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Remember the times as a server owner or admin, having to tell off every single player for breaking a rule, and no matter how hard you try to enforce these they just keep telling you they had no clue about the server rules ? We've all been there! This is why the plugin was created. With a simple interface you can make sure your players are aware of the rules, no more giving players who are telling lies a second chance! This plugin will allow players to look at the rules so they know the rules from the start!.

Get rid of the annoying need to keep telling people a long list of rules your self, get rid of all buggy and non working plugins that did the same as these. And give this lightweight plugin a try! With McRules players will have a easy way to find the rules themselves!

Download This Now!

Click That Download button! And Be 1 step closer to a more amazing server :)!


  • Rules Command (List The Server rules!)
  • Rules Help (To Get Help with plugin)

Commands And Permissions

  • This is The main command "/rules" This will give you a list of the server rules!
  • To get help type "/rules help" this will give you info on the plugin.

Need Help

If you need any help with this plugin just send a ticket or post in comments below:)

Future And Planned Commands

  • /rules reload
  • /rules info (Get info on how to use plugin)
  • /rules add (add rules in game)
  • And Much Much More!

How To Install

1. Download Plugin

2. Drag and drop plugin into plugins folder

3. Restart Your Server

4. Edit the config file!

5. Enjoy Your Easy Rules Plugin!:)



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Jan 12, 2014
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Jan 15, 2014
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