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Prison is a very popular server theme found on many different servers. However, the setup process is very tedious. That's why I created Prison. This plugin shrinks the many plugins needed for a prison server, such as a plugin that automatically resets mines, a plugin that charges users to rankup, and a plugin that reduces lag, into one simple and useful plugin!


1. Mines system

  • Simple setup, all using a command!
  • Automatic reset
  • Uses WorldEdit region selection
  • Causes minimal to no lag

2. Ranks system

  • Easy to configure
  • Add and remove ranks from ingame
  • Uses Vault for hooking into economy
  • Multi-world support (experimental)

3. Update checking

  • Toggle-able through config, see Configuration page for details.


  1. Download and install Vault from its project page
  2. Download and install WorldEdit from its project page.
  3. Click the download button in the sidebar and download the latest version.
  4. Drag Prison.jar to your /plugins folder
  5. Reload or restart your server

Setup Guides

Creating a mine

Creating ranks

Video Tutorial

Special thanks to DeserteagleGaming for making this tutorial! Thank him by subscribing to his youtube channel.

Commands and Permissions

You can read about all of the commands and permissions by clicking here.


You can see an example configuration with descriptions by clicking here.


=== We have now switched over to GitHub for issue reporting. If you find an issue, report it here. I will not be answering any support questions or bug reports unless they are posted on the issues page. ===

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  • Avatar of Oozed Oozed Jul 28, 2014 at 08:00 UTC - 0 likes

    @SirFaizdat: Go

    Thank you so much! I have a "Mines world" and a "Plotworld" so players was ranking up in both, causing confusion.

    Edit: Just realized I hadn't updated the plugin, and that's why "facepalm".

    Last edited Jul 28, 2014 by Oozed: Not updated
  • Avatar of SirFaizdat SirFaizdat Jul 27, 2014 at 22:56 UTC - 0 likes

    @Oozed: Go

    Update to version 2.0.4, delete your config.yml, and once your server restarts, open config.yml and set enable-multiworld to false.

  • Avatar of Oozed Oozed Jul 27, 2014 at 21:12 UTC - 0 likes

    @SirFaizdat: Go

    Can you make a config option letting the prison rank the same in all worlds?

  • Avatar of SirFaizdat SirFaizdat Jul 27, 2014 at 21:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @Droodiz: Go

    I think its something to do with your chat manager plugin, but I'm not sure. As for that donor rank issue, I recommend using PermissionsEx if you want the player to be added to multiple ranks. However, if you want to use GroupManager, I'm sure there's a way, just look it up on Google :)

  • Avatar of Droodiz Droodiz Jul 27, 2014 at 20:36 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey, great plugin!

    But why do I get these weird symbols when i type /ranks: ??

    And if I want user to be able to donate and get a donor rank (i use groupmanager) how do I do that since they rankup and stuff?

    Thanks alot! Droodiz

  • Avatar of Oozed Oozed Jul 27, 2014 at 19:28 UTC - 0 likes

    @mcprogamer: Go

    You can use any warp plugin.

  • Avatar of mcprogamer mcprogamer Jul 27, 2014 at 10:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @SirFaizdat: Go

    Does the plugin require essentials for the warps?

  • Avatar of SirFaizdat SirFaizdat Jul 27, 2014 at 06:31 UTC - 0 likes

    @mcprogamer: Go

    Use any permissions plugin (I recommend PermissionsEx, but you can use whatever you want). All you need to do is install Vault and WorldEdit.

  • Avatar of mcprogamer mcprogamer Jul 26, 2014 at 13:50 UTC - 0 likes

    What permissions plugin do you use for the ranks and how do servers do the warps for the ranks you have and give you permission for them? Good plugin by the way :D

  • Avatar of SirFaizdat SirFaizdat Jul 26, 2014 at 07:46 UTC - 0 likes

    @HuddyMC: Go

    Do you have Vault installed, and at the latest version? If you do, type /vault-info and make sure that it is using GroupManager for permissions.


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