Note! Plugin in English will be available in version 1.2!
Note! If you type a nick at prefixie, case sensitive!
/chat - list of commands
/chat on - enabled chat
/chat off - disables chat
/chat clear - cleans chat
/chat autor - information about the author (no ads, only the nickname and email)
/chat cfg - list of commands that change the config
/chat cfg cooldown [liczba] - change cooldown chat
/chat cfg cooldownstatus - change cooldownstatus
/chat cfg profanitystatus - change profanitystatus
/chat prefix [player] [prefix] - set prefix for player
/chat prefix [player] - clear prefix of player
?text - helpOP

Pay attention to the size of the letters!

chatmanager.*all permissions
chatmanager.avoid.*any permission to prefix avoid
chatmanager.avoid.chatoffwrite permission to the off chat
chatmanager.avoid.cooldownpermission to bypass the cooldown chat
chatmanager.command.*access to all commands (without the option to change config)
chatmanager.command.helpAccess to the list of commands
chatmanager.command.statusaccess to enable and disable chat
chatmanager.command.clearaccess to clean chat
chatmanager.command.prefixallows you to add and delete a prefix
chatmanager.cfg.*access to commands that change the config
chatmanager.cfg.cooldownstatusAccess to change the config cooldownstatus
chatmanager.cfg.profanitystatusAccess to change the config profanitystatus
chatmanager.cfg.clearchatAccess to change the config clearchat
chatmanager.helpopIf a player has a permission to send them messages from helpOP

Access to change the cooldown by the command


  1. Plugin does not have as yet error

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Date created
May 17, 2014
Last updated
May 27, 2014