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Oct 07, 2016 Release
DiscordSRV The most powerful, configurable, widely loved, open-source Discord bridge plugin out there. Build server - get the absolute latest builds (or old ones) here Competition - See why you should be using DiscordSRV over the competitors DiscordSRV's Discord channel - come here for quick support and to tell us feature requests Source at GitHub Intended usage Using this plugin, you are able to give players the ability to chat in-game to chat with players on your Discord server as well as...


Oct 06, 2016 Release
== BetterGamemodes == PermissionsWhat does it do? /creativeBGM.creativePuts you in creative! /cBGM.creativeShortcut to the /creative command /survivalBGM.survivalPuts you in Survival! /sBGM.survivalShortcut to the /survival command /adventurelBGM.adventurePuts you in adventure mode! /aBGM.adventureShortcut to the /adventure command! /spectatorBGM.spectatorPuts you in spectator mode! /spBGM.spectatorShortcut to the /spectator command Known Buggs: None so far!
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Oct 06, 2016 Release
Latest is compatible with 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and 1.9.x servers Easily create your own skills and classes Robust editor to make skills without any code Easy to use API for programmers to tap into Create classes and subclasses Create other types of classes, including races Highly configurable for every aspect of the plugin Many options for casting, such as skill bars, click combos, and more Includes many RPG elements such as attributes, class requirements, and item stats Extensive permission control...


Oct 05, 2016 Release
This is the Bukkit plugin for MPL. This page will focus on the plugin only. If you want to learn more about MPL check out their wiki. Features The main feature of this plugin is to allow you to compile MPL-scripts on a server without having to open the world in MCedit, use the one-command setup or import the structure with WorldEdit and a schematic. MPL has not been written by me. It is a Command Block Script Language by Adrodoc55. You can have multiple structures with independent files in...
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Oct 05, 2016 Release
We Our Buggycraft Studios We Hope you enjoy this plugin Its still in testing but it should work Guys If you want more Great plugins Donate at https://server.pro/server/2314062/donate/ If you find a bug Write a Ticket ill try to fix all the bugs Our Minecraft Server Buggycraft.serv.nu Custom Factions With /f top /ah And more cool commands Legend and God rank get color item names! Tell us if our plugin is good It will help us a lot! What does our plugin do It allows you to create Jobs and Earn...


Oct 03, 2016 Beta
With this Plugin, you can stop or reload your Server with an password but without op. The Passwords can be changed in the folder named PWStop. In the Folder is a config file. In there you can change the password with simply replace the old passwort. Stop the Server /pwstop <Password> Reload the Server /pwreload <Password>


Oct 02, 2016 Planning
The custom helper plugin for TWoN /twonhelper <args> subcommands promote: changes players ranks (/twonhelper promote <player> <rank>) op: ops player (/twonhelper op [player]) prefix: changes players prefix (/twonhelper prefix <prefix> - if <prefix> is "", prefix for players rank is used) permissions twonhelper.promote twonhelper.setop twonhelper.changeprefix More to come! FOR TWON USE ONLY: any ideas can be posted as a comment on the BUKKIT PAGE ONLY!

MmagicTitleS API

Oct 02, 2016 Planning
MmagicTitleS is a fantastic API which allows you to create magical animated titles like this: (ImgUrl: AnimatedTitleImg) It also allows you to create non animated titles(normal titles): (ImgUrl: StaticTitleImg) Methods MagicTitles.sendFullMagicTitle(Player player, String title, String subtitle, int timeToComplete, int fadeIn, int stay, int fadeOut); MagicTitles.sendOnlyMagicTitle(Player player, String title, int timeToComplete, int fadeIn, int stay, int fadeOut);...


Oct 02, 2016 Release
POINTS For Server Owners Just copy and paste this into your plugins folder and restart the server. You can edit some settings in the config.yml. You must set your MySQL connection into the config.yml! Or you can use the data.yml if you don't have MySQL Description PointsAPI is plugin where users can get points for special things like killing someone or winning a minigame. You can set the layout in the configuration! display_in_chat: true prefix: '&7[&a%points%&7]' refresh-delay: 45 vault:...


Oct 02, 2016 Beta
Hey bukkit Community, in this Thread i want to show you my first public Plugin. Description: The Plugin is a LuckyBlocks Plugin. You mine a LuckyBlock(Sponge) to activate a Random event. Settings: -Crafting Recipe settings for Server Owners -TODO: Message Settings Permissions: -luckyblock.admin: Access to the commands /giveluckyblock and / setluckyrecipe I will describe the API here later The plugin will get Updates. There are not much events which happen, when you break a LuckyBlock, so i...


Sep 28, 2016 Release
THE VERSION 1.3 IS OUT!** Check the download page for the change logs PrivateMessages name changed to CustomMessages ----------- THE VERSION 1.2 IS OUT!** Updated to 1.9! And more coming soon... ----------- THE VERSION 1.1 IS OUT! Added broadcasts! ----------- Hi, first this is my first java plugin! This plugin is on experimental and allows you to send private message to each other but soon i'm gonna add more options, like the /r or a customisable color chat, broadcast and more! So let's get...


Sep 25, 2016 Beta
Description This plugin is a fun plugin for people who has PyroPvP servers It gives players a legend set which has the following Apollos Crest -> Infinity Night_Vision Aegis -> Infinity Strength Ethereal Leggings -> Infinity Invisbility And Hermes -> Infinity Speed PyroAxe -> A very Strong axe that can kill people easly Commands; /Armor Create - creates the armor /Armor Info - gives more infromation of the plugin and the author /Armor List - gives a list of the armor Permissions armor.create...
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Massive Core

Sep 25, 2016 Mature
❰❰ MassiveCraft on Bukkit ❱❱ MassiveCore | Factions | CreativeGates | Vampire MassiveBooks | MassiveHat | MassiveTickets ❰❰ Full Documentation ❱❱ Documentation ❰❰ Techy Things ❱❱ GitHub | Report a Bug What is MassiveCore? MassiveCore is a Bukkit plugin that contains components the MassiveCraft developers use for developing other Bukkit plugins: ItemStack and Inventory serialization Commands Plugin Integration Data storage with JSON Disc IO … and much more … Install Stop your server. Put...


Sep 25, 2016 Release
Meta Documentation | Issue Tracker | New Script Repository | Old Script Repository | Tutorial Videos | Forums Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Denizen uses a pasting service provided by its developers to enable recording of debug sessions. This allows an easy and universal way to troubleshoot a script. It is only used on '/denizen submit',...


Sep 24, 2016 Release
=== This is the first plugin i'm going to upload for you people. EzSite is very easy to install, simply download the latest file for your minecraft server version, put that plugin into the plugins folder in any host you're using and just /reload or restart your server or if you have the plugin Plugman, do /plugman load EzSite === This plugin is VERY useful in most cases, because I really think it's probably the most basic and simple thing of all. If there are any suggestions on how, or what...


Sep 24, 2016 Release
This is a universal ScoreBoard plugin that is easy to use between Plugins. The only thing the server owner (plugin manager) needs to know is there is a config. The config only contains one thing, the displayname of the scoreboard. It is color compatible so no need to use any 'weird symbols'. Disclaimer: The rest is for plugin developers Once you put this in your referenced library you can use the following code ScoreBoard.put (Player player, String name, int score); ScoreBoard.remove (Player...


Sep 23, 2016 Release
Plugin was created specially to lazy/inexperienced admins. This plugin opens a virtual inventory for you, which allows you to: reload the server, change the server difficulty, toggle the whitelist, sanction players (ban, kick or even mute), custom commands and a lot more features in future. - /au [Open GUI] - /setcc <1-7> <NewCommand> [Set CustomCommands command] - /setnc <1-7> <NameCommand> [Set CustomCommands message] - adminutils.reload - adminutils.whitelist - adminutils.difficulty -...


Sep 23, 2016 Beta
This plugin was made to replace all management plugins. Authors: TheEnderCrafter9 BWFCWalshy (helped in making of config files) ArsenArsen (A modified version of ALib (called Nexus)) Zombie_Striker (Selectors ) == FEATURES == Commands RENAME: renames and item, sets the color to default white unless specified by different codes (use &) ENDERANOMCAST: used to replace tellraw. Supports color codes (&) and in command blocks selectors ENDERANON: message a single person, with or without a prefix....

Maintenance Mode++

Sep 20, 2016 Release
Maintenance Mode++ Information Have you ever wanted a maintenance mode for your server, then this plugin helps you out. With its custom kick message, it helps you notify your users what you are doing on your server. This plugin uses the whitelist to stop access to your server, and to allow people, just OP them or add them to the whitelist. Commands maintenance - Toggles the maintenance mode maintenance <time of completion (5/10 or 10:20pm)> - Enables maintenance mode and sets the time of...


Sep 20, 2016 Planning
Hello? Are you searching for a Ban Plugin? Then you are in the right place. DiamondOrbBans is the plugin for you. It has everything you need for managing Bans/Mutes/Tempbans/Warns ... on your server. Its very simple to use and also its beginner friendly. Here are the commands of the plugin: /ban <username> <reason> - Bans the player for a reason /unban <username> - Removes the ban for the player /tempban <username> <time> <reason> - Temporarily bans a player for a reason /ipban <username>...