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TreeAssist - Auto Replants and Auto Destroy

Version: v5.8.80

This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. It also will take down an entire tree when then bottom log is removed depending on whether it is enabled in the config.


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Main video

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  • Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down.
  • Break a birch tree? Replants a birch sapling. Same for all type of trees
  • Auto Tree Destruction when bottom block is broken
  • Faster Leaf Decay Option


  • Should be self explanatory. Use notepad+ + if you have issues reading .yml format configs.
  • The list of tools types can have anything added to it. Use 'AIR' to include fists.
  • If you want to use tekkit or other external mods that add tools, use the Item ID

Click here to see an example config with some info on whats-what!


  • '/TreeAssist Toggle' - lets a player turn TreeAssist auto destruction on or off.
  • '/TreeAssist Global' - Turns the plugin on or off all together
  • '/TreeAssist Reload' - Reload the plugin's config file


  • treeassist.replant - When the player chops down a tree, should a sapling replant itself?
  • treeassist.toggle - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist Toggle' command to turn auto tree destruction on or off
  • - gives access to 'TreeAssist Global' command
  • treeassist.toggle.other - gives access to 'TreeAssist [WorldName]' command
  • treeassist.tool - gives access to 'TreeAssist ProtectTool' - protect individual saplings
  • treeassist.reload - access to '/treeassist reload'
  • treeassist.destroy.* - access to tree-assist for all trees. sub nodes:
    • treeassist.destroy.birch
    • treeassist.destroy.jungle
    • treeassist.destroy.oak
    • treeassist.destroy.spruce
    • treeassist.destroy.acacia
    • treeassist.destroy.darkoak
    • treeassist.destroy.brownshroom
    • treeassist.destroy.redshroom _______________________

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