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Oct 21, 2016 Planning
This plugin clears the chat with only 47lines of code! As you can tell this is not lag intensive at all and it even has a config! Commands /clearchat /cc Permissions clearchat.use Config Color code compatible MainStyle is the base of the messages example: [ClearChat] NoPermissionMessage is when a player without permission uses the command Any ideas, put them in the comment section!


Oct 21, 2016 Release
1.7.X USERS DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.3 OR ABOVE! If the plugin isn't working on 1.8 or below, that's because you need to change the sound in the config as sounds changed in 1.9! This Plugin Allows You To Say Someone's Name In Chat And It Will Send Them A Message Saying "%player% has mentioned you" (By Default, Can Be Changed In The Config) And Will Also Play A Sound, By Default It Is "ORB_PICKUP" (Can Be Changed In The Config). This Plugin Works By Listening To Chat, And When A Player Name Is...

Joiner Message

Oct 20, 2016 Alpha
You get an join message:"Join", "The player, %player% it's now online!" you can edit this message in the config file! BUG(S)! The /setmessage command isn't work! Click here to download!


Oct 20, 2016 Release
A simple and friendly chat bot :) Commands: /chatbot [question] - Sends a question for the chat bot to reply to /chatbot setid [id] - Change the chat bots id (a list will appear when you hit tab) Permissions: chatterbot.use - Allows access to /chatbot All the messages for this plugin are configurable :) If you'd like me to continue creating things like this please feel free to donate :), It is really appreciated.


Oct 20, 2016 Planning
German: Hi, mein name ist Markus! Ich habe mir schon vor langen eine Idee in den Kopf gesetzt, nämlich ein vollständiges System auf Bukkit hochzuladen. Dazu ist es heute gekommen. Wenn ihr Ideen habt dann schreibt das in die Kommentare. Danke :) Das ist ein Plugin was momentan 5 Commands enthällt: Beispiel Bilder bei den Images!!! NEW!!!: neuladen: Reloade den Server Icc: Leere deinen oder einen anderen Chat Ping: Sehe deinen Ping Werkbank:Öffnet eine Werkbank PvP: PvP [An/Aus] Hilfe: Sehe...


Oct 19, 2016 Release
I really enjoy making my plugins for free but it would be great if you donate a little amount of Money and help to keep this resource for free: _________________________________________________________________________ Powerfull friend-system with ton's of options and GUI to manage everything! I think I do not need any description of what it does, put it on your server and enjoy managing friends and other various stuff :) Extended explanation of functions can be found above. Do me a favour and...


Oct 19, 2016 Mature
This is a chat filter that I made for Bukkit 1.10.2 servers. This should be compatible with Spigot, although I haven't tested it. This plugin includes: Special unicode character blocking! Blocks over 200 words by default! Statistics! Automatically generated ban logs! Filters the chat, books, signs, anvil items(renaming them), and even the player's username! To use the plugin, unzip/place .jar in plugins folder. When you start the server, a folder called "MinecraftChatFilter" will be created....


Oct 19, 2016 Release
LinkDisplay Works On Minecraft 1.10.X Latest Plugin Version: v1.3 CommandsPermissionsDescription /weblinkdis.perm.webDisplays Message Set In Config /credPermission NodeDisplays The Credit To The Plugin Maker (LukeZurg22) /vurlinkdis.perm.vurDisplays Plugin Version BugsFixed/Unfixed The Op Use And Perm MessagesFixed Recent ChangelogAdded/Planned Permissions NodesAdded Enable/Disable FeaturePlanned Well this is my first plugin. Its not much but it works! More will be added also PM me any major...


Oct 18, 2016 Planning
DeathMsg serves to change the messages of death(dead man). The plugin is extremely simple of use(custom), you just have to slide it in your folder "Plugins" and then to restart your server to generate file of configuration. Then you can change the messages of death by opening the "config.yml" and by modifying the message for the cause of death.


Oct 17, 2016 Beta
[][] If you like my plugins why not buy me a beer and keep me coding [][] [][] donate at the top of the page [][] This plugin allows you to track the reputations of your players. Behave, fight monsters and kill evil players and your reputation will increase. Misbehave, kill good players attack npcs and your reputation will decrease Ideal for RPG servers or smp, indicates to new (and existing) players who they can trust and who is most likely to rob them if they tp to them A plugin from BYTE...
MineCordBot logo


Oct 17, 2016 Release
MineCordBot Bridge Minecraft and Discord using MineCordBot. Tested on CraftBukkit1.9.4, CraftBukkit1.10, and Spigot1.10 current version : MineCordBot_R0.2.6 Github page Feature Binds a channel to Minecraft. (This includes, death, join, disconnect, etc. events) Custom commands that applies to both Minecraft and Discord server. Do Discord bot commands from minecraft. Set your desired Discord command executor (Prefix to determine if a text is a command. i.e "~!", ~!sampleCommand). It solves...

Prison Guard

Oct 16, 2016 Planning
The Prison Guard plugin is a plugin that makes it simple for prison servers to easily allow guards to get their weapon as well as keep up with who's guard and who's not. Commands: 1.) /GuardOn - This will give the player an enchanted stick as well as put them on duty. Their prefix will also change to Guard. 2.) /GuardOff - This will turn off the players guard status and take off the Guard prefix. It will also remove the enchanted stick from the players inventory. To-Do - Add armor to the...

Ping Pong

Oct 16, 2016 Planning
Ping Pong! This is a simple plugin that allows you to type /ping and will respond with "Pong." This is my first plugin, and I was literally trying stuff out, so please don't judge too much. Players require the permission "ping.pong" in order to execute the command.​
DisableCommandsPlus Logo2.0


Oct 16, 2016 Mature
DisableCommandsPlus What does this plugin do? Allows Disabling Commands For Ops and Players With '*' Perm Is Run Before Any Permission Plugins Are Checked Can Disable Args That You Can't Disable With Negative Nodes Can Disable All Commands That Don't Have Permissions Allows For You To Not Waste Your Time Finding Permissions Of Plugins Only Players With Console Access Can Change Commands Disabled Negative Nodes Can Be Bypassed By Rogue Staff Removing Negative Node (It Happened To Me Once...)...


Oct 15, 2016 Release
GERMAN PLUGIN Dieses Plugin erlaubt dir alles, was du dir in Minecraft je erträumt hast. Mein Plugin enthält Befehle, um zu fliegen, heilen, aber auch muten und zu reporten. Hier die folständige Liste aller Befehle: heal: description: Heilt dich oder Andere aliases: [heilen] permission: mc.heal feed: description: Fuettere dich oder Andere aliases: [fuettern] permission: mc.feed fly: description: De-Aktiviere den Flugmodus! aliases: [fliegen] permission: mc.fly invsee: description: Sehe in das...


Oct 13, 2016 Release
AbreviaSlayer AbreviaSlayer is a plugin to prevent and replace abbreviations and insults. It's the plugin completed for the servers wishing to preserve a clean chat. You can separate abbreviations and insults in two different lists and activate if you wish the penalties. Require This plugin uses EssentialsX for mute the players (when sanctions are activated). How to Use Download the plugin and put it then in your plugin folder. Reload your server and make sure you have the permission to...
AFK logo with out text


Oct 13, 2016 Release
The one and only working AFK plugin made for 1.2.5 - 1.10 !!!!!!!! Change Log Check all changes which have been done so far. Known Bugs Animals/Players can cancel your AFK status by pushing you. Using Write /afk and server will broadcast "player_name is now AFK" message. If you move, type this command again, or type something into chat, server broadcasts opposite message "player_name is no longer AFK". If player is AFK, his name is gray in a player list. Have outher plugin with /afk command?...


Oct 12, 2016 Release
Version 1.10 Description Announce messages/Execute commands with adjustable triggers. Video Tutorials: How to Install and Setup-Tutorial (Created by SamVenom) I will add a better video tutorial soon, visit Usage or Example page to get more information (Links below) Features Multiple triggers: ScheduledTrigger (execute on specified date) ScheduledRepeatedTrigger (execute on specified date, with selected intervals and repetitions.) Multiple actions: Multi action (more than one action per...


Oct 12, 2016 Planning
I made this plugin for server moderating. I hope you have fun with it. Commands /warn player reason Permissions No permissions Features Can chat warn players Coming soon Permissions not started yet Fast support not started yet if you get problems leave a ticket or say it in comments


Oct 11, 2016 Release
PersonalFilter Description: PersonalFilter is a plugin developed by BladeWillBe and creator3, designed to help servers become more 'family friendly' without annoying the users that choose to curse/swear. Commands: /pfilter - Toggles the user's filter on/off. /pf-reload - Reloads the configuration file. Permissions: pfilter.toggle - Grants access to /pfilter pfilter.reload - Grants access to /pf-reload Installation: Drag PersonalFilter.jar into your 'plugins' folder. Start the server. Edit the...