When opening a Gym


Updating from v1.9 - v1.11 changes the plugin name from PixelGym to PixelmonGym, therefore creating a new folder with the default config in as the active one. Simply copy the contents of your PixelGym>Config.yml file to PixelmonGym>Config.yml and all will be good.


What is this plugin?

This plugin enables you to set Gym Leaders on your server that are given a certain node to notify other players when the Certain Gym types are Open/Closed or on Hold. It also enables Challenger's of the Gym to find out which gym leaders are online and what gym they are leader of.

I coded this plugin to be as customisable and helpful for gym challengers as possible. Using the /gym list, Gym Challengers can Easily see what gym's are open and what the level cap of that gym is so they are not asking for ages in chat whilst the Gym leaders are busy. The plugin also enables Gym Challengers to know exactly which gym leaders are online so they know who to contact. This plugin stops your server Trainers getting pissed off with not knowing wether the gym is open or not. If they don't see the chat, not a problem... The Scoreboard makes it so challengers can see the open gym's to the right of there screen, useful for if they join the game after a broadcast or don't know any of the /gym commands. If they don't want the scoreboard there, also fine.. They can do /gym scoreboard to toggle it! The plugin is heavily designed to stop unwanted chat spam of People saying "Is a rock gym leader online? Can he open the gym please???!" Trust me, I have herd it all.

Not only does the plugin make everybody happy, it is crazy customisable. You can change almost everything you need, with a few minor flaws. You can customise the Broadcast Prefix from the default "[PixelmonGym]" to anything you want. You can change names of all the 8 Gyms, change the colour of the broadcast message for each gym using colour codes, add 5 Gym rules per gym in the config, Set the level cap for the each gym and if that is not enough, then now you can close all gym's with one command. Not to mention Gym leader Join messages! Check down below for more details!

If this has not put you off getting my plugin then great!! All feedback is wanted and don't forget to answer the polls at the side! For future developments.

Also the plugin is currently 1.6.4 because Pixelmon is only on 1.6.4. When Pixelmon updates to 1.7.X i will update the plugin also.

Optional Dependancies!! - Updating from v1.9 - v1.11 includes a feature for the Pixelmon Mod, it is not needed but works well with it (Gym leaders healing there pokemon only)!!

Thanks for reaching 2,000 Downloads!! Its a big achievement for my first plugin!!


  • All Gym Leaders can broadcast when there Gym is Open/Closed
  • Gym Leaders have Unique Gyms that they are set to Open/Close and put on Hold
  • All Gym Leaders have Specific Permission Nodes
  • Challengers can see what Gym Leaders are on right now, and what Gym they are Leader of with one command.
  • Challengers can also see all Gyms that are Open/Closed with one command
  • Multi-Type Gym Leader support
  • Configurable Broadcast message Prefix
  • Configurable Gym Names
  • Changeable Per Gym Broadcast colours
  • Configurable 5 Rules Per Gym that are sent to the player doing /gym rules <gym#>
  • When gym leaders Log in, everyone get's notified what gym they are leader of and what there IGN is. (v1.8.1) ("[PixelmonGym] A Rock Gym Leader has come online! (player)")
  • All Open Gyms get put in the gym scoreboard on the right hand of the screen
  • Ability to close all Gym's with one command
  • All Player Join Messages "[PixelmonGym] <Player> Joined the game"
  • Ability to enable & disable any gym
  • Supports up to 32 Gym's
  • Ability for gym leaders to heal their pixlemon.


v1.8.1 Configuration:

To see a quick Guide on the Config, go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pixelmongym/pages/configuration/


  • /gym - Shows all the available Commands.
  • /gym open <gym#> - Opens the chosen Gym (Changes to /gym open <gym#> in v1.4)
  • /gym list - Lists all the current Gyms, and which of them are Open/Closed
  • /gym close <gym#> - Closes the choses Gym (Changes to /gym close <gym#> in v1.4)
  • /gym closeall - Closes all Gym's
  • /gym leaders - Lists all the current online Gym Leaders and what Gym they are Leader of
  • /gym heal - Heals the gym leaders pixelmon
  • /gym reload - Reloads Config
  • /gym rules <gym#> - Lists 5 rules of the chosen Gym.
  • /gym scoreboard - Toggle's the scoreboard for each player


How the Permissions work: (v1.4 and Above)

All Gym leaders must have 'pixelgym.leader' to open gym's However they cant open any gym without a 'pixelgym.gym#' node. In v1.4 the permissions change from 'pixelgym.rock', 'pixelgym.water' to 'pixelgym.gym1', 'pixelgym.gym2', ect... So it is vital you set the names in the Config that you want. The default gym's that were the v 1.3 permission nodes are now just the default gym types in the config that you can easily change. The plugin is highly dependent on the config. All gym names are set in the config, gym rules and broadcast colours. So whatever you have: gym1: 'GymType' Set to, will show in game if they have the permission node 'pixelgym.gym1' Make sure you read the config here:

Permission Nodes: (v1.4 and Above)

  • - pixelgym.leader - Sets a player to a Gym Leader therefore enabling /gym <open/close> <gym> & Enables them to heal there own pokemon.
  • - pixelgym.reload - Allows the usage of /gym reload
  • - pixelgym.gym1 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym1 gym leader (In broadcasts and chat, whatever gym name is set for gym1 in the config, they are the leader of)
  • - pixelgym.gym2 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym2 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym3 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym3 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym4 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym4 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym5 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym5 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym6 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym6 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym7 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym7 gym leader.
  • - pixelgym.gym8 - Sets the Gym Leader to a gym8 gym leader
  • Ect.. (up to - pixelgym.gym32)
  • - pixelgym.admin - Gives access to /gym closeall and future admin commands




As you can see above, the command the Ground Gym is Yellow because it is what fits Yellow the best. ^ Fire is Red, Water is Blue, Ect... All Gym Opening Broadcasts have 'Open' in green, 'Close' in red and 'Hold' in Gold.


The Gym's are either Open, Closed or On Hold. Defaults to Closed. ^


Gym Leaders are displayed with there corresponding Colour codes at default for ease of reading. However you can change them to anything ^


The /gym. ^


Gym Leader Joining the server ^

Video Tutorial's

V1.9 (Latest Verson)

V1.3/1.4 (Outdated)

Change Log

v1.3 (PixelGym21CTest.jar):

  • Finished Adding gyms default to closed. (was null)
  • Gyms when changed in Config now also show in /gym list (Before they stayed the same)
  • Gym names get changed in /gym leaders to what you have it set as in the config
  • Customisable colour broadcasts (per gym)

v1.4 (PixelGymv1.4.2.jar):

  • New Command/Permision Node System (from /gym open rock - /gym open gym1) (from pixelgym.rock - pixelgym.gym1)
  • Added new command: /gym rules <gym#> to display 5 configurable Gym rules per gym.
  • Fixed /gym leaders adding all gym leaders to Multi-Type

v1.6.6 (PixelGymv1.6.6.jar):

  • Added /gym closeall to close all gym's
  • Added User join messages + Gym Leader Join messages
  • Added Scoreboard displaying all Open Gym's.

v1.8.1 (PixelGymv1.8.1.jar):

  • Added /gym closeall to close all gym's
  • Added User join messages + Gym Leader Join messages
  • Removed Scoreboard displaying all Open Gym's.
  • Removed /gym scoreboard to toggle score board

v1.8.5 (PixelGymv1.8.5.jar):

  • Fixed a typo in Player join messages, so much that I have removed player join messages... Now just Leader join messages
  • Added back ScoreBoard Feature.
  • Added back /gym scoreboard
  • Added level cap defined in Config showing next to gym names in /gym list

v1.9 (PixelGym1.9.jar):

  • Added support of up to 32 Gym's.
  • Removed Badges from Config
  • Removed /gym hold <gym#>
  • Added Enabling and De-enabling Gym's

v1.10 (Pixelgym.1.20.jar):

  • Added ability to heal pixelmon (from the mod) Pixelmon is not needed, however the plugin is designed for the mod. It now includes a feature to support the mod but the rest works without it. And 99% if not 100% of downloads for this plugin are for Pixelmon Modded Servers using MCPC+.

Known Problems

  • Only up to 15 Gym's can be displayed on the Scoreboard at once. ( I can not help this, this is Mojang's problem) :P

No Solution

  • Op's showing as a gym leader


If a player is OP. Then they have all permission nodes on the server, meaning they have all permission nodes for this plugin and will then show up as the first gym leader. So all op's get the "A <Gym Name> Leader as come online (player)" unless you give them a negative node in your permissions system.

For GroupManager it is:

- - pixelgym.gym1

- - pixelgym.gym2


What i plan to add in the future

  • Custom Broadcast messages

If you have any feedback please let me know in the comments!

Feature Server's!

If you want your server here, let me know! (Must have the plugin actively being used)

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  • Avatar of kayc01 kayc01 Jul 21, 2014 at 19:51 UTC - 0 likes

    @theory18: Go

    Reversing the order, no.. It should be in the correct order to begin with, but i can defo change that around if it is not.

    Also, the 2nd thing could be caused by changing the config, reloading and then the scoreboard not updating. Everything else should work. But minecraft requires you to restart the server to change Scoreboard variables (Colour & gym name).

    So, it will appear as it is open.. but if you do /gym list It should show it as closed.

    My Plugins:
    PixelGym: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pixelmongym/
    - Pixelmon Gym Broadcast messages when a gym is Open/Closed.
    - Check what Gym leaders are online and what Gym they are leader of.

    - MCProHosting Staff
    - Former Pixelmon Dev Member

  • Avatar of theory18 theory18 Jul 21, 2014 at 12:48 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm using your plugin and i love it, however 2 questions.

    Is there a way to reverse the order? Because Gym 1 is at the bottom while Gym8 is at the top.

    Also, whenever i close a gym it sometimes still remains in the Open Gyms list while the message clearly said its closed. Any fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar of Xakorik Xakorik Jul 20, 2014 at 16:57 UTC - 0 likes

    @kayc01: Go

    The added Gyms aren't really needed, though I might need more than 32 if I have each region share the Gym Leader list.

    I say, do the the elite 4 as a list of 4:

    Elite 4: 1: Type 2: Type 3: Type 4: Type

  • Avatar of kayc01 kayc01 Jul 20, 2014 at 10:38 UTC - 0 likes

    @Xakorik: Go

    Double the number of Gyms?!!!

    There are 32 Gym's. But by default there are only 8 enabled so it does not spam chat. Go to the config to enable any extra gym's you need.

    And for Elite 4 i will have to look into how i can do that efficiently.

  • Avatar of Xakorik Xakorik Jul 19, 2014 at 22:02 UTC - 0 likes

    @kayc01: Go

    Also could you double the number of Gyms?

    And for every 8 Gyms we would need 4 Elite 4 and 1 Champion as that would be 1 region. Maybe even have 1 Professor per region.

  • Avatar of kayc01 kayc01 Jul 19, 2014 at 11:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @overyde: Go

    As far as i know, the plugin should still work (it does on the server i help out).

    However i have updated the jar version to 1.7.2.. Which should be published soon (approved on bukkit).

  • Avatar of kayc01 kayc01 Jul 19, 2014 at 11:05 UTC - 0 likes

    @Xakorik: Go

    That sounds like a great idea. Ill have to look into it :)

  • Avatar of Xakorik Xakorik Jul 16, 2014 at 00:49 UTC - 0 likes

    I would love it if elite 4 and champion were added

  • Avatar of overyde overyde Jul 15, 2014 at 09:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Im running the latest Pixelmon 3.1.5 server, I have added pixelgym.leader and pixelgym.gym11 to their permission node but the server still says there are no leaders online. What am i doing wrong here? Any help?

  • Avatar of akal123 akal123 Jun 21, 2014 at 21:04 UTC - 0 likes

    I was Wondering if anyone else knows any good drop party plugins for pixelmon servers

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