdraw your XP from storage, Balance check! Easy way to give other player XP CommandsPermissionDescription /xpd createxpd.create- Creates a file were xp will be stored /xpd deposit <amount>xpd.deposit- Deposit xp to storage /xpd withdraw <amount>xpd.withdraw- Withdraws xp from storage /xpd balance xpd.balance- Shows you the amount of stored xp /xpd balance <playername> xpd.balance- Shows you the balance of the other player...

[CTSNC] ★ Animated Scoreboard and Tablist, NameTag, Chat, ... ★ [Protocol Hack] [1.8 - 1.9]

Sep 21, 2016 Release
Thanks to jerrposition for making this! ★ Modules ★ Scoreboard: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-★-scoreboard-module-★.29555/ Tablist: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-★-tablist-module-★.29551/ Chat: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-★-chat-module-★.29553/ DisplayName: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-★-displayname-module-★.29554/ Stats: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ctsnc-★-stats-module-★.29556/ ★ AnimatedScoreboard ★ This plugin also has a advanced...


Sep 21, 2016 Release
MobHunting adds a new level of fun to hunting monsters, animals or opponents. Now you can get money or even dead players skull from kills, get bonuses for skilled and creative kills, and get special achievements! Features Reward Money from killing monsters. (Vault and Gringotts supported) Reward / Punish Money from killing animals. (disabled by default) Give players a Mobhead / Playerhead as reward Steal money from other players pockets (can be disabled) Put a bounty on your enemies and get...


Sep 20, 2016 Release
PT-BR GCCASSINO - O Seu Plugin De Cassino Olá pessoal do Bukkit, hoje eu venho trazer um plugin de Cassino para o seu servidor Esse é meu primeiro plugin, então pode ter alguns bugs, se você encontrar algum bug deixe nos comentários para que eu corrija em versões posteriores! Descrição: Esse é um plugin de cassino, que ao clicar com o botão direito na placa você tem uma chance (Configurável) de ganhar money (Configurável), porém para poder apostar no cassino, é necessário comprar fichas e...


Sep 19, 2016 Release
KillerMoney v3 When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge/give money or even give any item or run a command. Source code and issues | Twitter My other public plugins Scheduled Spawners Donators - Order by donation amount ( $2+ ) DonatorServer NameServer IPServer Website iMCGamer [ $5 ]GritNetworkplay.gritnetwork.mehttp://gritnetwork.me David [ $3 ]HexagonMChexagonmc.euhttp://hexagonmc.eu gooeybomb33 [ $2 ]LMCNetworkHUB.LMCDrugs.comhttp://LMCDrugs.com Abilities of the plugin:...


Sep 18, 2016 Beta
UltiMarket UltiMarket is a global Item market/shop plugin which automatically determines item prices based on supply and demand! UltiMarket acts as a globally accessible self-adjusting item shop on your server from which players can buy or sell almost any in-game item using in-game currency from any economy plugin! As items are bought, their prices increase incrementally. As items are sold, their prices decrease incrementally. This means that over time, the prices of items on your server will...

VoteTokenShop for SilkSpawners

Sep 16, 2016 Release
Dependency Important: SILK SPAWNERS What is it? This plugin creates a way to be able to purchase various types of spawner, from the Silk Spawners plugin. You can deposit voteTokens to the system and you are able tostore your voteTokens safely. Furthermore, you can purchase spawners with the said voteTokens. As a server developer/admin, you are able to configure the files however way you wish. Features Access the gui with /vtgui Check balance with /vtbal For admin, /vtgive (amount) will give...


Sep 16, 2016 Beta
ReferralsPlus What is ReferralsPlus? ReferralsPlus is a referrals plugin, though unlike all the other referral plugins out there this one will get updated and maintained for a while. How To Use This plugin depends on Vault and a supported Economy plugin Download the jar and done! Features Players can only refer once, this is because I don't see any point in them referring more than once. You can turn off / on economy rewards by setting "econ-rewards" to true in the config. You can set how...


Sep 13, 2016 Release
An Warp Plugin! :) Allows you to warp to places that have been set! Commands: /setwarp = Set an warp :) /warp = TP to an warp :) /delwarp = Remove an warp :)


Sep 12, 2016 Release
===> Project moved to Spigot <=== BossShop allows you to create custom GUIs (Inventories) for Server Menus/Shops etc. This is one of the most player-friendly Shop/GUI Plugins ever! Say goodbye to all the annoying command- or signshops! BossShop is a plugin which allows the creation of simple/advanced GUIs (That's up to you!). It allows creating infinite custom inventories with unique items, prices and rewards. All in all, it can do a lot. You can link your inventories, give your donators a...
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Sep 11, 2016 Release
B S S E N T I A L S, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 [̲̅A][̲̅d][̲̅d][̲̅s][̲̅:] Over 50 usefull commands!! Chat Manager!! Essentials's Permmisson Notes will work, and lots more!!! Quote: Bssentials is looking for develpers Info BSSENTIALS, USEFUL COMMANDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.10 Bssentials will use only less then 1% of your RAM because the commands just do what there spost to do! Also, if your switching from Essentials, EssentialsX, Accentials, or Dssentials then your old permissions should...


Sep 07, 2016 Release
FastTravelSigns: Simple Exploration/RPG-Friendly Warping MC-Stats: Stats Version 1.0.4 released. Requires Java 8 and Bukkit/Spigot 1.10+ Please report any Bugs or missing features as soon as possible. Source-Code: GitHub Tired of warp plugins that give your users access to a full range of public warp points as soon as they're given a certain permission? Want to encourage your users to explore rather than teleporting everywhere? Want to make them work a bit for their instant transportation?...


Sep 05, 2016 Release
COD-WARFARE Thank you for 18,400 downloads! DevLog 1! NOW ON SPIGOT! You can now purchase COD-Warfare Premium here for just $20! COD-Warfare premium gives extra features and customizability to the plugin, allowing you to change levelcaps, kill rewards, gives access to prestige mode, allows to change the prefix, and other cool features! OFFICIAL SERVER play.minersleague.com SPONSORED SERVER cod.insanityfactions.com About the Plugin COD-Warfare is a plugin based on the popular game "Call of...


Sep 04, 2016 Release
MaterialEconomy This is plugin that add Real Items Economy to your server! How to use Configure config.yml Configure language.yml Configure economies.yml Commands/Permissions /meco add <economy> <money> material_economy.add.[economy] - Allows force add material money to your-self. /meco add <economy> <money> [player] material_economy.add.[economy].other - Allows force add material money to player. /meco remove<economy> <money> material_economy.add.[economy] - Allows force remove material...