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Quick Start

MyZ requires a little more than drag-and-drop on your part, but not a lot more. Follow the getting started guide and you'll be up and running (for your life) in no time.

Check out this awesome tutorial video by LtJim007 for an alternative and excellent start-up guide to get you started even quicker and more detailed than even I can explain.


  • Custom undead mobs with new AI's that respond to sound.
  • Multi-world support.
  • Local and global (radio) chat.
  • Highly customizable research aspect to add RPG feel.
  • Customizable medical kits.
  • Player NPCs with configurable names, skins, and behaviours that spawn naturally in the world.
  • Statistic tracking.
  • Bleeding, thirst and infection.
  • Chest restocking via. MineZ-chests.
  • Play as a zombie using DisguiseCraft or Lib's Disguises (see Getting Started)
  • Online statistics using MySQL.
  • Auto-updater.
  • Developer API.
  • Completely customizable.
  • MineZ-esque gameplay.

Why MyZ?

MyZ is based off the popular gamemode from Shotbow servers, MineZ - a fun and creative gamemode based on DayZ. Slay zombies (and players!) in your hunt for the cure to zombie-ism. Explore the world, make friends and just simply survive. But it doesn't stop there. Care was taken to ensure MyZ works as cleanly as possible, ensuring that other plugins can work in tandem with MyZ, extending the gamemode hundredfold.

So what can you do to enhance your MyZ experience?

The possibilities are truly endless, it all depends on what you want from your MyZ server.

You've Been Warned

MyZ 3.0 features a centralized data storage and display site. Something I like the call the MyZ CDS. By using MyZ, you are agreeing to allow me to collect statistics from your server, limited only to general MyZ data such as zombie kills per player, etc. to post to the CDS. This data will be viewable by the entire world, but none of the data will be show as linked specifically to your server, nor will your server IP be displayed. I will know what server the data came from, only to ensure this data is legitimate, but no data will be traceable to you. Spoofing data will result in an instant server ban from this service. Additionally, my username has the ability to bypass the command to get the unique ID of your server. This allows me to verify requests on

Also keep in mind that developers and contributors have a special chat prefix to demonstrate the appreciation I have, and you should have for them. I ask that you do not remove these built in name prefixes, to show your respect for the many hours of work that went into this plugin by all of us.

Additionally, usage statistics from my username (MrTeePee) will be saved on your server, should I ever play on it, regardless as to whether or not I am ranked. This has no direct on your server or users. It just allows me to have high scores (queue evil laugh).

Helping Out

MyZ requires a ton of my time. I try to fix bugs, add features and optimize code every night if possible. Want to make my job easier? Check out these links.
Developers: GitHub
Testers: Make some issues
Artists, Server Owners and Builders: Check this out

If you don't fit into any of these categories but still want to help out, have no fear. Take a MyZ signature for a spin!

Get the Signature!

Whether you're on the Bukkit Forums or BukkitDev, just grab the official MyZ signature from one of the links below. Simply replace 'username' with your Bukkit username and 'ign' with your Minecraft username. Then all you need to do is stick it in your signature!

Are you a programmer?

  • Yes: Fantastic! I would love to work with the community on this project. If you ever have an addition or a bugfix that you're just dying to fix, simply fork this repository and hack on it to your hearts content. Keep it neat though! Pull requests will be merged wherever possible. Of course, for recognition, add your name to the plugin YAML.
  • No: No worries! You can still help out! See the Ticket button off to the right? If, in your adventures in MyZ, you ever find a bug, just hit that button and report it. Try to keep your ticket as detailed as possible with steps on how to reproduce the issue wherever possible.

Are you a long-term user/supporter of MyZ?

  • Yes: By no means is it a requirement, but donations keep this project alive. If you want to support a hardworking high-school student, donation info can be found below.
  • No: Just using MyZ means a lot to me. Prior to the 3.0 release, it has seen over 11,000 downloads. Stick around for awhile, I'm sure you'll love the gamemode.

Are you a skilled graphic designer/videographer?

  • Yes: Any MyZ-related artwork that you send to my email, I will be sure to include either on a MyZ-specific website or on the dev.bukkit page. Please don't use this for self-advertising though.
  • No: Even if you want to try your hand at it, I'm 200% open to any and all MyZ-related art. Any fan/user art is welcome. Just send it on over to <email removed>

Are you a good builder?

  • Yes: MyZ is making a map! Send any and all MyZ dedicated buildings to my email in WorldEdit .schematic form to be included in the official map.
  • No: You're probably just not giving yourself enough credit.

But wait, there's more!

That's right. MyZ 3.0 is more than just a plugin. When you download MyZ 3.0, you will have access to the MyZ CDS, the ultra-customizable plugin AND a 2500x2500 map, hand painted by yours truly.

Did someone say map?

Built with WorldPainter for Minecraft 1.7.2, the stock map for MyZ 3.0 features an expansive 2500x2500 game map loaded with cool features. From snow biomes in the north-west to mesas and hoodoos in the north-east all the way to sunflower jungles and flower forests in the south. Effort was taken to ensure for challenging gameplay on a HUGE, island-based map. Like the map but want a special flair? No problem! Open up the WorldPainter .world file and edit to your hearts content.

Want to add new builds to the stock map so that other users can enjoy your creations? E-mail me the .schematic file at my email with the subject "MyZ 3.0 Map". If you have a specific location you want the build placed, just add the coordinates in the message of the e-mail.

A New Mechanic

You, the lone survivors of the apocalypse must fight to survive. But you can fight multiple ways. Visit research centers around to map and spend items on research points. Use these research points to purchase everything from medical kits to zombie repellant. You can even purchase equipment to cure zombies! Lead your server to the annihilation of zombie-kind, or, be a sadist and help the zombies!

How do you do research? After adding research items (see commands page), players can throw those items into hoppers to research them and gain points. Items must be accepted to the hoppers before another one can be processed otherwise only the last one to enter will count.

MyZ is Magic?

Contrary to popular belief, MyZ 3.0 is not in fact magic. But it is automagic.

MyZ contacts dev.bukkit on every startup on your server to check for updates. Don't want to stay up-to-date? Simply set autoupdate enabled to false in the configuration file for MyZ. This will prevent it from going online to check for updates.

MyZ still too automagic for you? Don't worry, we can still fix that.


What is Server Metrics?

Server Metrics is simply a tool for monitoring plugin activity, described as the "de facto statistical engine for Minecraft". It collects harmless data such as:

  • Player count
  • Server core
  • Java version
  • Server location

Like the CDS data, none of this data is traceable to your server. But if you don't want to submit this data for whatever reason, head on over to /plugins/Metrics/config.yml and disable the snooper by setting enabled to false.

We're Online!

Want to participate in global scores and other fun stuff? Check out for everything MyZ related.

Minecraft updates And MyZ

As you are all aware, MyZ only works with one specific version of Minecraft. This is because it uses advanced techniques that the bukkit API does not support in order to modify mobs and more.

With respect to that, I try to keep as many servers running as possible with updates. I always update immediately to the latest compiled version of craftbukkit. However, I will only release the plugin here once the craftbukkit version enters beta state.

Please, just take my money

Well, if you insist.

Include with your donation your server IP and port (if a public server) as well as your server name or your own Minecraft username (case sensitive) if you would like some sort of recognition for your support! No amount is too small. Thanks for supporting development!


  • Donation: 0.99 CAD
  • Server IP: (don't post your IP unless it's a PUBLIC server ie. no localhost/loopback address/internal IP)
  • Server Name: MyCraft
  • Username: MrTeePee


MyZ allows for each player to have a different locale. It determines the language the player is using in Minecraft and automatically applies the correct locale to the player. If you wish to translate, simply grab a locale file from the locales folder of MyZ and fill it in with the language of your choice!

Currently Localized

Play MyZ

If you just want to play MyZ without the hassle of configuring and hosting such a large plugin, look no further. The Outbreak team have launched a fullscale apocalypse.

Featuring a diverse set of MyZ gamemodes such as Factions, Hardcore and an utterly unique Horde mode, the Outbreak servers are the official one-stop-shop for playing in the apocalypse. So what are you waiting for? Get to killing at

Live Map and Waypoints

MyZ - Logo by CraftySubZero

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