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Ships is associated as one of 'MoveCrafts' rivals, however we can guarantee you that Ships is moving away from this idea, by adding features that you would probably not see in MoveCraft but are useful for the servers this plugin is designed for.

Ships is a plugin that allows you to create medium sized vessels in water, ontop of water and in air. Ships is simple to use because it only uses signs to control the vessels. No annoying commands to learn, or 'wands' needed, it's just plain simple signs.

As time moves forward this plugin improves. This is MoseMister's first plugin and he is still learning from the endless world of craftbukkit. This being said, some features of this plugin maybe 'glitchy' so you have been warned. Qx2 does not work on this plugin any more so all the updates and taking care of the top priority 'users' lies on MoseMister alone, so all help is appreciated.


Waiting approval: Version 3.2.5

The latest version on MoseCraftbukkitPlugins is: Version 3.3 beta 10

The latest stable version is: 3.2.4


Vessel info

shipShipShips move onto of water
airshipAirshipAirships are one of the hardest to work because they are so demanding. Enjoy
airshipAirship2Airship set 2 is identical to Airships however with changed properties in the config - for you to change
submarineSubmarineWorks just like a airship but moves in water instead of air. the submarine can also surface
marsshipMarsshipship from the movie John Carter. In action how like an airship but does not require fuel or wool. Its disadvantage is that it can fly only during the day then all the other vessels, however, fuel is eaten
LavaShipIn every way identical to the 'Ship' however moves on lava instead of water

Requirements for vessels

Vessel nameRequired block %Required blockburnerEngineFuelType
Marsship10%detectorNoNoNoAir + Light
Plane0%Iron BlockNoYesYesAir
Submarine0%NoYesYesUnder Water

note* some of these vessels are only in betas and pre releases and may not be complete




for older versions

videoBy Jacob Vejvoda
videoBy austin101


Ships Sign

main* Write on the sign:
* first line:[ships]
* second line: ship/airship/airship2/marsship/plane
* line three: Owner (not required.)
* line four: Other owner (not required.)

Engine Sign

engine* Write on the sign: [engine] * hit the mark right hand. the vessel is moved.

Boost Sign

Boost* Write on the sign [boost] *right click the sign to make to ship move faster

Wheel Sign

wheel* Write on the sign: [wheel]
* Right-click on the sign. The ship will turn to the right.
* Press the left. Turn to the left.

Altitude Sign* Write on the sign: [altitude]
* Manual on the sign.

EOT Sign

eot* Write on the sign: [EOT]*
*Press the right to full speed.


note* the <Vessel> means you need to fill in the vessel name

ships.<Vessel>.makeThis allows a user to create a 'ships sign' with the selected vessel as the type
ships.<Vessel>.useThis allows a user to use the signs listed above

Known Bugs

Common Errors

All errors

Big Changes

ChangeWhat VersionNotes
Towny supportTowny API states that i can grab the location of a towny by getting at least one XYZ location inside the towny, so im going to be using the same methods i did with factions only a few variables changed
worldguard supportworldguard API does not state anything like getting a location of a region by a location, however i think i know a way to do so, if this works then i can use the faction methods to check for the location
Fully working Databaseif you have been following the news, you will know i have made a database system for ships, however it can not grab much data, and you can not receive anything off it, im still working on it
APIunknownim going to make a lot of the variables and methods that I use (that are created by the plugin) to 'global' so other plugin developers can create plugins using these variables and methods

To do

news on new versions

  • I plan to write the possibility of using cannons, etc
  • Repair doors
  • add proper dispenser support
  • plan to add towny support
  • plan to add worldedit support
  • plan to add vault support
  • add 'lavaship'
  • add submarine
  • plan to add factions support - This feature is made in the next update
  • add default water levels
  • Repair gates
  • make 'materials' in config - allowing the blocks stated true to work on vessels

supported plugins

  • factions (in 3.3 and above)
  • MCore (in 3.3 and above)

Install guid

  • add both 'ships.jar' and 'ConfigCreator.jar' into your plugins folder
  • bootup server then turn of server
  • go to 'plugins/Ships' and open Config.YML
  • turn 'CreateConfig' from 'false' to 'true'
  • bootup your server

if you are using 3.3 or higher, use the instructions given to you in the change log

Testers Wanted

you are more then welcome to be a tester, private message mosemister to become a tester, your user name will come up on mosecraftbukkitplugins, you will get development builds before anyone else and if you report a lot of bugs before the version gets uploaded to bukkit, then I may promote your chosen server if you are interested in testing this plugin


i need your help. There are such things as plugin spotlights (we still accept and promote them here) however, im thinking of something a bit different. I want to show of this plugin by you lot showing it of in its full potential, as in something like, pirate wars (using the cannon plugin). PM the link to me (bukkit dont approve of external links on replys)

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  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 19, 2014 at 07:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @charlza: Go

    This problem is commen after the fuel fix. If it returns as no fuel, just try again.

    You can also check the config and make sure the 'useFuelSection' is set to true (if you want to use the bottom bit of the furnace)


  • Avatar of charlza charlza Apr 19, 2014 at 00:19 UTC - 0 likes

    I upgraded to the last beta (10) and am seeing a strange problem. I remove all config files, so they would be recreated on server start-up. I also bounced the server after the config files were created.

    I have placed an empty dropper and a furnace with coal. Every control returns that there is no fuel, except the altitude, where I can only move down. Clicking up returns the no fuel message too.

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 17, 2014 at 18:27 UTC - 0 likes


    whilst 3.3 is being made. I will be adding a new stable that adds the new 'config auto create' found in 3.3 beta 9. it will also have the new config layout, so admins can get prepared for the 3.3 update and keep their server stable.

    Unlike the Betas and pre releases, this version will never go away, you will always be able to download it when ever you want.

    btw. the pre releases will be removed from this page on the 18th. and betas will be terminated and removed on the 28th (unless 3.2.5 does not get approved by then)

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 17, 2014 at 17:31 UTC - 1 like

    @darkpredators666: Go

    tells you before you click the download link. The following txt is direct from the website change log

    • added 'UseFuelSection'

    'This allow the option to use the top or the bottom part in a furnace for the fuel. this feature has been added to all ships separately, just in case'

    • added 'UsePermissions'

    'This is from beta 9 and it allow this plugin to be used in servers where there are no permission handlers (hard to believe but true - there are servers out there that dont use a permissions handler). this feature is also called "Non-Permissions-Permissions"'

    • removed 'createConfig'

    'YESSS its gone. however it does mean you need to restart all configs, if you dont it will make your config very messy. CreateConfig has been replaced with something called "ConfigVersion" found in 3.2.4 and lower, however unlike them this uses it in a very different way. This plugin uses it as a referance to check if the config is upto date (like every other plugin)'

    • Split configs sections more

    'This gives a easier way of handling the config, you know more about each feature'

    Last edited Apr 17, 2014 by MoseMister
  • Avatar of darkpredators666 darkpredators666 Apr 17, 2014 at 17:24 UTC - 0 likes

    @MoseMister: Go

    what is new in 10?

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 16, 2014 at 17:56 UTC - 1 like

    @darkpredators666: Go

    The droppers work as well as redstone (redstone can be glitchy) however bombs will work (TNT in a dropper)

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 16, 2014 at 17:54 UTC - 0 likes


    a lot of delays in my life have happened in my life that have affected a lot including this plugin. Beta 10 should be out by now however im still working on it.

    Beta 10 should be out late today (GBT) or tomorrow. either way im sorry for the long wait (you may have guessed making plugins is not on my top priority's).

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 16, 2014 at 16:48 UTC - 1 like

    @darkpredators666: Go

    until i fix dispensers there will be no weapons. the dispensers dont like my normal code so you maybe waiting a long time for it

  • Avatar of darkpredators666 darkpredators666 Apr 16, 2014 at 16:45 UTC - 0 likes

    lol me again... are there guns/bombs for the ships? so you can fight other ships or bomb bases?

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Apr 16, 2014 at 16:01 UTC - 1 like

    @darkpredators666: Go

    the detector is a daylight sensor.

    the factions support only works (properly) in 3.3 beta 8+ and it stops vessels moving into faction areas. i am working on it so if your leader of the faction then you can still move around in your own faction land, but thats time to come

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