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Jul 20, 2016 Planning
DEUTSCH ENGLISH What does make this Plugin? This Plugin contains functions and orders which can help always once. The name is a mixture of Essentials and my Minecraft name (ctexxx). All functions / orders are single in and auschaltbar. I the focus more on the functions laid than at the orders. By the way: I have held the configuration strictly in German what looks a little bit strange maybe sometimes, in my opinion, however, already a little bit has :P Commands vanish: Power you invisibly!...
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Jul 19, 2016 Release
Grammarize - Correct all chat messages. Configuration | Support General Information Grammarize is a simple, light-weight plugin that corrects messages by adding punctuation, capitalizing the first letter, and besides that it will also check for too short messages and cancel them, as well as messages with too much caps. Any of these options are possible to be disabled or enabled trough either the configuration, or through the in-game command. Commands & Permissions Commands: Command...
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Double Your Experience

Jul 19, 2016 Release
Logos and Vector by xDizasterCYx What is DoubleYourExperience (DurEXP)? This plugin is a very simple it allows users to be given double, triple or quadruple exp. As well as this the plugin allows for a custom multiplier which is done through the config and can be disabled and enabled. Awesome for events. Permissions support, also allows for per permission multiplier. Should allow for all forms of exp gain Full Vault support Custom multiplier, can be to 1 decimal place Easy to use ingame...


Jul 19, 2016 Planning
GommePrefixes Commands Premissions Informationen/Sonstiges _________ Commands: Keine Commands benötigt _________ Permissions: Owner: tab.owner Admin: tab.admin Builder: tab.builder Developer: tab.dev Moderator: tab.mod Supporter: tab.sup YouTuber: tab.yt Premium+: tab.premium+ Premium: tab.premium Spieler: tab.spieler _________ Informationen/Sonstiges: Die Prefixfarben sind NICHT einstellbar. Bei wünschen, schreibt sie in die Kommentare. Coded by DoggiSpielt


Jul 19, 2016 Release
BackPacks Overview This plugin adds backpacks to your Minecraft Server. There are 6 backpacks: little BackPack, normal BackPack, EnderBackPack (opens your enderchest), CraftingBackPack (opens a crafting table), EnchantingBackPack and the FurnaceBackPack (still in beta). You can customize all of them: set the size of the little and the normal BackPack, change the name, crafting recipe and description. This plugin works with MySQL databases, but you can also save the backpacks of your players...


Jul 18, 2016 Release
SmartEssentials v.1.16.0 SmartEssentials is a plugin that gives you plenty of useful features to your minecraft server! Maybe it is not as good as other plugins but its definitely worth getting! Permissions (if the arguments have <> around it then that means you have to include it and if they have [] around them that means its optional. The permissions with self at the end means that its only for the player and if it ends in all it means that he can change anyone's what ever the command is...


Jul 18, 2016 Release
A generic plugin that allows for easy creation of Holographic Scoreboards using the HolographicDisplays plugin. Wiki Command Reference Introduction Ever really missed a huge billboard displaying your awesome rating in some weird discipline on your server? Wait no more! HolographicScoreboard will enable you to project anything you can get from commands displayed in beautiful holograms, and updated at fixed intervals. Want to show the richest players on your server? /hgs create richies 10m...


Jul 18, 2016 Release
=================================Features==================================== This is a plugin have an level in suffix and a rank in prefix "<rank>mkcoldwolf<level>" ================================How to use?=================================== /levelname reload = reload this plugin /levelname reset <player name> = reset someone rank and level /levelname levelup <player name> = levelup someone /levelname leveldown <player name> = leveldown someone If you want some player have Rank or Level,...
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Jul 18, 2016 Release
LoginSecurity LoginSecurity is a lightweight password authorization plugin. You can optionally set a password each time you enter the server, adding a double layer of security to your account. The password is stored inside the configuration file, nobody else except the server owner can access or modify it. How does it work? Install the pluign to your /plugins/ directory, then start your server. Type /register <password>, your account is now locked with a password. For each time you login,...


Jul 17, 2016 Release
Disables the placement of crafting tables if you do not have permission. This is useful if you do not want players to craft items on your server. This plugin does not prevent use of pre-placed Crafting Tables. Original project was made by tyler58546. Features Permissions Sends a message if you try to place a crafting table Message is customizable in the config. Permissions crafting.allow


Jul 17, 2016 Planning

Action Bar Health

Jul 16, 2016 Release
Actionbar Health: This plugins lets you see the damage you just caused to a mob or player, and how much health it has left. Commands: - /ActionHealth reload This command allows you to reload the config - /ActionHealth toggle Disables or enables sending health messages Config: # The message the player is sent. # {name} shows the name of the mob or player. # {health} shows current health of the mob or player. # {maxhealth} shows the max health of the mob or player. # {usestyle} will use the...
Don't Spam!

Don't spam!

Jul 16, 2016 Release
Don't spam! Don't spam! is an easy to use anti-spam plugin. It can block both chat and commands. Features Blocks chat messages when repeated more than 3 times (customisable) Blocks chat messages if they only contain uppercase letters Blocked messages look like they were sent successfully for the player who wrote them. This way people won't try to circumvent the plugin. Blocks commands when repeated more than 3 times (customisable) Commands /dontspam - Shows version information about the...

Friends Plugin

Jul 16, 2016 Planning
The plugin I am requesting is a Zone/Chest Randomizer Hybrid plugin. Plugin Requirements There will be 6 zones Zones can be defined in-game by me Each zone will have a list of configurable loot, and the loot for each zone can be configurable by me Small chests spawn 2 items, Large chests spawn 4 items, the 2 or 4 items are random from the zone the chest is located in, and what loot is defined in the zone. Will be a timer for when chests restock, preferably the experience bar, 300 second...


Jul 16, 2016 Release
RedAlert Description RedAlert is a plugin using the BattleArena API. When the game starts, the blocks of the arena begin to disappear. At the beginning, the arena consists of white stained clay. Before they disappear, they change their color to yellow, orange and then to red. The game continues until they fall into the void or lava. Installing Put the RedAlert.jar in your plugins folder, along with BattleArena.jar Creating a RedAlert Arena Stand on the Spawn Point you want and type /ra create...

Survival Games

Jul 16, 2016 Release
Survival Games This plugin was originally authored by Double0Negative and this is the updated and optimized version for Spigot. Survival Games is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated hunger games style experience. The plugin was created to be simple to use, and to be easily setup on any type of server, no matter the size or type! Survival Games provides a way for your server to have a full fledged, fully automated hunger games experience for any player. For more information...


Jul 16, 2016 Release
What is FreezeMembers? FreezeMembers is a very simple plugin. It can be used for many different purposes, from screensharing to jailing. The use of the plugin is very simple too. The main command is '/freeze,' and after freeze you specify a player's name. If that player is online, it will freeze them. Freezing a player does not allow them to move, take damage, or do damage. To unfreeze a player, simply type '/freeze' and the player's name again. Commands: /freeze | Requires the freeze.player...


Jul 16, 2016 Release
1.8 Version With Feature Below: http://bit.ly/RandomPre Java 7 Version Here: http://bit.ly/RandomJava7 RandomCoordinates, Teleport to a random location! This plugin allows you to teleport yourself or others to a random location, within your own set maximum and minimum coordinates. The Plugin has many cool features and support, such as support for Factions. The main feature of this plugin, is to teleport a player to a random location. This location is chosen, and then the necessary checks are...


Jul 15, 2016 Planning
This is my first plugin, so it may be a bit basic. Expect more advanced plugins coming soon :D This is a plugin that messages all online players. This is to be used as almost a broadcast plugin, but also as a little bit of a troll (If you wish to use it that way) Commands: /messageall - Sends a message to all online players. Usage: /messageall {message} - Sends the user with the message that you define. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Bukkit/Current lack of knowledge, any commas will...
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Jul 15, 2016 Release
What is CowCubeCore ? CowCubeCore is a plugin that allows to add new orders as orders to reach the site of the server, or reach the shop. Commands /site: Access to the site /teamspeak: Access to the teamspeak /boutique: Access to the shop /contact: Access to the contact /partenaire: Access to the partners /facebook: Access to the facebook /twitter: Access to the twitter /forum: Access to the forum /vote: Access to the vote (New command) Permissions There is no permission in this plugin for...