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I expect to have a release out ASAP. Stay with us.

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Vault - 100% optional. SG will link vault for default rank prefixes and will hook econ for currency instead of using points.
Protocol Lib - HIGHLY recommended. The plugin will not spaz or crash without protocol lib, but some features will be disabled if it is not installed.

Go to this wiki (all information): The Wiki
Visit out website:
Support the fileserver: A super awesome feature of our plugin is the ability to download pre configured maps in game. There is no limitations to these downloads and the repository of maps just keeps expanding. To try and bring you the highest quality downloads possible, we use Amazon 3S storage. They provide us with extreme speeds, and 100% uptime, but for every byte you download, we have to pay. It would be amazing if you could show your support and help us cover the costs for a feature we are providing for you.

Note that this plugin uses analytics. The information that is collected and sent to a remote server is as follows:
- A unique identifier
- The server's Bukkit version
- The server's Java version
- The server's MOTD
- The server's max player count
- Event when a player logs onto the server
- Event when a player disconnects from the server
- Event when a player kills another player
- Event when a player dies
- Event when a player wins an arena
- Event when a player earns points

(This is all for good reason as a global leaderboards may be coming in the future)

The page is gone O_o but why? This has been coming for quite some time, we are trying to centralize out content around one site, All the information that was here will be updated and moved along to the wiki. We have several reasons for this including easy management, a Wiki style system, as we are going to have huge amounts of documentation, it is necessary to allow others to edit, as well as rollback changes, being able to use GH flavored markdown (markdown on steroids), a fancy GUI editor, blazing server speeds, and others.

You may still post feedback and bugs below, but you may be seeing a forum where you can submit bugs, feedback, and maps for the fileserver soon :D.

You can use Spigot if you want, but note that is is currently 100% unsupported any you will receive no help with errors. Some features are very broken is Spigot such as automatic map downloading, and the Websocket server

All comments containing stack traces will be deleted, use pastebin or similar to report errors

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