Ships 5 is now out

  • Ships 5 brings better performance
  • Almost all previously know bugs are now removed
  • Many more new features to play around with

Source Code - Github


Source Code - Github


New Eye Respawn

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New Eye -Respawn

All my worlds:
Project by Qx2

Supported plugins

World Guard
TownyShipsTownyHook by MoseMister
WorldGuardCustomFlagsUnknown name
Chairs Reloaded
Grief Prevention

What is Ships?

Ships is associated as one of 'MoveCrafts' rivals, however we can guarantee you that Ships is moving away from this idea, by adding features that you would probably not see in MoveCraft but are useful for the servers this plugin is designed for.

Ships is a plugin that allows you to create medium sized vessels in water, ontop of water and in air. Ships is simple to use because it only uses signs to control the vessels. No annoying commands to learn, or 'wands' needed, it's just plain simple signs.

As time moves forward this plugin improves. This is MoseMister's first plugin and he is still learning from the endless world of craftbukkit. This being said, some features of this plugin maybe 'glitchy' so you have been warned. Qx2 does not work on this plugin any more so all the updates and taking care of the top priority 'users' lies on MoseMister alone, so all help is appreciated.


ShipShips move onto of water
AirshipAirships are one of the hardest to work because they are so demanding. Enjoy
Marsshipship from the movie John Carter. In action how like an airship but does not require fuel or wool. Its disadvantage is that it can fly only during the day
PlaneFaster then all the other vessels, however, fuel is eaten
SubmarineMoves underWater
Solarshipfuels up during day, uses its own fuel at night
Hybridshipa mix between the Marship and Airship


Ships Licence sign* [Ships]
* <vesseltype>

This sign is the licence sign, right click it to gain info about the vessel.
Move sign* [Move]

This sign will allow you to move your vessel. The vessel will move in the opposite direction to the way it is facing
EOT sign* [Wheel]

This sign will allow you to rotate your vessel. Left click to rotate to the left. Right click to rotate to the right.
Altitude sign* [Altitude]

This sign allow your vessel to move up and down. Left click to move down (decrease your altitude). Right click to move up (increase your altitude)
EOT sign* [EOT]

This sign will force the vessel to move in the same direction until it hits a wall. If EOT is disabled in the config this sign will not take effect and will not be able to be created through Ships

The signs will only be activated if standing. They will not activate when sneaking.

Command and permissions

/Ships AutoPilot<VesselName> <X> <Y> <Z>BothMove the vessel to the location without player control
/Ships Developer* loadedVessels
* VesselTypes
* materialsList
* rammaterials
* all
Console* gets all loaded vessels
* gets all Vesseltypes ships has loaded
* displays all blocks in materials list
* displays all blocks in RAM materials
* displays all info
/Ships Fixes* teleport
* facing
player* sets the teleport to location for your vessel
* fixes the issue of vessels moving the wrong way
/Ships Infobothdisplays all information about Ships
/Ships protectedbothtoggles if the protectedVessels applys for it
/Ships reload* Configs
* <Vessel name>
Both* reloads all config files
* reloads the vessel
/Ships sign* Track [seconds]player* displays the Ships structure
/ships teleport* <vesselname>player* teleport to a vessel
ships.*all Ships permissions
ships.<vesseltype>.useallow a player to use that vesseltype
ships.*.useallows a player to use all the vessel types
ships.<vesselname>.useallows a player to use that vessel
ships.<vesseltype>.makeallows a player to make that vesseltype
ships.*.makeallows a player to make all the vessel types
ships.command.teleportallows a player to use the teleport command
ships.command.teleport.otherallows a player to use the teleport command to other vessels
ships.command.signallows a player to use all the /ships sign commands
ships.command.reloadallow a player to use all the /ships reload commands
ships.command.fixesallows a player to use all the /ships fixes commands
ships.command.autopilotallows a player to use all the /Ships autopilot commands

Isn't this the really buggy plugin?

Ships has been known for its bugs however Ships 5 and above cleared out almost all of the bugs from Ships 4 and lower.

Struggling with the config?

Here is a more in-depth version to all config files within Ships



for older versions

videoShips 3.2.4 by StoneGate amac55
videoShips 3.2.1 by MoseMister
videoShips by austin101
videoShips 2.1 by Jacob Vejvoda

User created content

All the youtube videos, the Ships community (thats you) have made I could not thank enough for.

This image has been created by Skyyagiz. Skyyagiz image

Are you a developer?

The image at the top labeled 'source code' leads to the github Ships 5+ page. But if you want to just start developing for Ships you can go to the Ships 5+ api page located here. This will tell you some things that you can do with the api.

The api is always developing, fixing bugs and issues and adding new parts to the API to make your programming life as simple as possible. If you wish to add something to the api. Don't be scared, just send a request on GitHub and it will be taken care of

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  • Avatar of Mudentmouse Mudentmouse Aug 03, 2015 at 18:13 UTC - 0 likes

    This look like an amazing plugin!!! Can't wait to get it on my server!!!

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Jul 30, 2015 at 22:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Delays may not be that long

    Hey everyone. If you got my last post that was not answering anything, then you would know that one of my friends has become very ill and im dedicating my time to help her. She is still number 1 priority but there are now times where I dont see her. So in that time, im programming on Ships.

    Don't expect anything soon though, The free time I have im worrying about her so very little programming gets done. So I made this message to tell you on a few changes that will be coming in the next update.

    1) The VesselLoader code has now been slightly tweaked and now gives you a message of what went wrong, instead of Unknown error. obviously you wont see this message unless Ships has issues loading vessels.

    2) Complete API change in the VesselType API. Its now being programmed to make it much more simple for developers to use and hook into

    3) I will have the SolarShip and HybridShip up and running on release

    4) Fixes a bug where vessel data was shared across vessels

    5) if you are the vessel owner, you can now right click your licence sign to gain much more in dept details about your own vessel

    6) made some of the non-necessary background tasks a option to enable/disable (Disabling them will speed up your server)

    Thats all that is planned/done. Dont expect the update any time soon. Sorry again for the delays


  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Jul 27, 2015 at 09:16 UTC - 0 likes

    @Akcirb: Go

    Yes. It needs to reorgernise ans sort the blocks into the correct order otherwise a bug called 'item duping' will occur. As for some of the less efficent code. That will be changed into more effeciant code as soon as i get time to do it.

    The whole point of creating Ships 5 was to fix the bugs in Ships that could not be fixed without reprogramming the whole plugin. And to support bigger Ships. Both of these were met but it did come at a sacerfice, that im going to be dealing with when i have some time.

  • Avatar of Akcirb Akcirb Jul 27, 2015 at 01:02 UTC - 0 likes

    @MoseMister: Go

    Ahh, I see. But why does the newer version have to process things less efficiently? Is it necessary for the new features or something?

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Jul 25, 2015 at 19:16 UTC - 0 likes


    I normally upload the next PreRelease to Ships within 2-3 weeks of the previous one. Well heres the issue. One of my friends is incredibly ill, so im dedicating all my free time to help her get though it.

    I will upload Ships PreRelease 4 in 2 bits, the first bit is what i have so far (just a small patch to a bug, and a lot more of the solarship is now ready. But i can not say when the full version of the pre-release will be.

    I hope you understand and I really did not want this to effect you at all

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Jul 17, 2015 at 18:47 UTC - 1 like

    @Akcirb: Go

    Sure. These are the processes that go on.

    ships 5

    1. gets all the blocks of the Ship
    2. stores block data
    3. puts the blocks in a new order for spawning
    4. gets the vessel type
    5. checks if the found blocks meets the vessel type requirements
    6. removes all founds blocks and places them down again in the correct spot

    ships 4

    1. gets all blocks. Gets data of blocks. Gets the vessel type.
    2. checks the requirements of the vessel type
    3. removes the whole vessel
    4. replaces whole vessel in new position

    take note

    Ships 5 is constantly processing data such as EOT and auto Pilot. They are not done in the efficent way Ships 4 did it.

    I belive you can disable EOT and autopilot in the config file that will completely disable it and all code associated with it, should speed up the server a little bit

    Last edited Jul 17, 2015 by MoseMister
  • Avatar of Akcirb Akcirb Jul 17, 2015 at 16:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @MoseMister: Go

    Ahh, that makes sense. No worries then haha! Just out of curiosity though, what all does the plugin process each time the ship moves? Because it seems like it would take a very large load to drop the TPS by 2-6 so quickly

  • Avatar of MoseMister MoseMister Jul 17, 2015 at 09:29 UTC - 1 like

    @Akcirb: Go

    Please remember that Ships 5 is still in prerelease. There will be a reduce lag option in the config file. Eventually Ships 5 will be quicker at processing it's own data. Currently though, I want to get Ships 5 stable.

  • Avatar of Akcirb Akcirb Jul 17, 2015 at 03:10 UTC - 0 likes

    I've been using ships 4 for a while with very few issues. With heavy use, it only causes a small amount of lag.

    However, Ships 5 causes severe lag on my server. There is a roughly 5 second delay each time you try to move even a small ship, and a single movement will drop the TPS from 20 to 18.5. Repeated movements can easily drop the TPS to 10-12.

    Please advise me on what to do. I love this plugin, however I simply cannot use it (or at least not this version) if it will have such severe effects on the server.

  • Avatar of MayorMike MayorMike Jul 16, 2015 at 21:48 UTC - 0 likes

    @MoseMister: Go

    Oh, I see. Explans why it still persist. Haha. sounds good. I'll wait to test.


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