Create portals of any shape/size/block! Functional, robust, customizable, and API extensible... this is WarpPortals!


  • Portals of any shape, size, or block type!
  • Now has an API!
  • Create portals with any block type!
  • Portals without frames or with frames of any material
  • Portals that work between worlds
  • Easy to create Portals
  • Easy to set destinations
  • Precise teleportations
  • Global Enable or Disable normal portals functionality
  • Per-portal permissions. Setup donor portals!


Check out the Table of Commands


How do you create a Portal?

  1. First choose the Portal destination and set it using "/wpdc [name]". This command will set the destination to your current location, world AND angle of view.
  2. Second, build a portal of any shape out of Gold Blocks. These will make up the Portal's body.
  3. Third, hold a non-block item and run the command "/wppc [portalName] [destName] [portalBlockMaterial]". This will make it so the next Gold Block you click will turn them into a Portal made of the specified portalBlockMaterial, eg WATER.
  4. Fourth, right-click any one of the Gold Blocks you built. The plugin will find all adjacent Gold Blocks and turn them all into a Portal!
  5. Fifth, profit.

Who can use a WarpPortal?

Any one can use a WarpPortal by default. You can revoke someone's WarpPortal rights by setting their permission "warpportal.enter" to false. New: The WarpPortals' Event API allows for this to be overridden!

How do you use WarpPortals?

WarpPortals are always active and simply walking though one will teleport you to its destination.

Who can create/admin a WarpPortal?

Only players who are ops or have the "warpportal.admin" permission.

What settings are there?

  1. You can change whether normal Nether/End portals function. For example, setting this to false would mean that when a player walked through a Nether portal that they activated with flint, nothing would happen.
  2. You can change the general Text Color used by the plugin. By default Yellow.
  3. You can adjust the max portal size. This limit exists so that a Portal so large that it would eternally crash the server can't be created. By default 1000.
  4. You can change the teleportation message. By default it is "Wooooooooosh!"
  5. You can change the teleportation message Text Color. By default Purple.

Is there Economy support?

No. Portals are always active and currently don't support any form of Economy plugins. New: The WarpPortals' Event API provides the means for an external plugin to be written to handle this.

What bugs are there?

Ghost Portals: Currently, anyone can break the Portal Blocks that make up the Portal and that will cause the PORTAL_ENTERED event to never fire. This means that to the plugin the Portal still exists but realistically it isn't there anymore. To keep this from happening something like WorldGuard should be used to protect the Portals (though this protection may be a built-in feature in the future). To deal with the possibility of all the Portal blocks getting broken in a Portal, you can use the "/pdelete [portalName]" command to return the Portal to its original Gold Block form. If only a few blocks get broken, simply replacing them with new Portal Blocks should work. Fixed in version 4.1.3

Bad Text Colors: Also, the Text Color settings don't appear to be cross OS Compatible. By default they are setup for Windows but if they don't work for you (if you get white text from the plugin) all Text Color Codes are editable in the Plugin's settings file. Fixed in version 2.0.1

Single Width Portals: Single width portals can only face East or West. This is a very weird bug but it is an unfortunately un-fixable problem. Portal block orientation is decided off of the adjacent portal blocks. Therefore, if two portal blocks are side-by-side, they will connect and face the right way. (Side Note: Even this was a hack and required overriding portal block physics). Sadly, a single portal block doesn't have anything to base it's orientation upon and will then default to East/West. This forum thread details the problem https://forums.bukkit.org/threads/rotating-portal- blocks.12598/forums.bukkit.org/threads/rotating-portal-blocks.12598/ Only applies to WarpPortals made of Nether Blocks as of version 4.1.3


  1. Download the latest version right here!
  2. Drop it into the Plugins folder in your CraftBukkit install.
  3. Go create some spiffy, funky, wild, seriously fun Portals!

Source Code and Downloads

The latest Bukkit approved version to can be found attached to this page!
Though you can always find the absolute latest version at Latest

Source code can be found at github.com/McCraftaholics/Bukkit-


WarpPortals now has an Event API. Bukkit explains Events at Event API Reference. WarpPortals triggers custom events allowing other plugins to tie into these events. The events provide player & portal information and allow other plugins to cancel the portal teleportation.

Further documentation can be found at WarpPortals/API

Open an Issue on the GitHub page if you have any questions!



  • Restore original permission system - Fixes 'OP only' errors!
    • Portals are mass turned on/off for players
  • New per-portal permission system can be enabled
    • Set 'portals>permission>checkIndividualPortalPermissions' to 'true' in the config file
    • This setting requires wildcard permission support for normal operation


  • Teleportation messages can now be disabled, properly.
    • Set portals>teleport>message to "none", without the quotes, in the config.yml file # for real this time
  • WarpPortals now handles World unloads and deletions
    • This should fix all known issues causing data to be deleted
  • The portal ID tool is multi-use, it won't dequip after each ID.
  • Per-portal permissions can now be set (eg, donor rank portals)
    • WarpPortals now check for if a player has "warpportals.enter.{PortalName}" permission before teleporting
    • By default ever player has "warpportals.enter.*", this can be changed and allows for donor rank portals and such
    • You can set whether players are told that they don't have permission, or make the portal "silent"
  • Faster onPlayerMove algorithm that is over 100% more efficient in some situations!
  • Users are alerted when they run commands without proper permission
    • Should help permission debugging
  • CommandHandler polished for more efficiency as well


  • Teleportation messages can now be disabled.
    • Set portals>teleport>message to "none", without the quotes, in the config.yml file
  • WarpPortals now auto backups the data file after every portal creation
    • This should allow for easy recovery in the event of data loss
    • As of now, there is no limit on the number of backup files that can be created. Manual cleanup may be necessary.
  • New API event added: WarpPortalsCreateEvent
    • Triggered when a user creates a WarpPortal
    • Allows access to the new portals name, destination, blocks
    • Allows these elements to be modified by other plugins

4.1.4 Critical Fix

  • WarpPortals now handles permissions properly
    • Non-ops can use WarpPortals
    • Follows Bukkit Permissions structure
    • Thank you WeaselSqueezer


  • New portal interaction engine on the backend
    • WarpPortals can be made of any block type!
    • WarpPortals activate faster for players in survival mode
    • Protect WarpPortals from getting destroyed
    • Keeps liquids from flowing inside portals so that portals can be made of water/lave
  • Renamed all WarpPortal commands in a more logical manner
    • Separated commands into wp-portal- and wp-destination-
    • Abbreviations added for ease-of-typing, checkout Aliases

3.0.0 (2.1.1 merged in)

  • Added soft-depends to hopefully fix all the lost portals errors!
  • Added WarpPortals Event API
    • Plugins can be written that tie into WarpPortals
    • Example: An economy plugin can be created that charges people for portal use
    • Allows 3rd parties to add missing features


    • Horizontal portals can now be made out of Ender Portal!
    • Instead of using Gold Block to create the portal, use Quartz Block.
    • Unlike Normal Portals which are vertical, Ender Portals are horizontal beasts.
  • BugFix: Chat Colors are now used for portal creation.
  • BugFix: Portal Creation Tools stay active for retries when a portal fails to create due to MaxRecursionLimit or similar.
  • Minor: Portal Delete Tools now alert when they are equipped.


  • Chat Colors are now handled properly, the Bukkit way.
    • Setting a Chat Color doesn't require any special characters in the config file anymore! Just the color code. (eg. '3' instead of '&3')
    • In addition to convenience, this should fix all of the config problems! @R4m8o, @DarkenInsanity, @SpookyPirate
  • Portals now also save their state to disk on creation. This should fix any lost portal errors. @getnjr, @iDazzah


  • Error reporting for Config File Loading and Portal Saving has been improved. Instead of receiving an obscure message, the actual error is now reported.


  • Compiled and coded against Java SE 6. Supports Java 6 finally! Use it on both Java 6 and 7 :)



  • WarpPortals requests highest priority on Portal Enter events. This should fix normal portals acting weird (@SpookyPirate) and Warp Portals taking a while to teleport (@mrchasez)


  • The functionality (as in: the ability to teleport like normal) of traditional Nether/End portals is now toggleable via settings. @sgtcaze


  • Non-WarpPortals now function like normal! @SpookyPirate


  • Hopefully fixed any File Reading / Scanner errors. Thanks Zylithi!
  • Fixed command conflict with WorldGuard concerning teleporting to Portals/Destinations.


  • First offical release!

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Enjoy :)

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  • Avatar of nonme nonme Jul 24, 2014 at 22:59 UTC - 0 likes

    After a server restart, the plugin only loads some of the destinations, and when trying to list portals it gives a parsing exception.

  • Avatar of TheCoolGuy123_5 TheCoolGuy123_5 Jul 24, 2014 at 13:49 UTC - 0 likes

    @jasperino: Go

    (To creator) I had to disable this because 1. Players cannot create portals anymore (Permissions?) 2. If any nether portal "frame" is broken, the portals stay 3. I do not like how you can't disable the message.

    I have allowNormalPortals: true. I need this plugin, because I cannot create any new multiverse portals, and one of them broke. This is a cool plugin, so please fix it! Thanks! It also looks like other people are having the same problems.

  • Avatar of jasperino jasperino Jul 20, 2014 at 13:49 UTC - 0 likes

    This plugin causes normal nether portals to stop from being removed when the obsidian is destroyed. Here's a picture as I know this may sound weird:


    This is the doing of warpportals, because it was fixed when I removed the plugin for a second. We really want the end portals as warps and we can't find another plugin to do this, therefore it's important for us that this gets fixed. We enabled the use of the normal portals in the config. We're using spigot 1.7.9 (used 1.7.8 earlier and same thing). Could you please take a look at this, or tell us a way to find it? We'd really appreciate it.


  • Avatar of gogutten79 gogutten79 Jul 20, 2014 at 00:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Seems like this plugin works without permission to enter a portal. Tried to remove it in a felony group at my server. But they still can use portals as those with permission to do it. Something buggy here?

  • Avatar of Gr0up115 Gr0up115 Jul 18, 2014 at 23:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Is it possible to give only a certain group access to a certain portal?


  • Avatar of AppleCraft88 AppleCraft88 Jul 16, 2014 at 20:24 UTC - 0 likes

    I found a bug. When I use the portal blocks like nether portal ones as my tp thing real nether portals dont work.

    EDIT: My bad just had to look in config file XD

    Last edited Jul 16, 2014 by AppleCraft88
  • Avatar of enderdude0917 enderdude0917 Jul 07, 2014 at 02:16 UTC - 0 likes

    for some reason my portals keep reseting everytime i do a server restart

  • Avatar of CrowMCLP CrowMCLP Jul 06, 2014 at 15:09 UTC - 0 likes


  • Avatar of CrowMCLP CrowMCLP Jul 02, 2014 at 07:20 UTC - 0 likes

    I tried this with 1.7.9 and it is very broken. It broke vanilla nether portals and the end portal that spawns when the dragon is killed. DO NOT enter that portal if you have this plugin installed. You will get stuck, can't do anything, cant chat or run commands. If you run into this problem you have to login with another account and break the portal blocks then restart client and relog. There is also an issue where the portals you create somehow dont save properly. All the settings for the portals are present in the yml but during restart it says ""WarpPortal data loaded using the old data-structure. The next save will migrate it to the latest portals.yml version."" I have only run the latest version of this and no other version. Why does it need to migrate a data structure? It seems that it is not migrating any data and after restarting the portals no longer work.

    EDIT: I decided to give this plugin another try yesterday and for some reason it is now working without any issues. I have worked on a few other plugins since and believe it might have been conflicting with something. So, yes, it does work in 1.7.9 and I do not see any issues so far. Great work..

    Last edited Jul 06, 2014 by CrowMCLP
  • Avatar of gummybear2010 gummybear2010 Jun 23, 2014 at 03:46 UTC - 0 likes

    is there a way you can remove portals


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