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Ever PVP someone and get no good loot? Feel like you deserve a trophy for your victory? Then PlayerHeads is right for you! You can now lop off enemies heads in battle, and mount it on a pole for all to fear. Or wear your opponent's face as a mask, like camouflage!


Place PlayerHeads.jar in your plugins folder, on server start the configuration will be generated.
If you can't be bothered to read the rest of this page, then just watch this video by Awesome_Soul:

Portuguese video:
German video:

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pkonlytrue[true/false]When true trophies only drop when a player kills another player (as opposed to self drowning, etc)
droprate0.05[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a trophy will drop when a player dies (1 is 100%, 0 is never)
lootingrate0.2[0.0 -> 1.0]Increases all droprates by lootingrate percent per looting level when a enchanted weapon is used
mobpkonlytrue[true/false]When true mob trophies only drop when a player kills the mob (as opposed to a lava blade or fall death)
creeperdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a creeper dies
zombiedroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a zombie dies
skeletondroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a skeleton dies
witherdroprate0.025[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a wither skeleton dies
spiderdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a spider dies
endermandroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when an enderman dies
blazedroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a blaze dies
horsedroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a horse dies
squiddroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a squid dies
silverfishdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a silverfish dies
enderdragondroprate0.05[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when an ender dragon dies
slimedroprate0.001[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a slime dies
irongolemdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when an iron golem dies
mushroomcowdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a mushroom cow dies
batdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a bat dies
pigzombiedroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a pig zombie dies
snowmandroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a snowman dies
ghastdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a ghast dies
pigdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a pig dies
villagerdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a villager dies
sheepdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a sheep dies
cowdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a cow dies
chickendroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a chicken dies
ocelotdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when an ocelot dies
witchdroprate0.005[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a witch dies
magmacubedroprate0.001[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a magma cube dies
wolfdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a wolf dies
cavespiderdroprate0.002[0.0 -> 1.0]Chance that a mob trophy will drop when a cave spider dies
fixcasetrue[true/false]When spawning/renaming heads, will attempt to make the input case insensitive
updatechecktrue[true/false]Checks for update on startup and messages admins a link to download the next version
broadcasttrue[true/false]Sends a global message when someone gets beheaded
broadcastrange0[positive int]Radial distance in meters in which other players will hear the broadcast message (0 is unlimited)
antideathchestfalse[true/false]Do not allow other plugins to fiddle with dropping player heads, makes certain they drop on the ground
dropboringplayerheadsfalse[true/false]Drop plain heads when a player dies, instead of the player's head


/PlayerHeads (alias /ph)
/ph config <set/get/reload> [variable] [value] — adjust config values in-game, or reload changes from disk
/ph spawn [headname] [playername] [amount] — spawn your own head, or one of any other headname, or a mob head with #mobname, optionally for another player
/ph rename [headname] — renames the head you're holding

All commands default to OP, but also have permissions.


playerheads.config.getopread-only access to configs
playerheads.config.setopcan edit configs or reload from disk
playerheads.spawnopcan spawn any playername head for self
playerheads.spawn.ownopcan spawn only your own head for self
playerheads.spawn.forotheropcan spawn any playername head into someone elses inventory
playerheads.renameopcan rename head in hand
playerheads.canbeheadtruecan lop of someone elses head
playerheads.canloseheadtruecan have his head lopped off
playerheads.canbeheadmobtruecan remove heads from mobs
playerheads.updateopwhen update available, can view notice and manually update
playerheads.alwaysbeheadfalseIgnore drop rate for player heads and drop 100% of the time
playerheads.alwaysbeheadmobfalseIgnore drop rate for mob heads and drop 100% of the time
playerheads.clickinfofalseWhen a player head is clicked the player name will be displayed


  • Join us on irc at: irc://
  • If you want more mobs supported send me 1 MC giftcode per mob type, or transfer an old/unused account to me.
  • PlayerHeads is now translatable! Edit "" to whatever phrases you desire.
  • lang files will change between releases, when updating be sure to delete the old file if you haven't edited it.
  • If you've given people the * permission node, they will get 100% drop rates. If you don't want this to happen, also give them the negative nodes: -playerheads.alwaysbehead and -playerheads.alwaysbeheadmob
  • If you want to disable head drops in a specific world, use your permission plugin to add the following negative nodes for that specific world: -playerheads.canbehead and -playerheads.canbeheadmob
  • Spawn mob heads with the following names: #creeper #zombie #skeleton #wither #spider #enderman #blaze #horse #squid #silverfish #enderdragon #slime #irongolem #mushroomcow #bat #pigzombie #snowman #ghast #pig #villager #sheep #cow #chicken #ocelot #witch #magmacube #wolf #cavespider

TODO / Known bugs

  • Renamed heads (with an anvil) don't stay renamed after placing and mining them.
  • If custom mob heads get destroyed from flowing water they will temporarily loose their custom display title.
  • "lang_[language]_[country]_[variant].properties" don't seem to work, for now just use the file name ""

Dev Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


I've included the .java files inside every jar download, or access it via github:


  • Changed clickinfo from a config option to a permission
  • Ignore cancelled skull click events
  • Compiling against Spigot now (build 1649 patched with 20141001a)
  • Updated custom mob head: wolf
  • Fixed updater
  • Updated custom mob heads: ghast, sheep (Thanks Marc Watson)
  • Fixed spawn command to check for the correct permission when you type your own playername in.
  • Updated to Updater 2.0
  • Updated custom mob head: silverfish (Thanks XlexerX)




MCStats Plugin Metrics for Player Heads
Jacekk Download Stats for Player Heads

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  • Avatar of mat41997 mat41997 Nov 22, 2015 at 02:04 UTC - 0 likes


    [02:41:50] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to PlayerHeads v3.10-SNAPSHOT-jenkins-PlayerHeads-1-61-g39b94b4
    	at$1.execute( ~[server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent( ~[server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.fireEvent( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_8_R3.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_8_R3.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.PlayerInteractManager.a( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.PlayerConnection.a( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.PacketPlayInBlockDig.a(SourceFile:40) [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.PacketPlayInBlockDig.a(SourceFile:10) [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.PlayerConnectionUtils$ [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source) [?:1.8.0_66]
    	at Source) [?:1.8.0_66]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.SystemUtils.a(SourceFile:44) [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.MinecraftServer.B( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.DedicatedServer.B( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at net.minecraft.server.v1_8_R3.MinecraftServer.A( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	at Source) [?:1.8.0_66]
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    	at java.lang.String.replace(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_66]
    	at org.shininet.bukkit.playerheads.Tools.format( ~[?:?]
    	at org.shininet.bukkit.playerheads.Tools.formatMsg( ~[?:?]
    	at org.shininet.bukkit.playerheads.PlayerHeadsListener.onPlayerInteract( ~[?:?]
    	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) ~[?:1.8.0_66]
    	at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_66]
    	at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_66]
    	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_66]
    	at$1.execute( ~[server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-0d986bb-18fbb24]
    	... 18 more

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  • Avatar of DarkFoxDie DarkFoxDie Nov 10, 2015 at 22:37 UTC - 0 likes

    Rabbit head mob drop, skin changed.

    Last edited Nov 10, 2015 by DarkFoxDie
  • Avatar of Mr_Simba Mr_Simba Oct 19, 2015 at 21:37 UTC - 0 likes

    For everyone having issues: I'm using PlayerHeads seemingly flawlessly on my 1.8.8 Spigot server with PlayerHeads 3.10 (the most updated one here on BukkitDev). The rest of you that are saying you're having issues all specify you're on other sub-1.8 versions (1.8.3 - 1.8.7). It seems that the problem with this plugin is, as fuzzybat23 said below, something that was wrong with Craftbukkit/Spigot in those versions. 1.8.8 works completely fine, I've been running it on my server since I updated 1.8.8 over a week ago and there's been no issues with crashes/kicks/heads reverting, and heads are still dropping.

    Last edited Oct 19, 2015 by Mr_Simba

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  • Avatar of Kervinou Kervinou Sep 14, 2015 at 22:39 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi !

    We have a strange issue !
    head of players are not dropped

    i have the lastest build with lastest 1.8.7 spigot

    if you have an idea ?!

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  • Avatar of rangewonk rangewonk Sep 05, 2015 at 17:08 UTC - 0 likes

    placed skulls are not updating to new skins / name changes?

  • Avatar of TheBlueKing TheBlueKing Aug 25, 2015 at 07:49 UTC - 0 likes

    does looting enchantment work?

  • Avatar of Adriman32 Adriman32 Aug 16, 2015 at 21:41 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm running Spigot 1.8.6. Whenever I try to give myself a player head or a mob head, it appears as Steve. The only heads that work are skeleton heads, either heads, and zombie heads. Everything else is just the default skin.

  • Avatar of AdamTragedy AdamTragedy Aug 16, 2015 at 13:53 UTC - 0 likes

    My problem is that even after my players had all their custom heads, mobs and players alike, already placed around their homes as decoration, etc.....half of them have just turned to either a black skull that says NULL or a steve/alex head.

  • Avatar of fuzzybat23 fuzzybat23 Aug 01, 2015 at 20:00 UTC - 0 likes

    The problem with heads spawning as Alex or Steve isn't a bug with Playerheads, but with Bukkit itself. I just spent an hour testing it and got the exact same results. If your active inventory slots have an empty slot, you'll get the right head, but if your active inventory is filled, then you get a Steve or Alex head. This happens for either playerheads when you kill a mob or with the /give name skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"MHF_mob"} command. This also happens if you kill la mob and a hopper snatches up the head. You can see it's the right head just before it gets sucked in, but when you check the chest, you get an Alex or Steve instead. I recreated this test using the /give command only on a server without playerheads loaded, same results. Then I loaded up a 1.8.8 stock server and used /give again. This time I got the correct head even if my active inventory slots were all filled with an item.

    Note: Also, while the skull, for most skulls, look like an Alex or Steve in inventory, and when you wear them, if you place them then you get the correct skull. However, if you break the skull, for some you get the Alex or Steve. For others you get the correct skull. This is definitely a bug within Bukkit itself.

    Last edited Aug 01, 2015 by fuzzybat23
  • Avatar of A1BaTrOsUl A1BaTrOsUl Aug 01, 2015 at 08:33 UTC - 1 like

    For some reason if i spawn someones head it creates long periods of low fps in the server.


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