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Toggle Build/Break

Jul 08, 2016 Inactive
Anti Build Anti Build is a plugin that should be used on servers that do not allow building. This plugin is a very useful plugin if you don't want to waste your time getting WorldGuard set up on kit-pvp/non-building game-modes. Commands /buildmode - Anti Build help. /buildmode toggle - Togge building/breaking objects. Permissions buildtoggle.buildmode - Access the buildmode command buildtoggle.toggle - Access the buildmode toggle command Suggestions? Comment any suggestions or bugs you come...


Jul 07, 2016 Release
Description: This plugin stores a player's inventory in a chest on death for later retrieval. It has many options, but configuration and use has been kept as simple as possible. Features: Places a single or double chest at player's death location containing the player's inventory Optional sign placement on chest, showing player name and death date Configurable list of block types that chests can replace WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, PreciousStones and Towny aware, will not place a chest where...
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Jul 06, 2016 Release
NoGriefing is an anti-grief plugin which is still under heavy development. The goal of this plugin is to keep it as simple as possible! With this plugin you can prevent people from breaking and placing blocks. You can also prevent people from dropping items. A new feature is the logging of blocks. You can specify what blocks you want the plugin to log. If that block is placed, the plugin will put the name of the player and the block that the player placed in the config file. Its possible to...


Jul 05, 2016 Release
JustInvSee My first plugin: This is my first plugin on bukkit.org and I hope you like and download it! Commands: There are 3 simple commands: - /inv <player> see someone's inventory - /enderinv <player> see someone's enderchest - /armorinv <player> see someone's armor and item in his second hand Permissions: - /inv<player> justinvsee.inv - /enderinv <player> justinvsee.enderinv Downloads 10000 downloads [done] 15000 downloads [done] 20000 downloads [done] 25000 downloads [done] 30000...

Yet Another Protection System

Jul 04, 2016 Release
Yet Another Protection System or YAPS What is this ? i like plugins with block protection ( the action of put the block protected then ) and area protection , but some plugin do one and others do others... what if one plugin do both ? what if you want some area ( like spawn ) be protect by area and players have protection by block place/remove ? :) Then this is your plugin ! Do more with less ! Do more - Protect by area or block or both With Less - This plugin will focus only that... easy,...
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Jun 30, 2016 Release
ShareControl is the plugin created to control the players in the creative mode. Страница плагина на RuBukkit.org | Page on SpigotMC Features MySQL and SQLite support Full support 1.7-1.10.2 Minecraft versions. Block place/break and item use Disable item drop/pickup Disable TnT Explosion Disable inventory interact Disable pvp and mob attacking Disable SnowGolem and IronGolem creation Disable Creature and Chicken Eggs Separate inventories to survival/creative/adventure, also, save your survival...
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Jun 30, 2016 Release
1.10.x compatible Introduction HideandCustomPlugins is a simple plugin which disables many commands, which show information about your plugins and replaces the message with custom plugin names in the config.yml. You can also edit the message of all disabled commands. With HideandCustomPlugins you can still auto-complete player names! Features The commands /plugins , /pl, /bukkit:plugins, /bukkit:pl, /bukkit:? and /? are replaced with fake plugins, which can be configured in the config.yml!...


Jun 29, 2016 Release
Version 7.23 Its recommended to run your server in online mode! Minecraft is a excellent game. If you want to play it, you should buy it, like every other game you play. Description Adds per player passwords to your server. This will increase your server's protection against griefers and account thiefs. Keep these two things in mind: The protection is only as good as your passwords. The server is still less secure then a server in online mode. My plugin is not limited to offline mode servers,...


Jun 29, 2016 Release
This is a simple plugin made to stop players from stealing EXP from mobs that you kill. Made for hhsthekiller's plugin request. Features EXP is automatically added into your EXP bar to stop other players from taking your EXP.


Jun 28, 2016 Release
ChestProtect Installation: Download the .jar file. Put it in the plugins-folder of your server. Start or reload your server. What does the plugin? The players can protect their chests and redstone-chests for griefers and explosions The players can add/remove a player to their protected chests The players can get information about a protected chest The admins can break and move from other players their chests The plugins saves the chests with the player UUID's Permissions: chestprotect.protect...


Jun 27, 2016 Inactive
What is Screenshare This plugin allows staff members to check if the players use hacks. When a staff member runs a command /ss <playername> the target gets frozen and receives a message to go to [[www.screenleap.com|Screenleap ]. Once they go there they have to start sharing a screen and get a code that they send to a staff member. Player has amount of time specified in the config to do that. If they leave a server during that time they automatically get banned. Once the staff member gets the...

HiddenOre - Anti-Xray 1.9

Jun 26, 2016 Release
HiddenOre Massively configurable, low-impact anti-xray plugin developed for play.devotedmc.com (http://reddit.com/r/Devoted) Please see the README here: https://github.com/DevotedMC/HiddenOre for most up-to-date information on the features of this plugin. The information here is outdated; I will be updating it soon. Overview Every time you break a block, naturally placed, there will be a lottery run. This will occasionally drop cool stuff instead of the block you broke. Typical use case is...


Jun 24, 2016 Planning
iZone-Pro This resource will be updated soon, just got all the Source Code from Techguard iZone Pro Introducing *iZone Pro!* Zone Protection Made Easy! What is iZone? iZone is a plugin that allows you to EASILY protect zones from: - Breaking/Building Blocks - Interacting with blocks Opening chests, clicking signs, etc. - PvP Toggling! For PvP Zones! - TNT and Creeper explosions! - Blocks burning from being on Fire - Invincibility to the players + more! This plugin has had 2 past authors, both...


Jun 23, 2016 Release
WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer. Fix griefing and other issues without shutting down your server Quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds Level an entire mountain and replace it with natural looking terrain Use hand-bound tools and brushes to quickly make changes Generate spheres, cylinders, cuboids, forests, pumpkin patches, and snowy areas Use your compass to quickly teleport to areas by...

Road Block

Jun 23, 2016 Release
RoadBlock This plugin allows you to protect roads you create on your server from being broken by players. Each individual block that your road is made of is marked as protected, so your roads can twist and turn and meander through the landscape, and still be protected from breakage. Selecting blocks from protection (or de-protection) is simple and efficient. Simply give yourself the custom tool Features Use a custom tool to select RoadBlocks for protection. Customizable tool attributes....


Jun 22, 2016 Mature
PROJECT MOVED TO SPIGOT - CLICK THIS LINK https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/smoothplot.8796/ Welcome! Let's begin with just a little description of this really amazing plugin named SmoothPlot. Well, SmoothPlot is plots-system that uses WorldGuard to manage regions for players. Generally it allows you to manage plots on your server without any commands. No more need for time-taking regions creation (selecting with wand, then typing bunch of commands...). With SmoothPlot all you need to do is...


Jun 22, 2016 Release
AnimalProtect Created by Damo1995 As you may or may not have seen down in the comments below, World Guard is looking at implementing the function of this plugin into theres. Please click here to see what is going to happen and the way forward for this plugin == What is AnimalProtect: == AnimalProtect is a simple but effective worldguard addon to block players killing animals inside regions they cannot build in. The plugin will block any form of damage to the mob/animal including bow and...

Mychunk reloaded

Jun 21, 2016 Release
That plugin is like the original MyChunk plugin, but without bugs, as the last MyChunk version didn't works properly. That version allow you to use the "protect_unclaimed" option in the config.yml file. I've got Ellitopia's authorization to create a new bukkit page for the plugin, but only by calling it MyChunk Reloaded or something like that. The idea of this plugin is to provide something which steps back from Towny by offering chunk based land protection for individuals, while offering...
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World Downloader API / WDLCompanion

Jun 19, 2016 Release
This plugin allows server owners to control the World Downloader mod (sometimes refered to as WorldDownloader, WorldDL, or WDL) on their server, using its plugin channel API. It supports a wide range of functions, from simply disabling the mod to permission requests to only allowing downloading in certain areas. Why use WDLCompanion over other plugins? What features does WDLCompanion have? The main benefit of WDLCompanion is that it fully implements WDL's plugin channel API, rather than...


Jun 19, 2016 Release
Nachrichten kcauldron 1.7.10 Deutsch Dieses Plugin habe ich für unseren Server mit der Intention geschrieben die Login Nachrichten zu verändern. Danach kamen immer mehr Funktionen hinzu. Wie das blocken von Wrenchs für Chunkown, Broadcasts, ein Roulette und Befehle nach einem Server Restart. So konnten wir mehrere Plugins vom Server werfen. Befehle: /nreload = Laden der Configs und gleichzeitiges neustarten der Tasks. permission: nachricht.reload /roulette = Starten des Roulettes. Wir nutzen...