mmSupernaturals, based off of the plugin "Supernatural Players" by Matterz
It includes Vampires, Ghouls, Werewolves, Demons, Priests, and WitchHunter.

Source Code

  • WorldGuard


  • Adding custom classes.



  • Classes are Vampire, Ghoul, Werewolf, Demon, Priest, and WitchHunter.
  • All classes have abilities that depend on your power level.
  • All classes gain power in a certain way.
  • WitchHunter kill list generate on server start. (Admins can remove players with the command /sn rmTarget)

Class Join/Leave Information:

  • Each class has a unique event required for joining or leaving.

Joining a Class:

  • Humans construct special Altars to convert to Vampires, starting with a solid Gold Block.
  • Humans sometimes convert to Werewolves when dying to wild wolves at night.
  • Pig Zombies sometimes have the ability to make humans undead rather than just dead.
  • Any human who shows proper devotion to the Church may become a Priest.
  • Non-Priest humans who can prove their Supernatural Hunting Abilities by slaying 3 different types of supernaturals without dying will be invited to the WitchHunters' Association.
  • Humans who enter the Nether covered in dead animal skins (leather armor) and sacrifice themselves to the Inferno will become Demonic.
  • Humans who fall off a cliff with their Wings (feather) will find their spirits lifted.

Leaving a Class:

  • Vampires construct special Altars to regain their humanity, starting with a solid Lapis Block.
  • Werewolves must make themselves a Wolfbane potion, starting with an empty Bowl.
  • Priests merely have to insult the Church by offering Coal to the donations' Altar.
  • The Holy energy of the Church's Altar will sometimes cleanse a Ghoul and restore their humanity.
  • Demons who die in icy water while carrying snowballs will find the demonic fire in their blood cooled.
  • WitchHunters who exhibit extremely poor bow skills (kill themselves) will be removed from the Association.

Classes (Includes spell details)


<optional Parameter>
[required Parameter]


  • /sn help - Shows a list of available commands
  • /sn power - Shows current class and powerlevel
  • /sn list - Shows a list of online players in each class
  • /sn classes - Shows a list of classes with a short description of each
  • /sn join - Adds the player (who sent the command) to the whitelist (If whitelist is enabled in config)


  • /sn admin - Shows a list of available Admin commands
  • /sn cure <playername> - Restores player to humanity (either reverting them to Priest or making them human)
  • /sn convert <playername> [class] - Converts a player to the specified class
  • /sn power <playername> [amount] - Gives player specified amount of power
  • /sn reset <playername> - Resets a player's power to zero
  • /sn rmTarget <playername> - Removes player from the WitchHunter kill list
  • /sn reload <type> - Reloads the config.yml or data.yml file
  • /sn save - Saves both the config.yml and data.yml files (default: config.yml)
  • /sn restartTask - Restarts the task timer used for many passive abilities (in case of it crashing due to overload)
  • /sn setChurch - Sets the player's current location as the Church
  • /sn setBanish - Sets the player's current location as the Banish location


  • - access to /sn help
  • supernatural.command.list - access to /sn list
  • supernatural.command.power - access to /sn power
  • supernatural.command.classes - access to /sn classes
  • supernatural.command.killlist - access to /sn killlist
  • supernatural.player.shrineuse.vampire - access to vampire shrines
  • supernatural.player.shrineuse.priest - access to priest shrines
  • supernatural.player.wolfbane - access to wolfbane potion creation
  • supernatural.player.preventwaterdamage - prevents ghouls from taking water damage
  • supernatural.player.preventsundamage - prevents vampires from taking damage in sunlight
  • supernatural.player.witchhuntersign - allows player to create WitchHunter signs used for WitchHunter Halls
  • supernatural.admin.infinitepower - gives player unlimited power
  • supernatural.admin.partial.curse - allows player to change their own class only
  • - enables supernatural players in world if: (multiworld: true) in the config.yml
  • supernatural.admin.command.adminhelp - access to /sn admin
  • supernatural.admin.command.cure - access to /sn cure
  • supernatural.admin.command.curse - access to /sn convert
  • supernatural.admin.command.power - access to /sn power <playername> [amount]
  • supernatural.admin.command.reset - access to /sn reset
  • supernatural.admin.command.reload - access to /sn reload
  • - access to /sn save
  • supernatural.admin.command.setchurch - access to /sn setChurch
  • supernatural.admin.command.setbanish - access to /sn setBanish
  • supernatural.convert.(TYPE, vampire, priest, etc).allow - Allows a player/group to convert to a specific type.


Donations are never required! You can donate with the button in the top-right corner of the page.


This plugin uses Hidendra's Metrics. Basic information about your server (Java Version, Offline/Online Mode, MC Version, OS name, CPU cores, Online Players), about Metrics (An identifier and the metrics version) and this plugin's version. You can opt out of this service by changing opt-out to true in the file plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. More information can be found at

Setting up:

  1. Download the plugin,
  2. Place it in your plugins directory,
  3. Start your server,
  4. Go to the Church and type the command: /sn setChurch,
  5. Go to the Banish location and type the command: /sn setBanish,
  6. Make a WitchHunter's Hall by placing an Iron Door with a sign next to it saying "WitchHunter" (Default)
  7. Done!

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  • Avatar of Ubbubb99 Ubbubb99 Sep 03, 2014 at 03:25 UTC - 0 likes

    can you update this to 1.8 when it comes out for bukkit????


  • Avatar of frobuzmumber frobuzmumber Aug 30, 2014 at 17:49 UTC - 0 likes

    I have been using this plugin for a while on my network, I find it very useful and it replaced multiple other plugins. I have since rebuilt my network and now desire this to be on one world of one server. When players are on other worlds (different themes) they still have the supernatural abilities. I need to be able to disable their supernatural class while they are on the other worlds. Is that something that will be included in an update? Would there be a way to do it with permissions?

  • Avatar of garcialakeworth garcialakeworth Aug 23, 2014 at 06:51 UTC - 0 likes

    wow I like my previous drunk fairy idea a lot!

    The ghost one could use some work.

  • Avatar of garcialakeworth garcialakeworth Aug 17, 2014 at 05:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey mmiillkkaa again one of your biggest fans here really appreciate this plugin.

    I was wondering if you could consider adding a class if you don't allow customization for next update.

    Hear me out.

    The fairy class

    A PvE class meaning they can't attack people lol. Non violent classes sound fun.

    As these walk maybe flowers grow around them. They have limited flying, maybe only during the day. Truce with Mobs maybe. Special growing powers, like bonemeal while holding dirt. They are unable to attack human players. And heres the kicker that makes this a awesome addition to the plugin. When they are killed they drop something, something that can be configured or just drop something great like diamonds or something. They add a reason to kill these creatures and create an entire new type of gameplay for a fairy user. Theres a plugin called flight control in which I tried creating this class. You can configure the settings so that if attacked you cannot fly and at night you cannot fly, even adding fatigue so you have to rest in order to fly again, Amazing!

    I just wanted you to consider a class like this.

    Also another great class idea! The ghost class! Partially invis can't interact with anything, they just fly. I know this sounds crazy and would take tons of work but if you could make it so that when your a ghost, ghost mobs or something hunt you lol. Kinda like in beetlejuice when you left a house.

    Sorry for long message I love this plugin and Im drunk as hell.

  • Avatar of Sazlor123 Sazlor123 Aug 12, 2014 at 02:39 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey mmiillkkaa, I was just wondering if we could get an update or ETA for the next update for this plugin since my factions server heavily depends on mmSuperNaturals. Thanks!

  • Avatar of mmiillkkaa mmiillkkaa Aug 03, 2014 at 15:39 UTC - 0 likes

    @ShadowDemonX4: Go

    You cannot add your own classes to the plugin without modifying the source of the plugin. The idea of custom classes/races has always been around. The only idea I get for allowing custom classes is through a set list of abilities, and you add them to a custom class. This leads to the idea of custom abilities, which would be difficult to do outside of code.

    @Malachi21: Go

    The plugin is being completely redone and problems like this will be fixed.

    @tanor87: Go

    Same as above.

  • Avatar of tanor87 tanor87 Aug 03, 2014 at 15:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey, I'm a user of this plugin on certain servers and I love it! But Angels I feel arn't op enough, like I cant where diamond or gold, and it says that I'm just a human with lifted spirits, I feel that ruins role-play, If I'm rping and I try to do something w/ the angel....I'm just a human whom feels free? And also theres alot of stuff that just should be added to angels! Like maybe a strength buff, because you took away good armor and left us with healing....What if we accidently heal the enemy? Please take this to consideration, and please change angel from lifted human spirit to something cool like, Arch-angel "Player name" In chat or something Idk but thank you for reading!

  • Avatar of ShadowDemonX4 ShadowDemonX4 Jul 31, 2014 at 23:47 UTC - 0 likes

    I simply compiled the GitHub source code for CB 1.7.9 with Java 7 and it works without any alterations to the actual code. Also, I noticed the word "Priest" is misspelled once in the config file as "Preieist".

    On another note, can I add / remove classes in this plugin? I noticed everything is laid out in the config file, but I'm not certain if the classes are hard coded into the plugin or if new ones can be created altogether. Anywho, if you need help with this feature or any others, I'd be happy to contribute to the GitHub project.

  • Avatar of Malachi21 Malachi21 Jul 31, 2014 at 20:18 UTC - 0 likes

    Please help me.. People are getting one shot killed with mmSupernaturals engaged. Like werewolf and ghoul.. both are piercing armor completely. and destroying people and I don't know what to do. How do I remove armor piercing?

    Owner of SableCraft MineCraft SableCraft


  • Avatar of hope2333 hope2333 Jul 31, 2014 at 08:41 UTC - 0 likes

    How to change the languages to this plugin?I hope my friend can use it,they are Chinese


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