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MobDisguise is a plugin allowing you to transform into any mob you want, with no client mods! Just simple type /md disguise pig, and boom, everybody now sees and thinks your a pig! Can't quite take out the enemy pvp team? Transform into chickens, and sneak behind enemy lines! It even includes an API for other plugins to hook into, and can change players into mobs too!


  • Disguise as any mob and be seen as such by all other players
  • Enable or disable per-mob permissions, or give the .* permission for all of them
  • Blacklist certain mobs you don't want
  • Enable "RealDrops" and on death, a disguised player drops the correct item for his mob disguise, not his normal inventory
  • A simple API that plugins can hook into to disguise/undisguise players


All commands begin with /md, short for MobDisguise, to provide a simple command system

  • /md baby ; toggle being a baby animal!
  • /md stats ; Tells you what you're disguised or if you are disguised
  • /md ; Turns you back into human form if disguised
  • /md types ; Will give you a list of all valid mob types
  • /md p [nameofplayer] ; Lets you disguise as that player!
  • /md [mobtype] ; Will disguise you as the given mobtype

Permissions (PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, PEX, but NOT! Permissions 3.1.6:

  • mobdisguise.* ;Gives a player the ability to transform into all mobs
  • mobdisguise.mob.[mobtype] ; Replace [mobtype] with the mobtype players can turn into
  • mobdisguise.player ; Lets a player turn into othe players

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.Will you support Permissions 3.1.6?
    • A. No.
  • Q. I want to be able to have abilities when disguised, i.e creepers explode.
    • A. Not going to do it.
  • Q. Why doesn't it work?
    • A. You're doing something wrong.

How to Install:

  • Before installing, read the FAQ and see the page for common errors and how to fix .
  • Download MobDisguise, here!
  • Place .jar in your plugins folder.
  • Done!

How to report errors:

  • Make a ticket with as much detailed information as possible
  • If you want to, do the same on my github (

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    I hate it when a plugin dies a slow and horrible death.....

    Omdat je misschien een spelletje wilt spelen.. ( or if you rather would like to play a Dutch game.......(same adress) Now with Kingdoms!! Yeah!!

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    Charge to 1.7.2 PLEASSE

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    Alanthya: Beyond Minecraft 1.8 - Server IP: Website:

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    It doesn't work at all, it the vision witch my server is and when restart the server, the plugin doesn't make a folder for itself and it doesn't do any thing. if someone knows why please help

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    @o0Julia0o: Go

    Considering he has not updated this since "March 30th 2012"

    I would say yes.

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    is it dead?

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    wold it work for 1.6.2??

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    como baixa

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    this plugin doesn't woks with spigot wy


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