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Complex recipes made easy !


NOTE: I will refer to some .html files in here, those files can be found in your /plugins/RecipeManager/ folder after you load the plugin the first time. The html files will also be updated automatically on new versions.

  • Add new recipes:
    • Shaped or shapeless recipes with optionally multiple results
    • Furnace recipes with optional custom cook time and optional special fuel
    • Fuel recipes with custom burning time or even random time from specified range.
    • See 'basic recipes.html' for more info.
  • Making recipes more special with flags, featured flags:
    • @permission to limit a recipe (or result) to specific permission node(s)
    • @remove, @restrict and @override to remove/restrict/override existing recipes, including Minecraft recipes.
    • @ingredientcondition to make extra requirements from ingredients like enchantments, ranged data values, stack amounts, etc
    • @keepitem to keep an ingredient from using up and optionally damaging it in the process
    • @modmoney/@reqmoney and their experience and level counterparts to require/give/take money/exp/level from crafter
    • @cooldown to limit the usage of the recipe
    • And a lot more, see 'recipe flags.html' for all of them including documentation.
  • Flags can also be added to results to make them more special, some featured result flags:
    • @cloneingredient to clone an ingredient's features over to the result, like data value, amount, enchantments, etc
    • @itemname and @itemlore to edit a result's display name and description with colors
    • @potionitem and @fireworkitem to design your custom potions and fireworks
    • @getrecipebook to get a RecipeBook as result, ones generated by this plugin with recipes in them
    • And a lot more, see 'recipe flags.html' for all of them including documentation.
  • Flexible recipe files to add your recipes in:
    • You can use any kind of spacing and letter casing you want in recipe files, also supports comments
    • Design your file names and folder structure as you want in the 'recipes' folder
  • Auto-generated recipe books with high customization:
    • Pick which recipes to be added and to what volume
    • Re-arrange them as you like
    • Books that players have are automatically updated when edited by admin and reloaded
    • For more information see 'recipe books.yml' file.
  • Other features:
    • Local documentation files for ease, the .html files that will be generated the first time you run the plugin
    • Customizable settings, messages and item/data/enchant aliases in their respective YML files
    • Supports Vault for economy and permission groups
    • API for plugin developers, custom events and utility methods for most features
    • MCStats / Metrics:

Installing or updating

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin
  2. Place the RecipeManager.jar file in the plugins folder and start/restart the server
  3. Now the plugins/RecipeManager/ folder is created which contains configuration files (.yml) and documentation files (.html)

Using the plugin

  • Run the plugin at least once to allow the .html files to be generated, then start with 'basic recipes.html'.
  • Plugin settings can be configured in "plugins/RecipeManager/config.yml"
  • When you're done editing, type rmreload in server console to reload everything without a server restart.
  • Commands and permissions can be found in 'commands & permissions.html' file.

Tutorials, example recipes, tips and tricks

User-contributed resources in the Resources forum section.


In the jar file, auto-extracted when first ran to plugins/RecipeManager/changelog.txt and on GitHub.

Having problems, found bugs ?

If you have any issues or found some bugs, please create a ticket. But first you should check other tickets if the issue has already been reported. Also check the latest file's known caveats (under changelog) before posting a ticket.

Note: I don't support any previous versions other than the absolute latest, so if you used an older version, update and test again.

Source code

Source code is on github, feel free to look at it, improve on it and provide feedback: If you need, you can use code from my project but please provide credits to haveric and THDigi.

Support project

If you find RecipeManager useful and want to help support future development and faster updates, please donate:

Thanks for your support!

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  • Avatar of haveric haveric Jan 18, 2016 at 20:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @NghtShad: Go

    If you could create a ticket for this either on this site or github, I'll be able to follow up with this when I get a chance to look into it.

  • Avatar of NghtShad NghtShad Jan 18, 2016 at 16:29 UTC - 0 likes


    Is there any way to allow SMELT recipes to work with @individualresults. I would really like to be able to make my smelting setup work properly. As described previously I know that this does not work

    Chunk of Iron = Brick of Iron SMELT Iron Ingot @override iron_ore % 10


    @name Brick of Iron @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Chunk of Iron

    Silver Ore = Brick of Silver SMELT Silver Ingot @override iron_ore % 8


    @name Brick of Silver @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Silver Ore

    If individualresults could be used on SMELT recipes then I could do

    SMELT @individualresults @override iron_ore % 10


    @name Brick of Iron @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Chunk of Iron


    @name Brick of Silver @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Silver Ore

    And continue the list further down since I would like 5 - 6 differently names items using the iron_ore item.

  • Avatar of haveric haveric Jan 13, 2016 at 16:10 UTC - 0 likes

    @xH3LLRAIZ3Rx: Go

    I have a fix for this, but would like to test it some more and make sure all cases are working as they should before releasing it.

  • Avatar of xH3LLRAIZ3Rx xH3LLRAIZ3Rx Jan 08, 2016 at 04:53 UTC - 0 likes

    There seems to be a issue with Combine recipes where they use more than one of an item, for example:

    COMBINE Pipsqueak Cider Berry
    319 + apple
    = nether_warts:0:1
    @name &2Pipsqueak Cider Berry
    @ingredientcondition apple | amount 12

    The issue is when people have those items with the exact amount of apples then click the result to get the result item, the result item disappears

  • Avatar of Francis502 Francis502 Dec 18, 2015 at 14:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @NghtShad: Go

    Thank you! Since (you may have already noticed) english isnt my native language, I was having a hard time understanding the flags. That will suffice. Im sorry I cant help you with your problem.

    Last edited Dec 18, 2015 by Francis502
  • Avatar of NghtShad NghtShad Dec 17, 2015 at 19:30 UTC - 0 likes


    In your case you should be able to do

    stone + dirt
    = result 1
      @ingredientcondition stone | name "A" | failmsg false
    = result 2
      @ingredeintcondition stone | name "B" | failmsg false

    Note: you may not need the "failmsg false" bit

    Craft recipes allow for the @individualresults flag to be used but in my case Smelt recipes are single output recipes only so it cannot be used. If the craft recipes are the exact same not taking into account the @ingredientcondition name being different then yes the second one will not work because the first one is the one being accepted. I will have to do this same thing when it comes to making different types of swords.

    My problem is that since Smelt recipes are only capable of single results then how can I make the example I provided previously work when iron_ore could be one of 10+ item names, all with their own results?

    Last edited Dec 17, 2015 by NghtShad
  • Avatar of Francis502 Francis502 Dec 17, 2015 at 15:40 UTC - 0 likes

    @NghtShad: Go

    It also happens with crafts. If i put a crafting that requires a stone block called 'A' and a grass block, and then another one that requires a stone block called 'B' and ALSO the same grass block, only the first one will load. If I try to craft the second one it wont let me, saying that the block needs to be named "A".

    It removes a lot of flexibility.

    For example, I want some permits that let you use some plugins, so i make them that, when placed on a crafting table, the plugin will add the necesary permissions. I make two different paper items, one with the name "Permit 1: Use plugin X" and the other with the name "Permit 2: Use plugin Y".

    Well, when placing the permit 2, it tells me I need to call it "permit 1: use plugin x"

  • Avatar of NghtShad NghtShad Dec 16, 2015 at 16:05 UTC - 0 likes

    Also is there a way to add a name definition to a fuel type so that
    351:8 ; name Coal Powder will work as fuel and 351:8 will not?

  • Avatar of NghtShad NghtShad Dec 16, 2015 at 15:43 UTC - 0 likes

    When I make multiple smelt recipes with the same source block type only one of the smelt recipes work.

    //Chunk of Iron = Brick of Iron
    SMELT Iron Ingot
    iron_ore % 10
    = iron_ingot
    @name Brick of Iron
    @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Chunk of Iron

    //Silver Ore = Brick of Silver
    SMELT Silver Ingot
    iron_ore % 8
    = iron_ingot
    @name Brick of Silver
    @ingredientcondition iron_ore | name Silver Ore

    With these two together only the Silver Ore appears to work and the Chunk of Iron recipe does not. The Furnace just sits idle without any animation. I have been able to force it to start by first putting in cobble and then replacing the cobble with the iron_ore named Chunk of Iron but it completes with no result other then the words "(Furnace World: xxxxx) Chunk of Iron Needs Name: Silver Ore"

  • Avatar of KsenMih KsenMih Dec 12, 2015 at 23:13 UTC - 0 likes

    @nashoxx: Go

    Use the @permission flag in your recipe : @permission recipemanager.craft.FragileBowl


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