LWC is the longest-lived single block protection plugin that protects both the block itself and contents of Chests, Furnaces, and Dispensers. It can also protect any other blocks, and by default will also protect Doors (Wooden + Iron), Signs and Trap Doors.

Blocks can be protected with three basic protection types:


By default, only you can access this protection. You can also modify it (or specify when creating) to add other players or groups to the protection, so they can access it. Say you wanted Notch and Hidendra to both access the protection. When creating the protection, you could do /cprivate Notch Hidendra or if it already exists /cmodify Notch Hidendra. If you wanted to remove Hidendra from the private protection, you can use /cremove -Notch


A password is set on the protection and anyone that knows the password can open it. You yourself also need this password each time you log in.


Mainly targeted at community chests, a Public chest means just that: anyone can access it, but no one can protect it which makes it advantageous because it cannot be made private by someone else.


  • /lwc - The LWC command for everything, however aliases are available to make some commands shorter. Type /lwc in-game for more detailed help.
  • /cprivate - The alias of /lwc create private (or /lwc -c private), it creates a private protection.
  • /cpassword <password> - The alias of /lwc create password <password>, it creates a passworded protection.
  • /cpublic - The alias of /lwc create public, it creates a public protection
  • /cremove - Allows you to remove a protection you own (or if you're an LWC admin, any protection) - you must click on the protection after using /cremove in order to remove it.
  • /cunlock <password> - Allows you to attempt to gain access to a passworded protection after LWC tells you you attempted to open a password protection.
  • ... more! There are aliases for all major used commands and every alias is not listed here.


Advanced permissions

Basic permissions:

  • lwc.protect - Allows the player to create and manage their own protections. It also allows them to use enabled modes and flags.
  • lwc.mod - Allows the player to open any chest, but not remove them.
  • lwc.admin - Gives the player absolute power to LWC - this node should be considered dangerous if used incorrectly as this node essentially gives you the right to destroy every protection (and even the block & inventory contents associated with it) in one command!
  • lwc.deny - Prevents players with this node from interacting with anything LWC can protect. For example, from opening or destroying protected and unprotected chests, furnaces, etc if protectable.

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  • Avatar of MetalGearDaner MetalGearDaner Dec 29, 2013 at 18:43 UTC - 0 likes

    The ci.griefcraft.com links arent available :S


  • Avatar of telemnor2 telemnor2 Dec 29, 2013 at 14:50 UTC - 0 likes

    I don't understand how limitsv2 works. I have it set like this :

        default: 3
            default: 5

    And the group "isa" still have a limit of 3 protections. Any idea? Also, /lwc debug doesn't list my groups. Only default. I'm using PermissionsBukkit.

    Last edited Dec 29, 2013 by telemnor2
  • Avatar of Bodyash Bodyash Dec 27, 2013 at 23:31 UTC - 0 likes

    Where is Dev. Builds? Only LWC5, Forge and Eco....


  • Avatar of JeffyD4tch JeffyD4tch Dec 27, 2013 at 22:41 UTC - 1 like

    Can you add a plugin reload command? >for all the config files (core, doors, etc)

  • Avatar of UDK450 UDK450 Dec 27, 2013 at 21:39 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a question about how exactly LWC works. From my understanding, LWC only has chests that are flagged with a protection of any sorts (/cpublic, /cprivate, etc.) in its database. However, one of the server owners on a server that of which I play on states that LWC actually logs every single chest, flagged with a protection or not, to record the chest owner, its lock status, and any other properties. Is this truly how the plugin works?

  • Avatar of M3DDLER M3DDLER Dec 27, 2013 at 09:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @TwiztedIndian: Go

    That's weird as it works just fine on my server and has done for over a year. You need to also remember it will only work on doors and trap doors that are locked so either get your players to lock any doors or set the plugin up to auto lock them on placement and that should do the trick for you.

    Last edited Dec 27, 2013 by M3DDLER


  • Avatar of TwiztedIndian TwiztedIndian Dec 27, 2013 at 06:23 UTC - 0 likes

    @M3DDLER: Go

    I tried that already and it does not seem to be working. If I manually flag a door as autoclose it works but they are not getting the flag by default.

  • Avatar of ThoLav ThoLav Dec 26, 2013 at 17:41 UTC - 0 likes

    If I had helped you, a like would be nice. Thank you.

    Have a nice day,

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  • Avatar of NewBestACS NewBestACS Dec 26, 2013 at 17:38 UTC - 0 likes

    @NewBestACS: Go

    Or, how should I disable lwc in a world? (I wanted to disable it in the global region)

  • Avatar of NewBestACS NewBestACS Dec 26, 2013 at 17:10 UTC - 0 likes

    What is the flag for worldguard to disable lwc protections in a region? I forgot it...


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