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The Predecessors

Showcase was abandoned. Chestshop needed a display, with signs whose order you could never remember. SCS has too many commands. I'm yet to find someone who uses essentials shops.

Don't get me wrong though, they're all awesome plugins each in a few ways.


So, I set out to write this. QuickShop. QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands. It allows players to purchase any number of items easily. In fact, this plugin doesn't even have any commands that a player would ever need!


  • Easy to use
  • Togglable Display Item on top of chest
  • NBT Data, Enchants, Tool Damage, Potion and Mob Egg support
  • Unlimited chest support
  • Blacklist support & bypass permissions
  • Shops that buy items and sell items at the same time are possible (Using double chests)
  • Herochat support
  • Checks a player can open a chest before letting them create a shop!

No longer accepting feature requests

For those people that hate reading, here's an awesome video from UltiByte:

A more up to date and informative video can be found here

Installation Guide:


How to Create a Shop

  1. Place a chest on the ground
  2. Hit the chest with the item you want to trade
  3. Type in price for the item (As prompted) in chat
  4. Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell


  1. Face the chest
  2. Type either /qs sell or /qs buy to make the shop buy/sell instead (Optional: use /shop instead of /qs)
  3. Stock the shop accordingly, if necessary.

How to Buy/Sell to a Shop

  1. Find a shop
  2. Hit / Left click the shop
  3. Enter the amount you wish to trade in chat

Menu Example: Menu

See it in action: http://maxgamer.org or play.maxgamer.org:25571 and /warp market!


  • /qs unlimited - Makes the shop you're looking at become unlimited.
  • /qs setowner <player> - Changes shop owner to <player>.
  • /qs buy - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that buys items
  • /qs sell - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that sells items
  • /qs price <price> - Change the price of your shop that you're looking at
  • /qs clean - Removes any existing shop that has 0 stock.
  • /qs find <item> - Use to find the nearest shop that begins with <item> - E.g. '/qs find dia' will find the nearest diamond shop.
  • /shop - Alias (Optional) of /qs

Player Nodes

  • quickshop.use - Required to use ANY quickshop
  • quickshop.create.sell - Required to make a QuickShop (At all)
  • quickshop.create.buy - Required to use /qs buy (Change the shop type from Sell -> Buy)
  • quickshop.create.double - Required to make doublechest shops.
  • quickshop.create.changeprice - Required to use /qs price (Ability to change the price of a shop without destroying it. This may allow for some scammers to quickly change the price while someone is buying.
  • quickshop.bypass.ItemID - Required to sell blacklisted items (E.g. bedrock)
  • quickshop.find - Required to use /qs find <item>

Admin Nodes

  • quickshop.unlimited - Required to use /quickshop unlimited
  • quickshop.setowner - Allows use of /qs setowner
  • quickshop.other.destroy - Allow breaking other peoples QuickShops if they're locked by this plugin
  • quickshop.other.open - Allow opening (And stealing/Stocking) other players QuickShops
  • quickshop.other.price - Allow changing price of other people's shops
  • quickshop.refill - Ability to refill chests using a command (=Unlimited items)
  • quickshop.empty - Ability to empty chests of all items
  • quickshop.clean - Permission to purge any shops that have 0 stock.

Source: Source on Github

Checkout the config over here.

Have Towny?

Try out this plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/quickshop-towny-interop/ to stop players creating shops outside of Towny shop plots!

Calculating Economy Prices

Vagrant326 has created an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to calculate prices for a market, if you're looking to set one up! It takes a few minutes to setup the basic material prices, and once done, will tell you the appropriate value for almost any material! http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-create-stable-prices-system-on-your-server/

Hi, I'm an 19 year old University student studying Software Engineering. I spend my time writing code that I receive practically no reward for other than people asking questions I've answered a hundred times before. I know server Admin's and Owners aren't the richest of people - But if you're feeling particularly generous, I always appreciate any amount for the time and patience I put into coding Bukkit plugins.

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    PM me on the bukkit forums!

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    @TheDreams: Go

    Bad mistake.

    And about that eta: I don't like deadlines, I do what I do when I want to do them.

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    @Timtower: Go

    I mean 1.7.9-1.7.10 sorry mate. haha

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    And where the hell did you got 1.9 from? That doesn't exist...

    And currently waiting for my tester, just gave him a new version.

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    Alright mate :D I use 1.9-1.10 How long until your going to be up, any clue?

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    @TheDreams: Go

    The status won't change either. When I have a working product then I will make a new page for this, I will maintain it from there.

    And older minecraft versions won't be supported, I believe 1.5 and below.

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    Ok, well since it is still marked as 'abandoned' I am unable to get support for it D:

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    @TheDreams: Go

    I am already taking it over. Working on the change to UUIDs at the moment.

    Don't know very much about the internals yet though.

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    @Timtower: Go

    Sorry mate haha, yeah my plugin support customer service will not help me with this config because it is 'abandoned', when will you be taking it over? My problem: Users can buy items when it clearly shows they are supposed to be worth $20,000. It simply does not charge them for anything, they can buy as many of any item they want(i made it unlimited shop). I am using vault as the eco.

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    For everybody that wants to pm me about questions about this: don't!

    You can talk to me here.

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