PvP 1vs1

Commands & Permissions

1vs1.*You have every 1vs1 permission
/1vs1 reload1vs1.reloadYou can reload the config
1vs1.defaultYou can join, leave, see info, join a random arena, see total and arena points, see all arenas and execute every top command (default: true)
/1vs1 join1vs1.joinYou can join an arena
/1vs1 leave1vs1.leaveYou can leave an arena
/1vs1 info1vs1.infoYou can see info about a arena
/1vs1 rJoin1vs1.randomJoinYou can join a random arena
/1vs1 duel1vs1.duelYou can duel another player in a random arena
/1vs1 duel1vs1.duel.arenaYou can duel another player in a specific arena
/1vs1 accept1vs1.acceptYou can accept a duel
1vs1.arena.*You can execute every arena command
/1vs1 arena [page]You can see the arena help pages
/1vs1 arena enable1vs1.arena.enableYou can enable an arena
/1vs1 arena disable1vs1.arena.disableYou can disable an arena
/1vs1 arena setspawn1/21vs1.arena.setspawn1/2You can set a spawn of an arena
/1vs1 arena list1vs1.arena.listYou can see every enabled and disabled arena
/1vs1 arena add1vs1.arena.addYou can add an arena
/1vs1 arena del/rem1vs1.arena.delYou can delete an arena
/1vs1 arena setInv1vs1.arena.setInvYou can set the inventory of an arena
/1vs1 arena setPrizes1vs1.arena.setPrizesYou can set the prizes of an arena
1vs1.top.*You can execute every top command
/1vs1 top ten1vs1.top.tenYou can see the best ten 1vs1 players
/1vs1 top arena1vs1.top.arenaYou can see the best ten of an arena
1vs1.points.*You can execute every points command
/1vs1 points total1vs1.points.totalYou can see your total points
/1vs1 points arena1vs1.points.arenaYou can see how many points you have in an arena
/1vs1 points player <arena>1vs1.otherPlayersYou can see how many points another player has
/1vs1 points player <arena> <player>1vs1.otherPlayers.arenaYou can see how many points another player has in an arena
1vs1.commandUseYou can use commands in the arena
1vs1.sign.createYou can create a 1vs1 sign
1vs1.itemDropYou can drop items in the arena
1vs1.itemPickUpYou can pick up items in the arena
1vs1.blockPlaceYou can place blocks in the arena
1vs1.blockBreakYou can break blocks in the arena
1vs1.teleportYou can teleport out of the arena

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  • Avatar of RexzyV2 RexzyV2 Oct 26, 2014 at 03:13 UTC - 0 likes

    How do i get it so after the match that no one is inside the arena anymore?

  • Avatar of VACTRUM VACTRUM Aug 08, 2014 at 11:57 UTC - 0 likes




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Jun 28, 2013
Last updated
Mar 19, 2014