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API zachbora zachbora May 05, 2014
API What can be expected? The API is still in the works, but expect the following : Events (You can see some of them up to now here ) You can suggest me more if you need them 1 function call to change something instead of 2-3 plot.stuff instead of using the PlotManager class. Exemple : plot.clear()
Changelog th3controller zachbora May 04, 2014
Version History Version 0.13f Fixes Nullpointerexception on player login Nullpointerexception when looking at a plot information on a currency plot world Version 0.13de Fixes Made SqlManager.addPlotComment() also accept the same arguments as the previous plotme version. Version 0.13c Additions Updated to use UUIDs on Owner, Current Bidder, Allowed players, Denied players and commenters On first start, server will fetch the UUID of every player in the database. This is made in an asynchronous...
Commands dragondeatth dragondeatth Feb 13, 2013
Normal Commands /plotme claimClaim the plot your standing on /plotme autoClaim the next free plot /plotme home[:#]Brings you to your plot. :# if multiple plots. Examples: /plotme home will take you to your first plot. /plotme home:2 will take you to your second plot. /plotme listLists your plots /plotme infoDisplays info on the plot your standing on (The plot ID, owner, biome, expiration date, finished, helpers). /plotme comment <text>Leave a comment on the plot your currently standing on....
Configuration th3controller zachbora May 29, 2013
Configuration PlotMe comes with following default configurations: worlds: plotworld: PlotAutoLimit: 100 PathWidth: 7 PlotSize: 32 BottomBlockId: '7' WallBlockId: '44' PlotFloorBlockId: '2' PlotFillingBlockId: '3' RoadMainBlockId: '5' RoadStripeBlockId: '5:2' RoadHeight: 64 DaysToExpiration: 7 ProtectedBlocks: - 54 - 61 - 62 - 120 - 94 - 93 - 84 - 25 - 355 - 118 - 117 - 138 - 140 - 145 PreventedItems: - '351:15' - '259' - '328' - '343' - '342' - '333' ProtectedWallBlockId: '44:4'...
DynMap Addon dragondeatth dragondeatth Jan 23, 2013
You can find DynmapPlotMe here. It will who owns which plots and the helpers of the plots on your DynMap. Example:
FAQ zachbora zachbora Jul 11, 2013
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) The plots are messed up / ends generating plots Put this at the end of your bukkit.yml (replace "plotworld" with the name of your world) : worlds: plotworld: generator: PlotMe Can you add VoxelSniper support? No, WorldEdit contains what we call Global masks which is basically a region that you define as the only editable area. There is no known ways to do that in VoxelSniper. If you know a way, please get in contact with us and we'll implement it. The...
Installation th3controller zachbora Sep 06, 2014
Installation Video tutorial by Samkio and Torrent from WoopaGaming : One you have placed PlotMe.jar in your plugins directory, start your server with any map. This will then create a configuration file located in "/plugins/PlotMe" folder. Open the file config.yml with a text editor (such as Notepad++) and change the default settings to your liking(see the configuration section below for more information). To load the changes in config.yml, run /plotme reload to load the changes then proceed...
Localization dragondeatth zachbora Aug 20, 2014
PlotMe is looking for contributions for localization. In version 0.11, PlotMe added localization, allowing people to use PlotMe in their local language in the form of a caption-english.yml file. Please send your translated file to [email protected], it will be added to a language page along with the name of the author. The only requirement is a BukkitDev profile so people will be able to contact you if there are issues with the translation. The following files are .yml.txt, just...
Main zachbora MB29GFX Nov 17, 2014
logo by xDizasterCYx IMPROVE PLOTME! TAKE OUR SURVEY!!! FOR FUTURE PLOTME SUPPORT, UPDATE TO JAVA 8 Introduction PlotMe is a multi-world plot management plugin. Each plot world has its own configurations. Each plot is also protected and only the owner can build on it. The roads surrounding the plots are protected from griefing. DynMap world example News 2014-11-17 We are no longer able to provide support for servers running PlotMe versions older than 0.13e We apologize for any inconvenience...
Metrics dragondeatth dragondeatth Jan 23, 2013
Since v0.3, PlotMe is now using Metrics by Hidendra. This sends unanonymous data to every half an hour, regarding the plugin version and number of plots. This is harmless, but if you ever feel the need, it can be disabled in folder plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. Just change the opt-out to true.
Permissions th3controller dragondeatth Feb 13, 2013
Basic Permissions There are 2 main permissions. You can either give those or give specific sub-permissions. PermissionCommand plotme.useGives the player all permissions listed below. Very basic commands that a player can have without harming the server. If you do not give your players this permission, you need to give them plotme.limit.1 plotme.adminGives the player admin privileges. These are permission nodes that you only want to give to HIGHLY trusted ranks, such as administrators in your...
Recruiting dragondeatth zachbora Apr 30, 2014
PlotMe is recruiting for various positions. Please note that there is no salary unless we get donations. Helpers will have their name written on the PlotMe page under Authors. Documentation Maintainer Job consists on updating the BukkitDev pages with the new features from updates. Applicant needs to have knowledge of WikiCreole or willing to learn by himself. A good knowledge of English is required. To apply, send me an email to [email protected], with a short text about you and...
Requirements dragondeatth dragondeatth May 27, 2013
Requirements to run PlotMe are CraftBukkit and a permissions plugin that supports SuperPermissions (PEX, PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions etc.). If you're going to host multiple worlds or if you are adding a new world, it's suggested to install a world management plugin such as Multiverse-Core or MultiWorld.
Survey answers zachbora zachbora Apr 30, 2014
Survey Results These are the results from a survey that spanned from 23/02/2013 to 30/04/2013 and contains 2,180 participants. 1. Do you own a server? 67.2% (1464) : Yes, 1 24.4% (531) : Yes, more than one 8.5% (185) : No 2. On the server you own or play on, how many players play on average during peak times? (If you own or play multiple servers, answer with the most populated one) 50.4% (1098) : 0-20 19.6% (427) : 21-50 10.8% (236) : 51-100 6.6% (143) : 101-200 4.7% (102) : 201-500 8.0%...
Usage dragondeatth dragondeatth May 27, 2013
Once your server is configured and everything is ready and after you've setup the permissions, the rest is very easy. All that needs to be done is for a user to come up to a plot and type /plotme claim, or from anywhere inside the plot world use /plotme auto, and a plot will automatically be assigned to the person. A claimed plot gets a sign in the corner that displays the plot ID along with the owner of the plot. This sign will disappear if the plot is reset. The owner of the plot can now...
WorldEdit Usage dragondeatth zachbora May 27, 2013
You can safely give your users WorldEdit commands without worrying about them modifying other people's plots. PlotMe uses the //gmask function within WorldEdit to restrict the blocks they can change. Only plots which the player is owner or helper on can be modified by WorldEdit. Your admins can use /plotme weanywhere, to remove the restriction for themselves temporarily to modify roads for example.
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