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SmeltMe is a simple plugin used to /smelt your items on the spot. One cool thing about this plugin is that it takes the actual smelting time into account. If you use /smelt to cook some food, it takes 10 seconds, the normal time it takes to smelt in a furnace. This way, it's not pretty much deleting raw food and getting the cooked version instantly. If you type /smelt, you will be able to /smelt <hand>, or check out the /smelt <info>. If you use /smelt <hand>, you will smelt whatever you're holding in your hand and you will be given the cooked version in 10 seconds. If you type /smelt <info>, you will see info about SmeltMe.

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    If you have example 1 steak, if you do /smelt hand, the one piece of steak does not dissapear, you can spam the command and get free steaks

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