A Brief Description

Movecraft is a plugin that has been designed to give purpose to those extremely large (and awesome) oceans as well as to simply give the option to Sail, Drive, or Pilot amazing Ships, Creations, or Zeppelins. It allows the player and/or players to craft Vessels out of blocks that can be piloted and thus moved. Hence the name MoveCraft.


Movecraft was first created by Yogoda for hMod.
Movecraft 3 is a complete recode. It's only similarity to the Movecraft of Yogada is it's name.

Documentation, Tutorials, Quick Start Guide, and Demo Videos

For documentation and information, use this link:

Also the builds on that site are more up to date than the builds on this site, so download the latest version there. Please be aware the builds on that site have not been checked by the staff, so use at your own risk.

Here is a brief summary of Movecraft features covered on that site:

Control Method Options

  1. Sign and Pilot Tool
  2. Sign only
  3. Direct Control (the players movements control the craft)
  4. Misc Commands - /manoverboard, /release, etc
  5. Remote Signs to remotely activate command signs from other parts of the ship (Turn turrets, launch torpedoes, etc)

Craft Options

  1. Basic craft configuration options including size, speed, allowed block types, required blocks, etc
  2. Customizable Cruise Control to keep the craft moving forward
  3. Customizable Fuel Burning behavior
  4. Customizable sinking/crashing behavior including smoke, explosion on impact, and uncontrollable dives
  5. Restricting motion to horizontal or vertical planes
  6. Customizable "Hover" land contour following behavior for cars and surface vehicles
  7. Optional craft teleportation
  8. Require water contact for sailing ships and water craft
  9. Crafts that explode when they collide with things for ramming or torpedoes

Server Options

  1. Customizable Pilot Tool for craft control (or you can disable it to force sign only movement)
  2. Man Overboard timeout to allow anyone who falls out of a craft to get back in it
  3. Configurable WorldGuard protection against moving into forbidden areas or sinking over protected areas


Movecraft uses the following permissions:

movecraft.<craft name>.pilot
movecraft.<craft name>.move
movecraft.<craft name>.rotate

For example, if you have a craft named "Airship", you would need movecraft.Airship.pilot, movecraft.Airship.move, and movecraft.Airship.rotate in order to completely use it.

MadRealms is the home server of Movecraft, and we welcome any player looking for a good movecraft experience to our main server : MadRealms : The Skyland Pirates.

Join today at

Statistics <> This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

A unique identifier The server's version of Java Whether the server is in offline or online mode The plugin's version The server's version The OS version/name and architecture The core count for the CPU The number of players online The Metrics version Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. <> -


Donations go towards funding movecraft's development. Donate:

Source Code

Source Code is hosted on GitHub and commits are built by Jenkins CI. The Jenkins is not currently publicly accessible.

Builds are regularly posted to BukkitDev from our CI System.

GitHub Logo


Localisation is fully integrated into Movecraft 3. Locale can be set inside the config.yml.

Due to a bug in GetLocalisations software, language packs are not currently available for download. We apologise for the delay and are working to get them uploaded to BukkitDev ASAP.

Submit a translation to your language at:

Troubleshooting, Error Reporting

Please use this site to report errors and for troubleshooting assistance:

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  • Avatar of Loraxe42 Loraxe42 Sep 15, 2014 at 01:07 UTC - 0 likes

    @cwp_aus: Go

    Sure, no problem. Just change the "name:" entry in the torpedo.craft or launchtorpedo.craft file

    AKA: BaccaYarro

    Check out this video featuring Movecraft gameplay with lots of warship combat:
    Minecraft Airship Pirates Episode 3 -

  • Avatar of cwp_aus cwp_aus Sep 14, 2014 at 07:04 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi Loraxe, I have a question which is probably not physically possible but I don't loose anything by asking anyway. I'm part of the admin team of a server which is trying to do a medieval factions type thing, and I had the idea to use the plugin for moveable siege equipment things like catapults and more important to this question, ballistae.

    Basically what I was wondering is, is it possible to rename the torpedo's within the movecraft files something else yet have them function the same? While it's not a huge issue moving siege equipment with a sign saying torpedo just seems a bit odd ya'know?

    Anyways thanks in advance, Cwp.

  • Avatar of Loraxe42 Loraxe42 Sep 07, 2014 at 22:35 UTC - 0 likes

    @TylerS1066: Go

    The big problem with remote signs on unpiloted crafts is limiting the scope of how far the plugin has to search to find the matched sign. Since the search scope is currently limited to the craft the sign is a part of, the search doesn't take too long. If it had to search every block in the entire world, the search would give the server would have a heart attack.

    I thought about making it use a coordinate system like the rmove signs, but what if the sign is on a subcraft which rotates, screwing up the relative position of the sign? I'm afraid I don't see any other simple solution to limit the impact on the server yet still match up the sign to it's intended partner every time.

  • Avatar of TylerS1066 TylerS1066 Sep 07, 2014 at 20:17 UTC - 0 likes

    Could you add a option in the config for Remote signs to work when not on a piloted craft and leave it up to the server owner if he/she wants to enable/disable this feature (default would be that remote signs need to be on a piloted craft)?

  • Avatar of Black_Goat Black_Goat Sep 05, 2014 at 06:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Just so you know, Craftbukkit may be unavailable, but Spigot's jenkins is still up and running. md_5 has lawyered up and is ready and willing to challenge Wesley's DMCA takedown, which it seems Mojang weren't supportive of. There will be some breathing room before this all hits a court, if ever. Keep plugging on, and we'll all weather through this storm. On-Topic, the latest Movecraft is awesome, and no longer leaves my oceans lit with ghost lights. I've taken to exploring & looting a sand-flooded Cityworld via a movecraft helicopter (modified aircraft), and it's been great fun. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • [Post Edit]: Dammit. Spigot's down too now. It's now up to Mojang to figure out their license issues. :(
    Last edited Sep 06, 2014 by Black_Goat

    Owner/Operator/Overlord of Yggdrasyl Server at
    Forum at

  • Avatar of Loraxe42 Loraxe42 Sep 05, 2014 at 04:49 UTC - 0 likes

    @william258963: Go

    I run into that from time to time, and I usually recommend they set themselves as an OP, which usually works, then I recommend they use more simple permissions, like giving the default group Movecraft.*, then I usually never heard from them again. So far this has happened 3 times. Please let me know what your problem ends up being, assuming you are able to get it resolved.

    @SethexGS2: Go

    There is not, but its a fairly common request. It's on my list to get done, assuming the legal issues with Bukkit/Spigot get resolved.

  • Avatar of Loraxe42 Loraxe42 Sep 05, 2014 at 04:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Wow, I go on vacation for 5 days and everything goes to the Nether!

    For anyone who doesn't know, CraftBukkit and Spigot have both been DCMA'd (read as: legally shut down). It may hold, it may not. It will certainly delay the development of a 1.8 release of Movecraft. It may even prevent it. I guess time will tell.

    On to answering questions: @GodsDead: Go

    You can block torpedo/ramming explosions using the "other-explosions" flag from worldguard, described here:

    I'm not sure what it would be on your protection plugin of choice, or if its even supported. In short, Movecraft uses the standard createexplosion bukkit calls.

    collisionExplosion is for when a craft is moving normally and is obstructed by blocks. explodeonCrash is only applied when the craft is sinking.

    Overallsinkpercent and sinkpercent can be used simultaneously. For example, you could make an airship that will sink if it no longer floats with its remaining blocks, or when more than 50% of it is destroyed. Whichever comes first.

    Yeah, commenting out things should be fine.

    Last edited Sep 05, 2014 by Loraxe42
  • Avatar of GodsDead GodsDead Sep 03, 2014 at 18:01 UTC - 0 likes

    OK I just tested both explosions, amazing fun creating kamakazi ships! The one giant problem im having is these explosion events dont respect griefprevention, Im guessing you dont use the OtherExplosions event, or the default explosions event otherwise it would have been protected from destroying claims.

  • Avatar of GodsDead GodsDead Sep 03, 2014 at 08:42 UTC - 0 likes

    @Loraxe42: Go

    Aha I feel like an idiot now, I was looking under the "The .craft Format" and couldn't figure out where the other configs were!

    You've added loads of awesome features, I don't quite get the difference between explodeOnCrash & collisionExplosion?

    Also If I have an overallSinkPercent does this just forget about the sinkPercent or should I remove that?

    Thirdly, Inside each craft file could I have my entire list of blocks and hash them out if I dont want them? Like so:

    #- 171 # White Carpet (minecraft:carpet)
    - 172 # Hardened Clay (minecraft:hardened_clay)
    Last edited Sep 03, 2014 by GodsDead
  • Avatar of william258963 william258963 Sep 02, 2014 at 10:51 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm running my server on 1.7.10 and i do everything what you do in you're video Lorax42 but they always tell me 'Insuficient.Permissions' help meee :(


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