Comments about ReportRTS The latest comments about ReportRTS en-us Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:59:02 +0000 ( Comment #680 <p><cite data-comment-id="2284848">@<a class="user user-moderator" href="" title="View text">chaseoes</a>: <a class="go-link" href="" title="View text">Go</a></cite></p> <p>1. Not sure if I am allowed to link to it, but it is an alternative to Bukkit (but it is based off it) that allows for server networks. Google "Spigot" or "BungeeCord". Enabling this option allows several servers to work with one table and allow for cross-messaging, tickets and teleportation.</p> <p>2. I'm not sure I understand. Is this even possible? If so, please point me towards documentation.</p> <p>edit: I completed the tooltips. However, I am unsure I like it. Normally a read command takes 0.40ms to 0.72ms, when using tooltips it took about 2.598ms to 10.047ms to display the same amount of information.</p> <p><strong>edit 2: I managed to shave off a good amount of the time it took to execute. It's now down to 1.5-2ms at most. Included tooltips as a configurable option.</strong></p> Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:59:02 +0000 (ProjectInfinity) Comment #679 <p>What exactly does the BungeeCord support do/how does it work?</p> <p><strong>Edit:</strong> Also, what about the ability to hover over a ticket to view the full text?</p> Sun, 27 Jul 2014 15:21:37 +0000 (chaseoes) Comment #678 <p><strong>A new development build of ReportRTS is available</strong> <br><br>ReportRTS #187<br><br>Changes:<br> - Send username as opposed to uuid to staff when a sign creates a ticket.<br><br><em>v0.3</em></p> Wed, 16 Jul 2014 14:11:53 +0000 (MonsieurJenkins) Comment #676 <p>If you wish to follow progress in regards to version 1.2.2, see this file!</p> <p><a href="">ReportRTS/</a></p> <p>So far:</p> <h1>Notes about ReportRTS version 1.2.2</h1> <ol> <li>New command system.<ul> <li>Allows for legacy-like command system by setting the legacy option to true in the configuration.<ul> <li>Legacy commands do not work from console.</li> <li>Tab completion does not work with legacy commands.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Most commands work from console.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Requests have been renamed to tickets.<ul> <li>Please regenerate your messages.yml file to reflect these new changes.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Some messages instructing users to type a specific command is now dynamic to reflect the new dynamic command system.<ul> <li>Please regenerate your messages.yml file to reflect these new changes.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Several bugs have been fixed.<ul> <li>Fixed the ancient "claimed by null" issue when assigning tickets or claiming tickets.</li> <li>Fixed incorrectly passed UUID to BungeeCord when it wanted a username instead.</li> <li>Fixed broken pagination when attempting to view held tickets.</li> <li>Fixed UUID being passed instead of username when a player attempted to open a ticket by placing a sign.</li> <li>Fixed a NullPointerException that would occur if a player attempted to teleport to a ticket that referenced world that did no longer exist on the server.</li> </ul> </li> </ol> Wed, 16 Jul 2014 13:38:53 +0000 (ProjectInfinity) Comment #674 <p><cite data-comment-id="2264433">@<a class="user user-author" href="" title="View text">ProjectInfinity</a>: <a class="go-link" href="" title="View text">Go</a></cite></p> <p>Okay <span class="emote emote-smile" title="Smile">:)</span></p> Sat, 12 Jul 2014 14:55:13 +0000 (TWSSYesterday) Comment #673 <p><cite data-comment-id="2264406">@<a class="user user-author" href="" title="View text">TWSSYesterday</a>: <a class="go-link" href="" title="View text">Go</a></cite></p> <p>This would require a larger rewrite. So not anytime soon.</p> Fri, 11 Jul 2014 20:27:16 +0000 (ProjectInfinity) Comment #672 <p>Hey there,</p> <p>Is there a way to add a GUI for this? So multiple departments, for example, bugs/general support/requires attention/only flags a certain group. If not, could this be added? <span class="emote emote-smile" title="Smile">:)</span></p> Fri, 11 Jul 2014 20:13:14 +0000 (TWSSYesterday) Comment #671 <p><cite data-comment-id="2262657">@<a class="user user-author" href="" title="View text">sync667</a>: <a class="go-link" href="" title="View text">Go</a></cite></p> <p>As long as you do not edit the database and expect the plugin to know what you've done, I'm happy.</p> <p>Sending commands is the best idea.</p> Fri, 11 Jul 2014 15:50:19 +0000 (ProjectInfinity) Comment #670 <p>I started making something near Web Panel for reports, but for now I don't have time to end this project. Small panel with login and checks for specific player (history etc.) its easy, harder to managing checks by users from panel. For that plugin need to have small API for requests received from web interface or cache checks when request is complete in DB, but not on server so it will fire methods like for done command or held etc..</p> Thu, 10 Jul 2014 14:39:39 +0000 (sync667) Comment #669 <p><cite data-comment-id="2262013">@<a class="user user-normal" href="" title="View text">mesome32</a>: <a class="go-link" href="" title="View text">Go</a></cite></p> <p>I won't be able to make a nice one :P I mean like on Ban Management.</p> Thu, 10 Jul 2014 03:47:14 +0000 (TWSSYesterday)