Population Density


Automatically places new players where they can find wood, animals, ore, and space to build. Also priority-based login queue, reserved slots for admins, idle boot ONLY when nearly full, entity thinning for lag reduction, and optional limited teleportation. Never again will your players experience a marathon run, spawn room full of portals, or maze of abandoned builds. This is a zero maintenance solution for administrators, and players don't need to learn any commands!

"This is THE plugin for large servers." – Mumblerit of muttsworldmine.com

This video explains the region post system to new players.
See below for information on administrative features.

Feature Summary

  • Assigns starting points for new players so that they can ALWAYS find space to build and beginner resources nearby. Players may be spawned directly there, or you can tell them about a slash command which will take them there.
  • Respawns animals, regrows grass, and replants trees in the new player area to guarantee important new player resources.
  • Removes idle players ONLY when the server is nearly full.
  • Login queue to ensure fairness when your server is full, can prioritize some players over others if you like.
  • Reserved slots for administrators.
  • Optional teleportation posts which help players socialize and trade, but aren't abuse-able to escape combat or save a lost or hungry player.
  • "Thins" extremely-dense crowds of monsters and animals, preventing ridiculous levels of farming or monster grinding from lagging your server.


Server owners often underestimate the badness in starting a player in a crowded area. Sure seeing builds makes your server look legitimate, but having to explore a long time just to find space to build and beginner resources is a major turn off for players who want to start playing right away. Even when players do find a place to start playing, they're often alone because other new players wandered into different areas.

PopulationDensity is the low-maintenance, easy-for-players answer to all these problems.

It works by automatically locating a region with lots of wood and ore, and then dropping new players in that region until they collect most of the easily accessible ore, cut down most of the trees, or crowd it with builds. Then PopulationDensity finds a new resource-wealthy region for future newbies and starts dropping new players there. If you have a great spawn area built up, you can instead spawn players there, and later tell them to use /HomeRegion when they're ready to start adventuring (or another command you define in commands.yml).

Additionally, optional teleportation commands help players move around quickly to admire builds and socialize while not compromising the game's integrity - players can only teleport from automatically-placed teleportation posts, so teleportation can't be used as an "easy-out" for players who mine or adventure themselves into trouble. That way, players keep the challenge of single player without the "players are too far apart" multiplayer issue.

Finally, if you have a "my server is always full" problem, then congratulations on your successful server! :) With PopulationDensity, you may optionally boot players who are idling so more players can log in and have fun, increasing your feel-good factor (or fattening your wallet, for some). when the server IS full, a login queue guarantees fairness, and administrative slots are set aside to guarantee administrators can always get in.

You can also assign players a queue priority to help them get on the server faster during peak times, to reward them for contributing to the server monetarily or through your community.

Official Servers

You can experience this plugin for yourself (as a player) by joining this public server. :) I maintain this server personally, which helps me catch bugs and spot opportunities for new features and improvements. Have fun!

Setup and Configuration

Command Reference

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My plugins solve Vanilla problems in ways which minimize impact on servers, administrators, and players, so everybody can enjoy Minecraft without having to learn to play the game in a new way or spend more time administrating than playing. My goals are effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency. If you like this plugin, check out more of my work:

  • Grief Prevention
    • Prevents ALL types of grief, cheaply.
    • Easy for players and admins, mostly automatic.
    • Players claim land to prevent theft and house wrecking.
    • Automatically warn, mute, and kick or ban spammers.
    • Blocks dumping lava and setting fire on another player in non-PvP servers.
    • Disable fire damage, spread, or both.
    • Wipe away ugly builds with a right-click - no database required!
    • Automatically prevents spawn camping in PvP servers.
    • Prevent damage to the surface by limiting lava and water placement, and TnT damage.
    • Automatically clean up hanging tree tops.
    • Includes a creative mode for creative worlds.
    • Optional siege mode for build-based PvP.
  • Anti-XRay
    • Limits how quickly players can mine valuables, based on their play time / values mined ratio.
    • Keeps your valuables in the ground, so non-cheating players can find them (unlike ore loggers).
    • Practically free to run, unlike the tremendously expensive Orebfuscator.
    • Most legit players won't notice, but xrayers will ragequit and move on.


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  • Avatar of technowix technowix Jan 27, 2015 at 10:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary: Go

    Fantastic <3 !

    Waiting for localisation =w= ! I can make some vid's for french dudes if you want :D

  • Avatar of bigscary bigscary Jan 26, 2015 at 23:36 UTC - 0 likes

    4.6 Updates

    • Reworked anti-lag feature.

    Here's how it works.

    If your server dips to 19 of possible 20 ticks per second or lower, PD considers that "lag" and immediately disables spawning in monster grinders and starts booting idle players regardless of how many player slots are available. If these measures don't solve the problem in a few minutes OR the problem gets much worse, PD searches out clusters of monsters, animals, and starts slowly removing them. When the lag problem is fixed, PD stops removing entities, turns grinders back on, and lets players idle (assuming slots are available).

    Because players love their animals and hate to see them vanish, PD removes them very conservatively:

    1. Villagers are never removed.
    2. Pets (horses, cats, dogs) are never removed.
    3. Anything with a nameplate (even a monster) will never be removed.
    4. PD will never remove an animal when less than 5 of that animal type are in the chunk, to allow for repopulation through breeding.
    5. When an animal is removed, its drops will fall to give any nearby players a chance to grab them.
    6. Animals are removed democratically - equal amounts are removed from each chunk having animals to spare.
    7. PD removes only enough animals to solve the lag problem and no more.

    @technowix: Go

    Nope, super fast - besides if it were slow but pushed the overall performance of your server up, that's would be a win anyway.

    Last edited Jan 26, 2015 by bigscary
  • Avatar of technowix technowix Jan 26, 2015 at 10:48 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary: Go

    Really good ideas ! If all of these fancyness is done "async" of the server :'D all of these calculation are a bit huge for a server nope ?

    Last edited Jan 26, 2015 by technowix
  • Avatar of bigscary bigscary Jan 23, 2015 at 17:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Just a quick update - I've been actively working on the lag fixer feature this week. My initial attempt didn't get me the results I wanted, so I'm doing some more research into the causes of lag and will consider solutions for what I discover. :)

    What I can tell you to expect so far:

    PD will measure lag continuously, and once per minute it will decide which, if any, lag reduction strategies should be applied. First, it will start booting idle players when the server is lagging even when there are open player slots. This allows chunks to be unloaded to save lots of CPU time and some RAM, without negatively impacting active players. Second, it will stop monsters from spawning in most monster grinders for as long as lag persists.

    And third, if the other measures don't fix the lag problem, PD will actively search out large clusters of entities (monsters, animals, items, exp orbs, etc) and remove a portion. Because they represent a major investment, villagers, tamed animals, and any entities with custom name tags will never be removed. And animals will never be reduced to the extent that there aren't enough left to breed more (and when they're removed, their normal item drops will appear for possible collection).

    I would love to hear your feedback on these ideas, if you have any to share. :)

  • Avatar of disciple218 disciple218 Jan 21, 2015 at 23:35 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary: Go

    That's exactly what it was, thanks!

  • Avatar of Master_W99 Master_W99 Jan 21, 2015 at 20:05 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary: Go

    Okay, thank you. I will just put my spawn and other public areas on a separate map.

  • Avatar of bigscary bigscary Jan 21, 2015 at 19:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @disciple218: Go

    How much ram do you give that server? If it doesn't have enough to load a 400x400 block area, then PD won't be able to scan for resources. That's not asking a lot - I think probably you haven't given your server the recommended minimum RAM.

    @Master_W99: Go

    No, it will place region posts every 400 blocks no matter what is there. I understand your concern about the spawn and wish I could design a better solution there, but for player land claims - imaging trying to find a 400x400 area without a land claim. By the time PD finds one, it might have skipped over many resource-rich areas and that would be wasteful.

    About world border, there must not be enough resources within the border. Remember PD doesn't count resources that players would have to tunnel through solid rock to get. If you can't walk from the surface to the resource and get it without breaking blocks out of the way first, PD ignores it. You could try twiddling the config settings to reduce the amount of resources PD wants to find before setting on a region.

    Last edited Jan 23, 2015 by bigscary
  • Avatar of Master_W99 Master_W99 Jan 21, 2015 at 03:40 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary Does this support WorldGuard and GriefPrevention? I don't want regions being placed at spawn or other WorldGuard areas, nor in the middle of a players claim.

    Also, it doesn't seem to support the vanilla 1.8 worldborder. I tested it out and it makes new regions outside of the border. (Yes, there are resources within the border.)

    Last edited Jan 21, 2015 by Master_W99
  • Avatar of technowix technowix Jan 19, 2015 at 14:04 UTC - 0 likes

    @bigscary: Go

    Yaaaaay, big hearth to you <3 !

  • Avatar of disciple218 disciple218 Jan 17, 2015 at 19:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for your continued support on this great plugin!

    I'm in the process of upgrading my server to MC 1.8, and I'm having an OutOfMemoryError issue with PD during server startup: http://pastie.org/9837267

    I also have a heap dump that I could Dropbox you if that would help.


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