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CurseForge supports WikiCreole, Markdown, Safe HTML and BBCode.


WikiCreole attempts to be a universal wiki markup language to be used across different wiki software.

More information can be found at http://www.wikicreole.org

The following is a cheat sheet for the syntax for WikiCreole.

Text Formatting






##monospace## monospace


^^superscript^^ superscript


,,subscript,, subscript


__underlined__ underlined


--removal-- removal


++addition++ addition



* Bullet list
* Second item
** Sub item

  • Bullet list
  • Second item
    • Sub item


# Numbered list
# Second item
## Sub item

  1. Numbered list
  2. Second item
    1. Sub item

Definition Lists

; term
: definition



  • Link to [[wikipage]] → Link to wikipage
  • Other Project: [[addon-loader:Main|AddonLoader]] → Other Project: AddonLoader
  • Other Project with game: [[WoW/addon-loader:Main]] → Other Project with game: WoW/addon-loader:Main
  • Knowledge base: [[kb:WikiCreole]] → Knowledge base: [[kb:WikiCreole]]
  • Announcement: [[announcements:Thingy]] → Announcement: [[announcements:Thingy]]

External URL

Link to [[URL|linkname]] → Link to linkname

Paragraph Formatting

No Line Break


Use empty row

No linebreak!

Use empty row

Line Break



Horizontal Line

Horizontal line:

Horizontal line:

No Wiki Formatting

== [[Nowiki]]:
//**don't** format//

== [[Nowiki]]:
//**don't** format//


print("just some code here, it'll guess at the language, falling back to lua")

<<code ruby>>
I.love :ruby unless betrayed?

print("just some code here, it'll guess at the language, falling back to lua")
I.love :ruby unless betrayed?
Supported languages
apacheconf, as, as3, basemake, bash, bat, bbcode, befunge, boo, brainfuck, c, c-objdump, cheetah, clojure, common-lisp, control, cpp, cpp-objdump, csharp, css, css+django, css+erb, css+genshitext, css+mako, css+myghty, css+php, css+smarty, d, d-objdump, delphi, diff, django, dpatch, dylan, erb, erlang, fortran, gas, genshi, genshitext, gnuplot, groff, haskell, html, html+cheetah, html+django, html+genshi, html+mako, html+myghty, html+php, html+smarty, ini, io, irc, java, js, js+cheetah, js+django, js+erb, js+genshitext, js+mako, js+myghty, js+php, js+smarty, jsp, lhs, lighty, llvm, logtalk, lua, make, mako, matlab, matlabsession, minid, moocode, mupad, myghty, mysql, nasm, nginx, numpy, objdump, objective-c, ocaml, perl, php, pot, pov, pycon, pytb, python, python3, raw, rb, rbcon, redcode, rhtml, rst, scala, scheme, smalltalk, smarty, sourceslist, splus, sql, sqlite3, squidconf, tcl, tcsh, tex, text, trac-wiki, vb.net, vim, xml, xml+cheetah, xml+django, xml+erb, xml+mako, xml+myghty, xml+php, xml+smarty, xslt, yaml


Image with title

{{CurseForge:16|title}} ZOMG Kitty (Image with title)


{{CurseForge:16}} Technician Kitty





== Large heading

Large heading

=== Medium heading

Medium heading

==== Small heading

Small heading

Youtube video

<<youtube video_code_here>>

Your video code is everything that comes after the v= in your youtube url. For example, say your url is youtube.com/watch?v= 1XNTjVScm_8. You would type the following:

<<youtube 1XNTjVScm_8>>

Vimeo video

<<vimeo 4202002>>

Font size

<<size 200%>>Hello<</size>>Hello

<<size 24px>>Hello<</size>>Hello

Font color

Please don't abuse this. Egregious use of colors may make us re-evaluate having this at all. Also, be aware of changing background colors. Green on black might look nice, but but Green on white might not.

<<color red>>It's red!<</color>>It's red!

<<color 00f>>It's blue!<</color>>It's blue!

<<color 00ff00>>It's green!<</color>>It's green!

<<color #ffff00>>It's yellow!<</color>>It's yellow!


<<quote>>Hello there<</quote>>


Hello there

<<quote Some random guy>>How was **your** day?<</quote>>

Quote from Some random guy:

How was your day?


<<paste 528>>

print("This is a test paste")

if true then
    return "Isn't it awesome?"


Note: Since unexpected emotes can mess up lines of code, all emotes must have whitespace surrounding them to turn into a graphical version.

:) :( :D :O ;) O:) 8) :* :| :'( <3:) :( :D :O ;) O:) 8) :* :| :'( <3


<<left>>This shows on the left<</left>>

This shows on the left

<<center>>This shows in the center<</center>>

This shows in the center

<<right>>This shows on the right<</right>>

This shows on the right


The following BBCode tags are supported:

A hyper link
a url
displays an image
opens a list
a item in a list
a preformatted code block
show a paste from paste.Bukkit.org

Note: Our BBCode implementation is a thin wrapper around WikiCreole. The BBCode tags are converted to WikiCreole, and then that parser is used.


Allows access to a restricted subset of HTML.

Valid Tags:

  • a
  • abbr
  • b
  • big
  • blockquote
  • br
  • caption
  • code
  • dd
  • del
  • dl
  • dt
  • em
  • h1
  • h2
  • h3
  • h4
  • h5
  • h6
  • hr
  • i
  • img
  • li
  • ol
  • p
  • pre
  • s
  • small
  • strike
  • strong
  • sub
  • sup
  • table
  • tbody
  • td
  • tfoot
  • th
  • thead
  • tr
  • ul

Valid attributes:

  • alt
  • colspan
  • href
  • rowspan
  • src
  • title

Note: All tags and attributes must be lowercase. Uppercase is not supported.


Another lightweight markup language. See http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/ for more details.

Plain Text

Just what it sounds like. This simply escapes characters, urlizes links, replaces newlines with a br tag and wraps paragraphs with p tags.

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