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Lucky Block

Advanced Lucky Block

Oct 24, 2016 Release
Advanced Lucky Block This plugin adds lucky blocks to your sever. To get lucky block use /lb luckyblock command or craft it by surrounding dropper with gold ingots (crafting recipe is customizable). Tested versions: Bukkit 1.10 This version is compatible with bukkit 1.9 • Setup - download latest version of MCLib - download latest version of Lucky Block plugin. - download worldedit (recommended). - Put the downloaded files in plugins folder. - Enjoy! • Commands Use Tab key for autocomplete....
Dead Bush


Oct 24, 2016 Release
Did you ever wish, that you could deconstruct your useless machines and put those components in something useful? If you do, then this plugin is for you! Simple craft a Salvager and Right-Click it on any placed machine, it will magically disappear and drop the ingredients used to make it. CS-CoreLib and Slimefun must be installed for this plugin to work! Example Config options: auto-update: true //Enable this if you want the plugin to be auto-updated. items: ENHANCED_FURNACE: true //Disable...
Logo without text, tiny


Oct 24, 2016 Release
This plugin allows you to set up custom villager shopkeepers that sell exactly what you want them to sell and for what price. You can set up admin shops, which have infinite supply, and you can also set up player shops, which pull supply from a chest. It will also prevent any other trades with non-shopkeeper villagers if you want it to. Installation and Configuration Simply download the latest file and put it into your plugins folder. When the plugin first loads, it will create a config.yml...

Minetopia ATM plugin

Oct 24, 2016 Release
Minetopia ATM plugin Version 4.1 This plugin is the next step in economy! With this plugin you can easily withdraw or deposit money on a simple ATM The plugin has a completely customisable scoreboard! No setup needed! Every dropper and red sandstone stair works as an atm There prefixes to show what company you work for, what rank you have and ehat level you are at You can completely change those prefixes, suffixes and everything! IMPORTANT: This plugin uses vault, worldguard essentials and...

Coins [Simple]

Oct 23, 2016 Planning
THIS PLUGIN IS CURRENTLY IN BETA, POST REVIEWS WITH NICE THINGS AND CHECK TO-DO LIST BEFORE DOING A REVIEW WITH IDEAS! ⭐ FEATURES: ➽ New economy for your server! ➽ Coins on kill a player(enable this on config). ➽ Coins on join the server(enable this on config). ➽ Lose coins on death(enable this on config). ⭐ COMMANDS: ➽ /coins - See your coins. ➽ /coins <player> - See other player coins. ➽ /thecoins - Main coins plugin command. ➽ /thecoins <help> - See the commands. ⭐ PERMISSIONS: ➽ /coins -...
XP Deposit

XP Deposit

Oct 23, 2016 Release
Easy way to store your XP ChangeLog Features Easy way to deposit, withdraw your XP from storage, Balance check! Easy way to give other player XP Now you can customize text! (0.2.0 and above)​ CommandsPermissionDescription /xpd createxpd.create- Creates a file were xp will be stored /xpd deposit <amount>xpd.deposit- Deposit xp to storage /xpd withdraw <amount>xpd.withdraw- Withdraws xp from storage /xpd balance xpd.balance- Shows you the amount of stored xp /xpd balance <playername>...


Oct 22, 2016 Planning
ClearChat Plugin ClearChat This simple plugin is designed to clear your chat Brief Info Of The Developer Hello. My name is Andrew. I am actually just 15 years old. I started getting interested in Java and Bukkit plugins when I first got a staff rank on a minecraft server and met this developer. I found his work fascinating and I wanted to make some on my own. This is all pretty new for me and I'd appreciate it if you don't say any hurtful comments. :) Commands There is only 1 command for this...


Oct 22, 2016 Release
MaterialEconomy This is plugin that add Real Items Economy to your server! How to use Configure config.yml Configure language.yml Configure economies.yml Commands/Permissions /meco add <economy> <money> material_economy.add.[economy] - Allows force add material money to your-self. /meco add <economy> <money> [player] material_economy.add.[economy].other - Allows force add material money to player. /meco remove<economy> <money> material_economy.add.[economy] - Allows force remove material...


Oct 22, 2016 Release
Texturepacker This plugin allows all users (see config) to try resourcepacks without manualy downloading and installing them! The server performance won't be affected! Maybe players join your Server, test this Plugin out, play a bit and then they leave. But when they do this, the resource-pack is gone. So they come back :) Usuage: Just put the plugin in your Plugin folder and delete the last config folder (Texturepacker). Reload. /txtp. Finished! New v.1.1.3 {} Added different languages you...


Oct 21, 2016 Release
KillerMoney v3 When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge/give money or even give any item or run a command. Source code and issues | Twitter My other public plugins Scheduled Spawners BlackZone MineStatus Donators - Order by donation amount ( $2+ ) DonatorServer NameServer IPServer Website iMCGamer [ $5 ]GritNetworkplay.gritnetwork.mehttp://gritnetwork.me David [ $3 ]HexagonMChexagonmc.euhttp://hexagonmc.eu gooeybomb33 [ $2 ]LMCNetworkHUB.LMCDrugs.comhttp://LMCDrugs.com...


Oct 19, 2016 Beta
ShadowPods ShadowPods are pods based on the pods idea of the Shadows Of Evil map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. It's just another rewarding system but different ;). Players need to wait until a pod, represented as a dragon egg in the game, takes the green color. After a certain amount of time, the pods will turn into another color, which will provide other rewards. If a pod is already opened, the pod will say "This pod has already been discovered". After 10 minutes, the pods will reset...
ChestShop Notifier Logo

ChestShop Notifier

Oct 16, 2016 Release
Note: The latest version of this plugin works with every UUID-compatible CraftBukkit or Spigot version! CSN (ChestShop Notifier) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline. Installation Instructions Commands /csn help → Shows available commands /csn history [username] → Shows unread sale history from database /csn clear → Marks all sale history as...

The New Economy

Oct 16, 2016 Alpha
The New Economy If you're looking for a lightweight economy plugin download The New Economy Lite. Please Note: This project is in Alpha stage, and may therefore contain multiple bugs. Please report any bugs you find. About The New Economy was originally a hMod Plugin made by Noobaholic. After reading multiple requests on the Bukkit Forums for the plugin, which Noobaholic replied that he was too busy at the moment to port it to Bukkit, I decided to port it to Bukkit. The New Economy is a...


Oct 16, 2016 Release
Dependency:Vault Description: PixelVip is a plugin to manage vip on your server with easy commands, easy configuration and a lot of features: Generate Keys with quantity of usage for same Keys; Allow more than one diferent Vip to be activated, and allow player to choose what use; The time is counted on exact moment of activation and not at 00:00 of day. Your players will use 100% of your vip time ;) Configurable commands to run on change vip, remove vip and on vip finish; Commands to give...


Oct 15, 2016 Release
GERMAN PLUGIN Dieses Plugin erlaubt dir alles, was du dir in Minecraft je erträumt hast. Mein Plugin enthält Befehle, um zu fliegen, heilen, aber auch muten und zu reporten. Hier die folständige Liste aller Befehle: heal: description: Heilt dich oder Andere aliases: [heilen] permission: mc.heal feed: description: Fuettere dich oder Andere aliases: [fuettern] permission: mc.feed fly: description: De-Aktiviere den Flugmodus! aliases: [fliegen] permission: mc.fly invsee: description: Sehe in das...


Oct 13, 2016 Beta
Features Classes Spells Pets Weapons & Armor Villagers Quests Groups Things to know Supported MC versions: 1.10 German Video Tutorial with English subtitles since #4 Read the FAQ! Video about spells. Default damage, defense and hitpoint values. Update Checker This plugin is using an update checker. It will not download or install any files in any case. It only tells you if there is a new version of myRPG available. If you like to disable this function, go into the config.yml and set...


Oct 12, 2016 Release
Introduction: this is a permission based gui shop plugin where players can buy items. the items are organised into folders and you can create the folder icons in game! the price is configurable and it will take the money off from their vault balance. configuration is doable in game and requires no reload after doing so it will be immediately ready to use. Setup: download this plugin and vault put them in your plugins folder reload your server configure in game commands: /shop - opens the shop...

Admaps 2.8

Oct 11, 2016 Release
Admaps 2.8 Download CommandAd 2.8 for more ways to monetise your server. Description Our sponsors have officially teamed up with in-game ad network MOTDgd, to give you their latest advertising campaigns in Minecraft. Campaigns will be updated our end, so there is no need to keep downloading this plugin every time we launch a new campaign. Current Campaigns info Will target US players only with a variety of advertising campaigns until 6th November 2016. Rate to our members will be $5 CPM (per...

CommandAd (monetise your server & reward your players - EULA safe)

Oct 11, 2016 Release
CommandAd 2.8 NEW add-on/ways to earn money: Monetise your server with Minecraft map images - download Admaps 2.8** today. CommandAd 2.8 is required as below. Description If you run game servers on Minecraft, you're in luck - you can now monetise your servers effectively. We offer a fantastic alternative to donations that is EULA safe. MOTDgd Ltd is a UK company, and we are proud to be a leading game ad network in the marketspace. We have over 10,000 server owners signed up worldwide, with a...


Oct 09, 2016 Planning
ItemTP Have you ever wanted to set a location for all the items in your shop but you didn't have a plugin? ItemTP is specially designed for use in shops! It lets you see a list of all your items, It lets you set a location, Delete a location, and reload the config for any new items! Along with of course letting you TP to one of the many items in your shop! Hope you enjoy! Happy Shopping! -Cyborgtwins Also if you have any ideas on this plugin please PM me! Commands /itemtp [Name of item] -...