What is MultiInv

MultiInv is a plugin that gives players a separate inventory for every different world running on the server. You can share inventories over chosen worlds and some players can be ignored entirely. With this power it is possible to have multiple worlds running on one server, but keeping them totally segregated from one another.

MultiInv can also separate health over certain worlds allowing for total separations of a world on a server.

If MultiInv refuses to work and you can't change inventories, it's because you have the wrong version of the TuxTwoLib!

Update for UUIDs and 1.7.9 (there will be no support for 1.7.8 or below due to game breaking bugs) are here! Download will be available as soon as Bukkit Dev approves it.

MultiInv and MobArena are currently not compatible! Make sure users can only join a mob arena from the same world group!

Starting with MultiInv 3.2.1 we now require the library TuxTwoLib to maintain compatibility across various minecraft versions


  • Separate world inventories
  • Create groups of worlds where the inventory is shared between them
  • Separates XP, food, health, potion effects, and EnderChest inventory per world/group of worlds.
  • Option to ignore certain players completely (permissions based)
  • Can import Multiverse-Inventories/WorldInventories saved inventories.
  • Option to use mySQL instead of flat files.


The forums for this plugin (at the top of the page) are the best place to go if you have any questions that aren't just general comments (such as "I hat you" or "I love you"). There I can see which problems have been replied too and who still needs help.


  • /multiinv reload - Reloads config files.
  • /multiinv import - Imports flat files into a mysql database.
  • /multiinv mvimport - Imports Multiverse-Inventories into MultiInv, with the database that you have selected. (You will need to have the Multiverse-Inventories plugin installed when doing the import, just make sure to remove it afterwards)
  • /multiinv miimport - Imports WorldInventories into MultiInv.


  • multiinv.reload - Permission to use the reload command
  • multiinv.import - Permission to use the import command
  • multiinv.mvimport - Permission to use the mvimport command
  • multiinv.exempt - Exempts player from inventory switch (If your inventory is not changing, deny yourself this permission in your permissions manager!!!!)


^That's a link up there

Updating from MultiInv 2.x to 3.x

  1. Delete your old config.yml file in the plugins/MultiInv directory
  2. Start the server with the new plugin
  3. Rename the Worlds folder to Groups under the plugins/MultiInv directory.
  4. Rename shares.yml to groups.yml
  5. Cut the creativeGroups section out of groups.yml and paste it at the end of config.yml
  6. Edit the config.yml to your prefrences
  7. do: /multiinv reload
  8. If you are moving to the mysql database do: /multiinv import
  9. You're done, enjoy!

When, Where, and How are the Inventories Saved?
Old forum page (Includes old version links)
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
Jenkins Dev Builds
Source Code

Please note, that while I (Tux2) am maintaining this plugin you must file bug reports under the tickets section. If you're having a problem, try replicating it in the latest version of MultiInv as it could already be fixed! Also, if you want your problem to be addressed please make sure to include the MultiInv version, the TuxTwoLib version, your config.yml and groups.yml files contents as well, (even if it is a comment asking for help) If you do not follow these guidelines your comment may be deleted without warning!

MC Stats for MultiInv
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  • Avatar of RedJon28 RedJon28 Aug 01, 2014 at 16:26 UTC - 0 likes

    @tux2 I have the latest multiinv and tuxtwolib and it doesnt work! Whats wrong? What am i doing wrong?

  • Avatar of Tux2 Tux2 Jul 30, 2014 at 22:03 UTC - 0 likes

    @omgitsbob12: Go

    It most definitely does, however there's quite a few features specific to certain Economy plugins so it's a little more complex than just plugging into Vault to get the player's current balance without having a ton of exploits specific to certain economy plugins. I'll most likely use Vault to integrate into the various economy plugins, however I just need to get the time to test it with certain plugins with all of their features to make sure it translates it perfectly. Bitcoins?1Lr7prAnqYpZe2UizvPKV2Cg4KSuj2weXb
    If you didn't take the time to read how my plugins work, don't expect me to take the time to diagnose your stupidity.
    If updates to my plugins depended on donations, they would never update. Donate!

  • Avatar of omgitsbob12 omgitsbob12 Jul 30, 2014 at 21:57 UTC - 0 likes

    @Tux2: Go

    Doesn't Vault combine all economy plugins into one?

  • Avatar of Tux2 Tux2 Jul 30, 2014 at 05:08 UTC - 0 likes

    @Azurago: Go

    Hmm... that's quite interesting... I'll PM you tomorrow asking for some more information so we can get it all figured out for others trying to upgrade.

    @omgitsbob12: Go

    It has been requested, however at the moment, no. Due to different economy plugins having banks and user balances it can get quite unweildly fast. It is on the "would be nice to have" feature to-do list however.

  • Avatar of omgitsbob12 omgitsbob12 Jul 29, 2014 at 23:09 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there multi-economy support?

  • Avatar of Azurago Azurago Jul 29, 2014 at 22:39 UTC - 0 likes

    So. My default inventories wouldn't load correctly (updating from 1.7.2 to 1.7.9) , but other worlds would. I have two of our main worlds inventors grouped under default. Using flat file. With a ton of testing I found out that if players logged out in one of the default group worlds, theirs wouldn't load. But if they logged in on another world and went back it worked. I went into the logoutworld.yml changed all the players in default to our spawn world (using Notepad replace). Somehow that worked, but simply deleting the file didn't work.

    If you need more information I will give it. I figured this might help people who have had problems converting inventories to UUID.

  • Avatar of Tux2 Tux2 Jul 29, 2014 at 16:14 UTC - 1 like

    @desht: Go

    I try to use just the data available through Bukkit, however since attributes have been requested multiple times and Bukkit hasn't added an API for it in over a year I'll be incorporating that into TuxTwoLib for MultiInv and EnchantAnything.

    @mscott1106: Go

    Any errors in console?

  • Avatar of desht desht Jul 29, 2014 at 13:12 UTC - 0 likes

    More of a general comment/question than a specific problem report: how does MultiInv copy item stacks - just the Bukkit data, or full NBT data?

    I ask since there may be a conflict between MultiInv and my SensibleToolbox plugin - see - STB stores some item-specific information on item stack using a custom attribute (using Comphenix's code from here). It seems like that attribute data gets stripped in some cases.

    Edit: looks like the same issue as

    Last edited Jul 29, 2014 by desht


  • Avatar of mscott1106 mscott1106 Jul 27, 2014 at 03:35 UTC - 0 likes

    I got this plugin, and I typed in the command and nothing happened!!! I got tuxtwolib with it. Help???

  • Avatar of Tux2 Tux2 Jul 25, 2014 at 16:52 UTC - 0 likes

    @breweingminecraft: Go

    Is there any errors in console when it does this? If so if you could paste them here: and paste me the link I'll take care of it, otherwise try enabling compatibility mode and see if that fixes your issue.


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