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Welcome to the ultimate monster hell. I have brought together everything anyone everyone could ever want to do with monsters into one completely hellbent plugin. Use at your own risk.

Warning - Zombie digging is destructive, if you turn it on and configure it, please backup your worlds.

Plugin has been thoroughly tested as working properly, if you have trouble please report it so I can make it work for a wider range of setups!

PLEASE USE CRAFTBUKKIT 1.7.10 (any revision) for version 17.0. No other builds will work with this version.


Monster Apocalypse was created by one man, working full time continually for several months during early development. Please donate if you would like to see more features or new plugin releases, or just feel like my time is worth your gratitude.


  • Complete control of all monster power- health, damage, item drops, burning in sunlight, explosion radius, immunity to specific damage types, even spawn rates!
  • INSTANT setup options!
  • Consume the world in darkness - Always night mode, and bonus spawns!
  • Action RPG Mode - Make combat more exciting!
  • Incredible new abilities - Mobs can explode on death, spawn allies, kill torches, attack from miles away at high velocity, bombard bases with exploding arrows, and even claw and scratch their way into your home!
  • Zombies can dig through anything based on YOUR settings, and no server lag! Fear the Apocalypse as they pound away at your walls!
  • Monsters can be set to nerdpole and airbridge, like players on the hunt!
  • Skeletons can be set to turn into quake pro snipers, shooting accurately from FAR in the distance!
  • Nightmare Mode for the ultimate increasing challenge!
  • FULL World-Guard region support, works even when worldguard regions isn't!
  • Total natural spawn rewrite, available to change your world drastically and retain that vanilla feel.
  • Multi-world support - Will only run on worlds YOU select!
  • Mega-aggro system - Mobs can smell you from miles away and attack!
  • Spawn Points - Set up virtual spawners with custom timers!
  • True damage - Allow mobs to pierce that pesky diamond armor!
  • Wolf and PigZombie aggressiveness control.
  • Control which blocks mobs spawn on.
  • Permissions nodes to make certain players immune to monster aggro and damage.


Warning, videos below contain mild mature language.

Download Version 17.0!

Version 17.0 is out!

It will appear here once it's approved:

If you need it earlier than this (it can take up to 5 days), send me a private message.

Thanks for the support! If you like what I've done with this version, feel free to donate.

Version 17.0 notes:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10.


(Is partially updated)

You will need to reference craftbukkit enums for drops and block attacking to work, failure to use valid enums could potentially break your plugin. You can find them here:

You may want to play with Spawn Points, you can find the info here:

If you wish to develop your own plugin with my health API, check this page:

For Nightmare Mode, check here:

Need multiple configs?

How to set up multiple installations, for different custom difficulties on multiple worlds:

  1. Copy the MA jar and rename it.
  2. Rename the plugin inside plugin.yml of the second copy (within the jar), and remove the commands section.
  3. Disable registering the /MA command in the second copy's config.
  4. Double check that you have no world names overlapping between the two configs, and that your bonus and naturalistic spawns are restricted to the right worlds.

You now have two separate installations.

Fear the Darkness: Adds an element of terror to dark areas of minecraft!

Simple Starvation: For when you really want to emphasize long term survival!

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  • Avatar of donald1440 donald1440 May 26, 2013 at 10:32 UTC - 0 likes

    Is it possible to change the amount of time monsters use to destroy individual blocks?

  • Avatar of Victor_Psycho Victor_Psycho May 26, 2013 at 05:31 UTC - 0 likes

    @blainicus: Go

    "7. MA doesn't support vanish, but creative mode will stop this."

    Unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me, I don't give my admins creative. Is this something that's just outside the realm of possibility?

  • Avatar of blainicus blainicus May 25, 2013 at 20:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @ManBeastPigDev: Go

    Spawn points are optional.

    @Victor_Psycho: Go


    Only enable bonus spawns on one world?: false->true

    'Bonus spawn world name:': Valhalla

    Only enable naturalistic bonus spawns on one selected world?: false->true

    Naturalistic bonus spawn world name: Valhalla_nether

    4. Known, disable mega-aggro for spiders if you need to.

    7. MA doesn't support vanish, but creative mode will stop this.

  • Avatar of ManBeastPigDev ManBeastPigDev May 25, 2013 at 17:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Any way to make it work without spawn points? I would just like a zombie nightmare i can turn on or randomize. Bu the players are all over the maps usually so spawn points are no good for that.

    Crafty Creeper Party Server

  • Avatar of Victor_Psycho Victor_Psycho May 25, 2013 at 13:30 UTC - 0 likes

    Day 4 test results:

    Monster Apocalypse version 14.0d

    My current config file is:

    1) Natural vanilla spawn rates (line 830-1005) if they’re set to anything above 100.0 then all redstone devices run just slightly to slow and all garbage collection (bukkit.yml) occurs faster than its supposed to.

    2) Using a skeleton egg in the nether results in an explosion. All wither skeletons explode upon spawning in the nether. Prism (similar to logblock) says that “witherskull” destroyed the blocks, CoreProtect says a wither caused the damage.

    3) If “bonus” spawns are enabled ghasts and other nether mobs spawn in the overworld, even if they’re set to false in the bonus spawns section. (line 83-161)

    4) Silverfish still are flashing at player’s feet.

    5) A significant CPU increase was noticed when switching from 14.0b and 14.0d, no change in config file (went from 40-70% range to steadily at 100%).

    6) Zombiepigmen are not aggressive despite configuration setting. (line 54)

    7) Vanished admins are followed by mobs. (mobs don't follow if this plugin is disabled)

    Last edited May 25, 2013 by Victor_Psycho
  • Avatar of blainicus blainicus May 25, 2013 at 03:24 UTC - 0 likes

    @Hangar: Go

    I read 1/2.

    3. Yes, but it's the only solution to the skeleton problem.

  • Avatar of Hangar Hangar May 25, 2013 at 00:48 UTC - 0 likes

    1) I updated to 14.0d. Monsters are still able to put blocks inside my house if they're on the roof (3 blocks up from where they're placing). We're using leaves so they won't kill us I guess, but it could theoretically still fill a small house and prevent movement (or kill someone not using leaves). This is with poling and bridging on for zombies.

    2) I use VariableTriggers for some things. I made a script the other day that made 5 explosions (using their @EXPLOSION command) in a certain location, which as far as I know isn't a big deal to the server (like 5 pieces of TNT), but when it kicked off, MA spit a nasty error into the server window and the server actually crashed. FYI.

    3) "Set monster-ticks to 0 in bukkit.yml"... I keep seeing that. Would that prevent normal monster spawn in non-MA worlds in a multi-world survival setup?

    Last edited May 25, 2013 by Hangar

    I play with fun adults late at night :)

  • Avatar of blainicus blainicus May 24, 2013 at 16:30 UTC - 2 likes

    @Hangar: Go

    I'm not sure, but I got a request from a user.

    @t3r3nc3101: Go

    enderman-grief deny

    Enable worldguard 'enderman-grief' flag checks for all monster block operations?: false

    @turtleguy123456: Go

    Set monster-ticks to 0 in bukkit.yml

    Enable naturalistic bonus spawns

    Set all the vanilla mobs to spawn:true with 20% chance each

    Change Zombies from 20% to whatever else, reducing others in the process:

    IE: zombies 32% skeletons 17% creepers 17% spiders 17% enderman 17%

    @Victor_Psycho: Go

    The big performance eaters with Monster Apocalypse are mega-aggro and the block building/destroying abilities. Mega-aggro eats cpu, build/destroy eats ram. But it can be lived with, moreso on a private small server than a large one. All that said "mineapoc" is running fine with a huge RPG server with 60+ players online using Monster Apocalypse spawnpoints. However, he doesn't use those operators.

    @Tarquin999: Go

    If you mean spawn rates, then try lowering spawns by a lot but increasing mega-aggro.

    @Victor_Psycho: Go

    1. Maybe. I've never heard of this happening, you might have gigantic spawn rates.

    2. Doubtful.

    3. It would be based on the explosion radius, Ghasts don't use attacks.

    4. I'll check on that, if that's the case then I'm pretty clueless.

    5. It will deal 6 damage mitigated by armor, followed by 2 damage ignoring armor, making the total damage (6-armor)+2.

    6. Naturalistic bonus spawns work like vanilla and occur all over the place, whereas regular bonus spawns occur in a circular wave pattern at approximately the same height as players.

    @Tarquin999: Go

    See the other answer I gave in this mega-reply.

  • Avatar of t3r3nc3101 t3r3nc3101 May 24, 2013 at 16:28 UTC - 0 likes

    @Tarquin999: Go

    No, sorry it must be other plugins conflicting or somthing. Because i have exactly that, a spawncount at 5..

  • Avatar of Tarquin999 Tarquin999 May 24, 2013 at 13:51 UTC - 0 likes

    Zombie: spawn: true spawncount: 1 spawnchance: 100.0 spawnymin: 1 spawnymax: 255 replacement: Zombie

    Setting spawncount to 5 will crash your server and halt your java for a good 10 minutes. It just spits the dummy and ragequits. Any other way to truely increase the spawn rate?


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